Destiny Number: 33

The destiny number 33 gives a person outstanding creative and artistic abilities. Owners of this number are able to create beautiful and unusual things. Service to people is the prevailing need for spiritual development. Those born under the influence of the master number 33 are true spiritual leaders, gifted with natural wisdom and inner strength, which contributes to the fact that they are honored with the highest honors and privileges, as well as recognition and glory in any field of human activity.

However, these people live in tremendous nervous tension, which can upset their mental balance. In such situations, the negative aspects of these numbers may appear, and then these people become idle, rude and arrogant, unable to accept the reality in which they live. These personalities are endowed with higher consciousness and inner light, thanks to which they understand that the true goals in life can only be the improvement of one’s own “I” and service to one’s neighbors.

Representatives of these numbers have the gift of clairvoyance. This inner light and understanding allows them to become enlightened and filled with inspiration, spiritual teachers, whose duty is to show others the path that leads to understanding the essence of being and the highest perfection. By their example, they should inspire others to work on their own spiritual development and the achievement of inner perfection.

Destiny Number 33 Meaning

People who have the Destiny number 33 in their numerology portrait are distinguished by outstanding intuition, as well as artistic and creative abilities. Everything that they create is hard to beat, for these people have an unusually subtle sense of beauty. These people are very attached to family life, and this attachment grows into self-sacrifice and abandonment of their own goals, if it requires the well-being of loved ones.

These are dreamers and idealists, and intuition and susceptibility allow them to improve their knowledge in the field of occult sciences, mysticism and supernatural phenomena. All actions of these people are subject to moral and ethical principles. Being a kind of spiritual mentor to others, they are most demanding of themselves. They are universally respected and recognized, often honored with the highest honors and glory.

The problem of this number is to learn to focus your emotionality on spiritual goals. The task is to understand that service and responsibility are joy, if they come from a loving heart. The biggest problem of the Destiny number 33 is to focus your emotions on higher goals in unison with spiritual laws instead of trying to solve all the problems of humanity. This control number is present on earth to learn composure, expression of love and kindness, and a willing response to the needs of others. If 33 remembers the universal principle “everything has its cause”, it will avoid stress and find balance. Thus, the Destiny number 33 will find the direction of its own spiritual growth.

Holders of the Destiny number 33 may encounter the problem of misunderstanding where their help is really needed, being impressed by someone’s touching stories and not knowing how to separate the facts from the fiction. They learn that they cannot be everything to all people. Remember that the numbers 33/6 have come to learn self-government through loving service and should always strive for balance, emotional and spiritual.

A clear expression of one’s own needs and a willingness to allow others to be responsible for themselves is part of what should be learned in this life. A sacrifice is valuable as long as there is a “self” offering up. The Destiny number 33 can be the "Cosmic Parent" and the Master of healing energy, but, like all parents and healers, the number 33 should leave something for themselves.

Destiny Number 33 Man

Such a man is pleasant in communicating with others and very critical of himself. It makes a good impression on women, loves to have long intimate conversations. He is attentive to the requests of the chosen one, seeks to help with the solution of any, even simple everyday problems. Selflessly protects women from all adversity. A man with the number of destiny 33 tries to achieve harmony in a relationship and is very upset if he does not find a common language with a partner. However, this does not mean that he is obsessed with the desire for perfection and is completely indifferent to carnal joys.

Intelligent, quick and spiritually mature man knows how to properly assess the situation. Does not tolerate chaos and confusion, trying not to make premature conclusions. For a man with a destiny number of 33, family interests come first, not personal ambitions. Deeply devoted to his partner, but will not tolerate humiliation. Wise enough to find entry from any position. He has a strong will, is able to control himself. However, it needs support, live a happy life alongside a woman who is able to understand his experiences.

Destiny Number 33 Woman

An energetic, active and very intelligent woman knows how to achieve her, despite any obstacles. Tactful and friendly in communication, rarely raises his voice, does not stoop to scandals. A woman with a destiny number 33 is very selective in her acquaintances, she is not inclined to trust the first comer. Does not risk and does not doubt the reputation. He has a well-developed intuition, so he understands how a man can make her happy. In the relationship manifests itself as a passionate and temperamental woman, not alien to sensual pleasures.

For this woman, lies and intrigues are completely unacceptable. She is not inclined to manipulate the feelings of a man, does not dictate her own conditions, and tries in every way to achieve mutual understanding For a woman with a destiny number of 33, the family comes first, ready to sacrifice much for the well-being of her loved ones. It has a wonderful taste, her house is a sample of comfort and coziness. Will be able to achieve great success, if you learn to control yourself. Too tense, constantly waiting for a trick and preparing for a fight. Will not ask for help, but needs the support of a partner.

Destiny Number in Numerology

Destiny Number in Numerology