Life Path Number: 11

People with the life path number of 11 are spiritualized personalities with spiritual knowledge that are beyond the reach of ordinary mortals. In numerology, life path number 11 is often called a master number. When the result of adding the digits of the date of birth is 11, we do not add up to the number 2, and leave the number 11 with its own characteristics. These people — a real source of inspiration for others. However, they often face the misunderstanding and bitterness of this world. People with the number 11 are true seers whose ideas and proposals are being implemented, though not instantly, but after a certain period.

People born with a life path of 11 are rather unstable in career issues. They often change jobs without really thinking about their decision. It happens though not with every person with the number 11 in fate, but with most of them. Most often, such people abandon their career plans and begin to explore unexplained phenomena, such as religion, the occult, etc. Of these people often get good students, psychics, mystics, healers, teachers, writers, musicians and artists.

People with the number 11 in life path — enthusiasts by nature. They slowly grow up, success comes to them at the age of 35-40 years. Nevertheless, they are able to hit not only the world, but also themselves with the magnitude of their success. Such people work well in a team and help to come to a common decision if people have different opinions. They are prone to diplomacy, their decisions are people-oriented. Almost always they have deep thoughts about what is happening, they seek to understand the secrets of life. They are patient, have an exquisite taste, able to understand art, music and beauty. Patience is their advantage, as is perseverance.

Such people often place high demands on themselves and others. Sometimes their expectations are not met and cause many disappointments. People with the number 11 are impractical and love to sleep during the day. Often they get stuck in the seer phase. People with a life path of 11 are often shy and suspended from others. They are aware of their true potential, but face the problem of insecurity. Also negative moods include mood swings and uncontrolled aggression. They can easily be made nervous, quite often they are unrestrained in statements.

Life Path Number 11 in Love

People with a life path of 11 are overly addicted when it comes to love. They are just great partners because they understand the needs of their loved one and try to satisfy them. They have a good sense of humor, so it’s always a lot of fun with them. However, people with this life path number are subject to mood swings, which make it difficult to find a common language with them. They may lose their composure and behave aggressively, which can lead to problems in the relationship.

Life Path Number 11 Man

A man with a life path number 11 is sensitive and very passionate, knows how to make an impression. However, with all its external brilliance, she expects her partner’s support and approval. It strives for harmony in relationships, otherwise it feels unhappy, although it is never recognized. As a life partner, simply superb: caring, gentle, loyal. Will not enter into a relationship without affection, trying to please his chosen one. However, it can not be provoked to jealousy: never reconcile with the second place.

It can be difficult for women to predict the actions of a man with a life number of 11. It’s not always easy with him, but very interesting. Sometimes it is torn by conflicting feelings. Positive, pleasant to talk to, and easily depressed. Often he lacks the courage to be able to carry out his plans. Is eager to subjugate a woman, but does not have enough willpower. Avoids frank conversations, prefers to express wishes and give subtle hints. Needs a temperamental partner who can help him open up.

Life Path Number 11 Woman

A woman with a life path number 11 needs a harmonious relationship. It possesses sufficient inner strength, therefore everything that it wishes is subject to it. However, she does not like to act openly, a little dreamy and shy. Subject to doubt, therefore, needs an understanding partner that can provide her emotional support. Responsive, receptive and sensitive to everything happening around, it can not be blamed for indifference. Although not always able to cope with their feelings and emotions, sometimes impulsive and unpredictable.

Such a woman will not go unnoticed, easily seduces and subordinates men to her will. Unless, of course, does not begin to dwell on unnecessary trifles. A woman with a life path of 11 is quite ambitious, but not always able to embody her desires. Striving for independence, while restless and inconsistent in their actions. Easily falls into despair, loves to grumble, can terrorize his partner. She should trust her intuition more - this is the best way to avoid unnecessary connections and unnecessary worries.

Life Path Number in Numerology

Life Path Number in Numerology