Love Number

Love Number in Numerology

Love Number Meaning

Love Number 1: People who are patronized by a unit are usually difficult to cope with monogamy. During their life they had a sufficient number of connections, and they did not stay with a specific person for a long time. They possess innate sexuality and attractiveness. They see in sex only the free expression of their sexuality, and do not imply equal treatment in marriage. However, such people receive recognition and authority in the family, and also become excellent parents.

Love Number 2: People who are patronized by this number put family well-being and measured home life first. Sex life is less important to them than communication, mutual respect and love. Devoted and caring, they require the same consistency from their partner. Feeling love and constancy, they are calm and happy. But as soon as doubts about the loyalty of a partner creep into their heads, the “two” change dramatically, showing strong jealousy, which can lead to extreme measures in order to preserve the family.

Love Number 3: People under the sign of the three are weak to the charm and sexual energy of the opposite sex, and attract just such a type. However, this is not enough to create a strong relationship, because they are interested in the psychology of the human soul. The illusions of youth regarding marriage with age are broken into stone. When the romance of the first months is replaced by monotonous life, they will be disappointed. For a strong alliance with the Three, it is important to have common hobbies or joint activities.

Love Number 4: People who are patronized by the number 4, closed and uncommunicative. They honor more than any other family ties and the harmony of sex life. From them breathes the aura of sexuality. However, they are not interested in sex without commitment, they need a normal long-term relationship. Marriage and the appearance of children are taken very seriously and responsibly.

Love Number 5: Those born under the sign of the five prefer plenty to enjoy life and try different partners before settling down. Sex for them is a wide field for experiments, and they expect the same return from partners. Their marriage will largely depend on this - dedication and the desire to learn new things play an important role in choosing a life partner.

Love Number 6: People with this number usually enjoy love with everyone: the opposite sex, co-workers, friends, relatives. When choosing a partner, first of all, pay attention to the financial situation, and then to everything else. Restrained expression of feelings leads to misunderstandings with the second half, so they should more actively show their affection.

Love Number 7: It’s hard to maintain relationships with people under this sign, especially if the partner is the exact opposite. They are faithful and obligatory to their chosen one, they support the home, they are responsible, hardworking, they value common interests with the other half.

Love Number 8: People under the number 8 are not suitable early marriage. At this time, they are completely absorbed in their careers and hobbies, and spend little time on their relatives, which leads to constant quarrels. At a more mature age, they develop stability and are ready to devote themselves to family ties. They are faithful to their spouses, but at any age they may prefer working for a family.

Love Number 9: The love of the representatives of this figure is always in the first place. They easily give in to impulses of passion and sincerely wish to be loved. For the sake of romance, they are able to move mountains and prove their feelings. Quickly lose interest in the person, if that does not give in to their charm. In marriage, these people should constantly see signs of attention from their partner, otherwise they might think that they are not loved enough and look for something else.