Life Path Number: 8

People with a life path of 8 are natural leaders and are able to accumulate enormous material wealth. You have a great talent as a steward in all types of human activity, especially in business and financial transactions. Understand the material world, intuitively know how to bring your financial projects to life. Your abilities are not intended for accounting and small management, but for large projects, great tasks and ambitious goals.

You are dreamy and slightly reckless. You have the ability to inspire people and bring them together to carry out your projects, but often they do not see what you see. And therefore, those who follow you need your constant guidance, inspiration and support. You have to push them to action and at the same time keep in the right direction, which only you can see. Financial success is inherent in the eight more than other numbers on the path of life, but, like the rest, you need to put a lot of effort into attracting it.

Your life task is to learn how to make distinctions, and also to understand that power and influence can be used for the benefit of humanity. People who have a life path of 8 and do not understand the true, relative meaning of money will suffer from the consequences of their greed and may even lose everything. Learn to keep yourself from mistakes and blunders. You have a strong character and qualities of a real winner. Major changes in life, including bankruptcy and financial failures, are habitual for people with your life path number, but you have the ability to overcome any difficulties better than others. You can recover from failure, re-implement their successful projects.

Despite all the difficulties of life, you are destined to experience the happiness that comes with material security. Wealth will bring you honor and influence. Business, finance, real estate, legislation, science (especially history, archeology and physics), publishing and the management of large organizations — these are the areas most suitable for your business. You, of course, are intended for positions related to leadership and influence. Politics, social activities and education are fertile ground for the development of talents. Social activities, sports, and journalism respond well to your abilities.

A person with a life path of 8 is a connoisseur of characters, and this helps to attract good people. Most of the "eights" like big families, tend to keep other people addicted for somewhat longer than required. Cheerfulness is inherent in you by nature, but you do not like to demonstrate your love and affection demonstratively. Particularly strong is your passion for comfort and high quality. Life status is very important. You are constantly concerned about improving your standard of living.

Your life path also enters a very important area — where power is located, and this can be dangerous. You may become too important, arrogant, overwhelming others and thinking that your path is the only correct one. This inevitably leads to conflict and isolation from society. First of all, people you love may suffer from this: relatives, relatives and friends.

Be very attentive to such qualities of character as stubbornness, intolerance, imperiousness and importance. These negative characteristics may also appear in the early period of the life path 8 persons life. Often this is the result of suffering from the tyranny of the parents or the specific conditions of development in a family burdened with religious or intellectual dogmas. People whose way of life is 8 are usually physically strong, and this is another indicator of their vitality.

Life Path Number 8 in Love

If these people enter into early marriage, their partners will need tremendous restraint, for it is during this period that they are completely seized by the work and are eager to achieve their goals. In this case, they can destroy the love relationship. Therefore, they are suitable later marriages. By that time, everything will be fine and their feelings will become more stable. Mistake in choosing a spouse will cost you more than anyone else. In general, if the choice of a partner is made correctly, these people are faithful, loving spouses, although they add certain features to the marriage. By the way, many of them are ready to sacrifice marriage for a career at any age.

Life Path Number 8 Man

Independent, self-confident and self-sufficient man. He has a strong will, honesty, sincerity and perseverance. It may be important, even arrogant, to suppress a partner, or it may be modest and not show off his achievements. A man with a life path of 8 always needs a stimulus to move forward. He does not like to be addicted, but to strive for complete control over people. It can be gentle, thoughtful, kind and loving, and it can be tough and even evil. His negative manifestation of emotion can be intimidating. Lucky in business. The need for activities and permanent employment can suppress close relationships.

A man with a life path of 8 will be interested in an intellectual and sensual woman who values and submits to him in personal relationships. When caring, he uses the natural charm, sometimes annoying perseverance. Under the pressure of his energy is hard to resist. He himself needs admiration and love, as well as a reward for all his efforts and achievements. He carefully considers the marriage, paying great attention to the financial reliability of the future family, as he himself is thrifty. In fact, it can be generous and understands that money is a tool for making dreams and plans come true. Mistake in choosing a spouse will cost him more than anyone else. Since he is constantly busy with affairs, he will not mind if her spouse takes on household chores and gives him comfort at home.

Life Path Number 8 Woman

Strong-willed, domineering, assertive woman. Deep down, very vulnerable and in dire need of love and understanding. Sometimes she hides strong feelings and sexuality behind external restraint. A woman with a life path of 8 is alien to selfishness in love relationships, although in other cases she can show it fully. She "from love to hate — one step." Untold experiences destroy it. Often she herself complicates good relations and spoils the life of her chosen one.

A woman with a life path of 8 needs an intellectual partner, with the same strong character who is able to counter her own ambitions with hers. Equal union and joint obligations will benefit not only them, but also those around them. It is useless to beg for love. Either he loves and seeks his own, or does not love, allowing himself to love, but without claiming the right to property, freedom and will. In relations with her, one should not "crawl into her soul", accuse her of infidelity, look for flaws, persuade to restrain her emotions. But you can appreciate her passion, sensitivity, as well as practicality and originality.

Life Path Number in Numerology

Life Path Number in Numerology