Life Path Number

The life path number is the sum of the ordinal number of the month of your birth, the number of birth and the year of birth, successively converted to a single-digit number. It is recommended to determine the number of life paths for those who are looking for how the date of birth and the fate of a person in his current incarnation are related. In numerology, the number of life paths means what kind of message carries your birth. It clearly shows what is inherent in your personality from birth, reveals the presence of your talents and points out the main goals in life.

The number of life paths determines the main direction of applying the qualities of a person’s personality, what tasks are in front of him and what means he has to solve them. Within this path a person lives and acts. He is lucky on this path, it is here that he can most fully express himself. The number of life paths is a kind of compass that can be very useful in difficult situations. Following his path, a person feels strength and inspiration. It is easy to calculate the number of the life path: it is necessary to add all the digits of your date of birth and convert the result to a single number by re-summing Numbers 11, 22 and 33 are master numbers and are not converted to single-digit ones.

Life Path Number in Numerology

Life Path Number Meaning

Life Path Number 1: You are active, enterprising and very energetic. The spontaneous inclination to create and an extraordinary approach to business make of you a man-discoverer. Your abilities are endless. Opportunities to appeal to the future and visions of prospects will surely lead you to success. You would be suitable activities that require clear leadership qualities, with which you possess in full.

Life Path Number 2: You are a very versatile person. Many activities will be acceptable to you. You could easily find yourself in both creative and technical activities, for example, you could easily repair the intricate mechanisms of watches. Your ability to tune in with one wave absolutely with anyone could contribute to a good career as a lawyer or politician.

Life Path Number 3: You have plenty of creative talent to dedicate yourself to art. Fully discover and develop your artistic gift, you can, showing condescension and perseverance. In order not to miss the opportunity to develop your abilities, concentrate on one thing, on what more you want to achieve.

Life Path Number 4: Diligence and hard work in the early stages of your life will allow you to occupy a decent niche in society. Your excessive punctuality and methodicalness can sometimes make people think of you as a person with a hard character. Often these qualities do not allow to achieve the desired results of your activity. You are able to achieve success in organizational activities, management, construction, and in many other ways if you change your character and will treat others around you loyally.

Life Path Number 5: You are an unsurpassed speaker, you know how to endear absolutely any interlocutor and motivate him to take any action. You are characterized by flexibility in contact with people, openness and goodwill. Work in the service sector, show business, trade, tourism, finance or medicine is perfect for you.

Life Path Number 6: You see your purpose in helping other people. You clearly feel the situation where help from you could be required, without in any way interfering in the affairs of others without cause. Your ability to find new opportunities for success could help you achieve good business results. You are a truthful and trustworthy person, this will contribute to productive business management.

Life Path Number 7: The person with the number of life paths "seven" is endowed with qualities that allow him to fulfill the role of a researcher. You are able to identify and correctly formulate problems, analyze them and find solutions. In the field of science, innovation, religion, insurance or invention you will find something to your liking.

Life Path Number 8: You are the owner of an active life position, ready to take the initiative in your own hands, know how to motivate yourself and others. Everything, whatever the person who owns the number of his life’s journey of 8, undertook is subject to him. Would you be able to cope with absolutely any kind of activity. The qualities of a confident leader will especially help to cope with running a large business. Life will continually test you for endurance, from which you will only become stronger and you will be able to accomplish the most ambitious goals.

Life Path Number 9: You have the ability to think creatively, presenting the world around us originaly. Embody your ideas into reality, you can, as a designer or architect. People whose way of life is connected with figure 9 are socially active individuals, you are fair, honest, unbiased and able to represent common interests. You have every chance to become an excellent politician, lawyer, teacher or doctor.

Life Path Number 11: You have creative abilities, developed intellect and high energy. Intuition and inspiration determine your life path. People with a life path of 11 are distinguished by accuracy in their work. They like to systematize and organize everything. They know how to listen to others, strive for harmony, especially in family relationships. Such a person is a spiritual guide for many people, helping them to find inner peace and spiritual endurance.

Life Path Number 22: Sensuality and creative activity define such a person. His generous nature tends to be creative. Man has to know himself as he really is. He has a hidden great potential, through which he can shape reality with his ideas, thoughts and aspirations. In life, he should rely only on his own strength, and not wait for help from other people.

Life Path Number 33: You have an altruistic desire to benefit people by attracting the spiritual forces of compassion and love into the material world. The owner of this vibration combines the qualities of mentoring and a heightened sense of justice. They are trying to protect and come to the aid of all the deprived, offended and powerless. Such individuals choose the mission of the spiritual teacher for all mankind and can become enlighteners, writers, poets, or artists.