Love Number: 1

In love and relationships, you are usually the initiator. Because your love number symbolizes new beginnings. You can easily enter into new relationships without fear and reproach. Your energy number of love also fits this statement. Therefore, you are practically not shy in love affairs. Is the date coming? This is not your problem. You usually have a high level of trust. Your charisma is also obvious, and the opposite sex notices your charm. Even if you can easily initiate a romantic relationship, but sometimes you prefer to be yourself. Sometimes you are aware of the need for control, and this interferes with your relationship. It seems that sometimes it is better to deal with yourself than to introduce a partner into your life.

Character of a Person with Love Number 1

People with the number of love 1 — deeply sensitive, impetuous and passionate. They easily conquer the hearts of the opposite sex thanks to their charm and exceptional gift of conviction. In love, as in other areas of life, they are insatiable and lustful and loving, and the more they love, the more they feel attached to a person, the more they seek to subjugate him. They are very changeable: the thinnest, deepest tenderness can immediately be replaced by dryness and even rudeness. Mostly tender and tolerant, they become cold and detached when they encounter problems or difficulties on their way.

They will find the number 2 or 6, as well as 3, 5 and 9, with happiness and mutual understanding, if they can overcome their lust for power and excessive criticism. They can also be happy with a person who has a love number of 1 or 4, although such combinations are not very harmonious. It is strongly recommended to avoid ties with a person whose love number is 7 or 8. In the latter case, the constant struggle of two equally strong characters cannot be avoided.

The man with the number of love 1 loves deeply. When he is reciprocated and the partner meets the standards of charm, intelligence and individuality so important for the Unit, the love affair turns out to be long. However, pride, dignity and restraint may not allow the Unit to recognize its own romance or show it in its actions. Due to strong restraint, the unit may look cold and detached. She loves deeply, but at the same time she wants to be the head of the family without fail, she disagrees with less.

Man with Love Number 1

He is characterized by constant activity and drive in solving cases. Purposefulness and energy of such a man attracts women of the opposite sex. He is a support and assurance in difficult moments for a loved one, ready for any act for the sake of his love. Sometimes falls in love recklessly and makes unpredictable things because of his passion. The ideal woman for such a man would be an independent and no less energetic lady, who has an active social position and her own interests. Living together with "1" will not be boring. He likes the delight of his persona, often he pulls the blanket over himself and decides for two. It is difficult to persuade him to marry and to acquire offspring.

Woman with Love Number 1

She is confident in herself and in her abilities, possesses perseverance and perseverance, achieves her own goals and easily reaches her goals. Often, it is she who initiated the relationship, personally choosing and getting to know a man. A woman with the number one is inherent stubbornness, but many guys love to overcome difficulties for the location of the chosen one. She loves a rich and active life, to be locked up at home is not her. Sometimes a feeling of loneliness wakes up in her, and she wants to be weak and experience affection and tenderness from a man. Physical proximity with a partner is more important for her than spiritual communication.

Love Number in Numerology

Love Number in Numerology