Love Number: 6

The love number, meaning six, is the penultimate sign for romance. Venus directly controls number six, so this figure is just overflowing with sensuality and sexuality. The quintessence of the beds of roses, red wine, chocolate paprika and strawberries, sings sensual serenades that you enjoy. You appreciate the touching relationship with your partner. A public display of affection is usually not a problem for you. Intimacy is the key to everything. Sharing opinions and healthy communication is also a priority in your relationship.

Character of a Person with Love Number 6

Representatives of the number 6 face defeat in their most important area — in family life. The reason for the possible failure is their desire to overprotect their loved ones, as well as friends. This addiction often takes the form of painful jealousy, suspicion, and a desire to constantly intervene in the affairs of others. People of this number are sincere, loyal and very cute. Most of them are friendly and optimistic about life, although they often tend to pay too much attention to detail. They have the gift to feel deeply and the desire to serve others, and therefore always try to surround themselves with people who need their love and care.

A person with a love number of 6 is an idealist in love and romance. Being very patronizing, even possessive, overloading a loved one with attention, gifts and expressions of love, Six tries to give the partner the best of what life has to offer, but requires reciprocal love and appreciation. She needs to know that she is loved and appreciated. She enjoys the feeling of love and demands gratitude and admiration. These people take love very seriously. They are looking for true love, and therefore sometimes seem fickle and addicting. But if they really love, then you can not doubt their loyalty. In marriage and family, they gain stability and peace of mind, and when they are happy, they give love and joy to their loved ones and everyone around them. For most of the representatives of the number 6, home and family are the whole world, so they need to take care not to overdo it in their desire to take care of their family and friends. They must remember that love, which limits the freedom of others, can be rejected.

The ideal partner for a person with a love number of 6 would be a person with the same number who has a similar character, close interests and a similar lifestyle. These people can also find happiness and harmony with people of 2, who are tactful and delicate, strive for stability and internal balance. The people of numbers 3 and 5 will give the representatives of number 6 a lot of pleasure and will teach them to enjoy life, but their lack of balance and irresponsibility can make their life together unbearable. In order to create a strong union, they will have to make mutual concessions. The man of number 4 is too cold and closed, so their life together can be quite boring. Caring people with the number of love 6 themselves can become the object of custody of the representatives of the numbers 1 or 8, generous attention. The people of these numbers are imperious and authoritarian, which impresses the character of the number 6 people who will gain a long-awaited sense of security in alliance with them.

The relationship of the representative of number 6 with a person whose love number is 7 is somewhat more problematic and can be long and solid only if there is goodwill on both sides. For the bold and independent representatives of the number 9, people of number 6 are too cautious and conservative, although they are united by kindness and a desire to serve others. People with the number 7, on the contrary, are too deep, restrained and closed in themselves to be understood by the talkative representatives of the number 6. Perspectives on the lives of people with these numbers are so opposite that, if they do not decide on big mutual concessions, their union all, will be unlucky.

Man with Love Number 6

Distinguished by great diligence and the desire to maximize their family. He loves gratuitously, sometimes enduring unjust reproaches. Long grievances. Seeking to search for such a life partner, who will understand his feelings and remain faithful and faithful. If he feels a lack of respect, he unbearably wants change. He has a warm trusting relationship with matter, and his future wife has to work very hard to attract attention to herself. Demanding and does not forgive the shortcomings of others. A lady should share his interests and hobbies.

Woman with Love Number 6

For strangers, she looks cold and insensitive, but it is worth getting to know her better, and a sexy and sensual woman opens up. In adolescence, usually very naive in relationships, but therefore it becomes more reasonable and wise. She is attractive for its unpredictability: from a shy young lady can turn into a flirty kitty. Fully given to his partner and requires responsive sensuality and care.

Love Number in Numerology

Love Number in Numerology