Life Path Number: 7

Those who are born with the seven as a way of life are rightfully considered to be seekers of truth. You have a clear and unrelenting perception of yourself as a spiritual entity. And as a result, the goal is to comprehend the unknown and search for answers to the mysterious side of life. You have everything to accomplish this task. You have an excellent mind, are inclined to think analytically, are capable of deep concentration and theoretical insight. Enjoy the process of researching and combining disparate facts into a single whole. And when facts are accumulated enough, they are capable of a practical solution to the problem, sometimes at the expense of creative intellectual insight.

People with the number of life’s path 7 love solitude, tend to work alone. They need time to grow their own ideas away from outside intellectual influence. You are a lone wolf, a person who lives solely through your own ideas and methods. And as a result, it is difficult to establish and maintain close relationships with people, and this is especially true of marriage. You need your own space and ability to retire, and if these rights are ignored, become upset and annoyed. But when your life is debugged — you are very charm and appeal. Then you can work in a team.

Love to demonstrate your own mind and erudition, it attracts people to you, and especially the opposite sex. But people with a life path of 7 have obvious limitations. Although in society you are predominantly broad and generous in kind, generously sharing your energy and attention with people, but from time to time you can drastically change the style of behavior. At such moments, you are irritable, abruptly get rid of people, trying to leave and retire. Peace and freedom for you is an opportunity to retire in your own world.

And yet, independence and the desire for solitude can turn into isolation and loneliness. Know that the feeling of emptiness, which you know well, is due to an unmet need for communication and close relationships. If isolation goes too far, you can become cynical and suspicious. Stealth and egoistic tendencies will begin to appear, and people, seeing all this, will experience inconvenience in your presence. In response to this, you will begin to react with two extremes - you will pull yourself up and at the same time try to appear independent, rejecting love and keeping aloof from close friendships.

One should carefully monitor the manifestation of such traits as egoism and egocentrism. You should not perceive yourself as the center of the universe and the only person that really exists. Social activity will give you the prospect of development as an individual and the road to life, while excessive self-isolation will lead to limitations and even loss of orientation in life. Deep down you can envy those simple and open relationships that are supported between other people; other people may seem more relaxed or freer to express themselves. You can harshly condemn yourself for lack of sociability and inability to lead.

The vital need of people with a life path of 7 is to maintain their own independence, without falling into a sense of isolation and self destruction. We must firmly hold on to our own ideas about the world and at the same time remain open to others. With the ability to learn, analyze and search for answers to vital questions, you have the potential for unlimited growth and success in life. Already in middle age you will achieve peace and wisdom. A person whose way of life is the seven will find peace and satisfaction in doing business, science, religion, insurance, invention, the occult and all that is imbued with the spirit of research.

Life Path Number 7 in Love

Maintaining a harmonious relationship with these people is not easy, especially if they are people with opposing characters: a sensitive and sensual man and a less emotionally excitable woman or a strong-willed woman and a man, allowing her to take up with them. Intimate relationships are difficult for you, because you protect your inner sovereignty. Fidelity, a sense of duty, common interests and a responsible approach to raising children contribute to a happy marriage with this people.

Life Path Number 7 Man

Self-sufficiency and independence define a man with a life path number of 7. Inner strength and a serious attitude towards life and love make him seem cold and insensitive. Thanks to a good exposure, he achieves most of his goals. Intimacy is stimulated by his intellectual interest. To many, he seems prudent and sophisticated in matters of love. Sometimes he thinks only of himself, but in close relationships he can soften and be a gentle and passionate lover. He is characterized by a knightly notion of love, sublime and noble. When living together, it is better to have a separate room, as he needs privacy. Life is possible in different cities, and meetings at a certain time agreed in advance.

A man with a life number of 7 does not like surprises. For a woman who respects his enterprise and is able to withstand his immersion in himself, he becomes a faithful and loyal partner. Perhaps, having met his ideal, he would not dare to get acquainted closer. He is distinguished by sensitivity and tact in relation to the feelings of a partner. Understanding is very important to him, perhaps more than love. He firmly follows the chosen path, and if a woman does not want or can not walk beside him, he is able to part with her without hesitation.

Life Path Number 7 Woman

Such a woman has a strange attractiveness that fascinates or scares her fans. She is intelligent, courteous, tactful, knows how to show the best in herself. A touchy princess in her youth dreams of strong and romantic feelings. Looking for a solid and respectable partner. Values honesty and professionalism, prestige and social position. A woman with a life path of 7 needs reliable support, but while maintaining personal independence. Striving for a legal relationship. The gap is painful for her. The fear of losing love is stronger than her hope of finding her ideal. Often underestimates the true intentions and qualities of the partner, becomes a catalyst for his fears and complexes. She should hope for intuition and analysis of information about the elect.

The idealization of personal relationships can lead to the fact that, choosing a partner, a woman with the number of a life path of 7 will make an unforgivable mistake. She needs care and understanding, while she wants to dominate both physically and emotionally. Far from being a leader in character, she can play a dominant role in the family. She is ambitious and lives in such a pace that it is difficult for her to enter into any serious relationship. He prefers to lead an independent life and rely only on himself. If she allows her partner to make decisions and show initiative, tempers her control, she will gain stable relationships and inner confidence, which she always strives for.

Life Path Number in Numerology

Life Path Number in Numerology