Birthday Number: 9

People born on the ninth are dreamy, responsive to other people’s misfortunes, generous. They make true friends who maintain their loyalty to the end. They are not touchy, do not critically assess the shortcomings of others. They make good writers. The main drawback is distraction. They are unable to correctly calculate their own budget, which is why they always lack savings.

The number 9 is the planet Mars, and people 9 are fighters by nature. They are firm, do not lose heart before cruelest resistance. Such stamina gives them the opportunity to continue to the beginning. They are ambitious and, since everyone sees ahead, they usually reach the goal. They have a dominant nature and instinct for leadership. They do not like to obey, and are happy when they command. Like number 1, they can be rude with subordinates and often deaf to the feelings of others. In the army, they reach the highest rank, even if not very popular. However, they are respected for their ability and strength of character.

These people are very sexy, but not able to express their desires. Therefore, they often fail. The expression of desire for them seems offensive. They consider this a weakness and therefore can bring themselves to deep despair instead of satisfying desire. These people can get along with those who are spiritually equal to them. They have strong analytical thinking and are looking for people with the same sharp mind. They prefer to surround themselves with people with a good reputation. They do not recognize the authorities, and will not trust until they make sure in the qualities of a person. Only then will they fully accept the person and become his lifelong friend. They do not like whiners. Weakness is something they never put up with.

Birthday Number 9 – Job and Career

You choose not a specialty and profession, but a way of life and your place among people. Therefore, the search may take years and decades. All this time, of course, you are doing something, but you never consider your position as a crown of aspirations, and the work being done is your limit. There is always another field of activity where you will be more necessary and more useful, another job that will bring more satisfaction and income. However, you have one feature, thanks to which you can permanently become attached to one place. This is your ability to create in the team a special atmosphere in which business activity is devoid of its inherent stress, fraught with "explosions".

In your presence, the feverish nervousness of the “trawl” is replaced by a general uplift, a single desire to do everything right, and make it fun. Because of this, no one wants to part with you. You will be held to the last opportunity. And since by nature you are not a loner, but a socially oriented being, at some point you simply do not want to change anything. Optimal spheres of activity — economics, pedagogy, research (history, archeology), applied art, poetry, essays.

Birthday Number 9 – Love and Family

The second or third year of marriage often becomes a critical point in a relationship with a partner with people of your type. This is partly your fault. Rather, your idealistic attitude towards the world and people is to blame. When choosing a "candidate" you use rose-colored glasses instead of a magnifying glass and a microscope. You are not in a hurry to sound the alarm when it turns out that the qualities of a partner that have conquered your heart do not meet the requirements of family life too much. And for a while, you continue to hope that a change in status will change his character. Only by finally making sure that this never happens, do you allow your practicality to take over the senses.

To your credit, I must say that you are one of those people for whom divorce is really a serious shock. You sincerely worry that the relationship could not be maintained. And it can leave an imprint on your personal life in the future. But if such a person, like you, gets a partner, at least 40% matching the expectations, you will do everything in your power to strengthen the marriage.

Birthday 9 Number

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