Destiny Number: 7

People with the vibration of the number “7” are by nature deep thinkers and introverts. You delve into everything, trying to get to the clear cause of things. You will not take anything on faith, but make up your own — and lasting — opinion on the subject. When the seed of thought enters your subconscious, you will bear it for a long time, until the image in your mind plays with all colors, thoroughly clear to you now. Prudent, resourceful, inquisitive person. You are attracted to many areas of activity that require high intellectual abilities. You have the flexibility of thinking, the hardness of the spirit, the ability to eliminate obscurity. You are a person constantly striving to comprehend new knowledge and find answers to previously insoluble riddles. Your outstanding abilities will find a brilliant use in the activities of a scientist or teacher.

You are destined to be one of the Illuminators of the world. Before you write down on paper or preach your knowledge to tribesmen, you need to study, check, prove the facts and make sure that they are reliable. Your life should be interesting, as in the search for knowledge you will encounter many events and unusual acquaintances that will help you learn to distinguish between true and false. You are destined to discover, discover and understand the mysteries of life, to delve into the hidden, scientific and occult. You may even be called strange, not like the others, or incomprehensible.

Often you can feel lonely, even being among people, and this will continue until you learn to live the virtue of your own soul, and not count on the support and sympathy of others. Your destiny is to live according to the realities of life, not external standards; having understood this, you will no longer be alone, for then the world will walk to your doorstep for a hint, advice and knowledge, in order to enjoy the peace and stability of your life. Your business and even marriage can fall apart from too deep emotion and sentimentality. Remember: you are an enlightener and you cannot choose the easy way. You occupy your place in the world thanks to knowledge, science, skills and wisdom. You may come from ordinary people, but you will be loved and respected for your knowledge and achievements.

Destiny Number 7 Meaning

The vibration of this number gives people — diligence, a tendency to analyze, rich imagination, developed intuition. They are born philosophers interested more in questions of thought and spirit than the material side of life. Representatives of this number are most often people seeking to know and penetrate the essence of the unknown and the mysterious. Usually they are gifted with intuition and parapsychic abilities, like solitude and loneliness. These people are independent and individualists, they are difficult to understand, because they are silent and closed. Therefore, they often go alone in their lives, loneliness is never a burden for them. They love to be in the company of only a small circle of true friends who share their interests with them.

These people are original, proud and so independent that they are very reluctant to accept advice and help from others. They have magnetism, as well as insight and intuition, often bordering on clairvoyance, so nothing is hidden from their attention. They do not believe what they do not know, and in order to believe in something, they must first learn and understand it. The negative traits that the seven gives are sullenness, loneliness, pessimism, depression, slowness, emotional coldness, alienation, rigidity, inaccessibility, insincerity, prudence, fanaticism.

In this work, they will feel confident in a place where high quality and performance are valued, as they strive for perfection and show good faith in every endeavor. But the best results are achieved when they work for themselves, because they are very independent and proud. Finding people less interested in material issues than they are is difficult. Money for them is only the source of a decent life. They know the value of money and usually spend it wisely.

External coldness and indifference do not contribute to their popularity, so it is difficult for them to find happiness in love. In addition, their eloquence disappears when they try to express their feelings. Their life task is to acquire inner perfection and to serve as an example to all who strive for spiritual and intellectual development. In addition, they must transfer their knowledge that they have acquired.

Destiny Number 7 Man

In personal relations, a man with the destiny number seven may seem cold and closed, immersed in his own world. It is harder for him to express his feelings in comparison with others. To find harmony, he needs an unobtrusive partner who can not climb into the soul and maintain a distance. A person with a number of destiny 7 needs a companion who shares his spiritual quest. Solving practical issues is not his thing. Such a man is likely to change not the problem reality, but his attitude towards her. The gentleness prevents him from becoming the head of the family — he deliberately gives this role to his second half, choosing women hardened by life. Belongs to the category of strong sex that prefers to "marry mothers."

Destiny Number 7 Woman

Women-Seven stands out for such characteristics as reverie, romance, tact. At the same time, she is intelligent, sociable, persistent in her career and in achieving life horizons. Women of the destiny number 7 have magical appeal and never have a shortage of fans. They do not like to spin in front of a mirror, but by nature they are very charming. As an ideal, they are looking for a respectable spouse, capable of ensuring high social status and a comfortable living.

Destiny Number in Numerology

Destiny Number in Numerology