Love Number: 7

Seven is the number of scientific, mystical activities. If you can find a mistress (lover), which has the same number, then you are definitely lucky. Otherwise, your love life will be focused on reading an interesting book at bedtime, and eating hard-core sandwiches in the morning. You are prone to the predominance of intellectual experiences in your relationship. Relationships that will stimulate your intellect will suit you. Love with a nuclear physicist, and all-night stories about quantum theory would be the perfect solution for you. You may find realistic mind games where each partner complements each other so that you can learn a lot from each other.

Character of a Person with Love Number 7

People with the number of love 7 are much harder than others to find happiness and stability in love. Caused by universal admiration for their education, prudence and quickness, at the sensual level, they do not have as many admirers as the representatives of other numbers: they seem cold and indifferent, which does not contribute to their particular popularity. They know about it, but cannot change themselves. A kind of vicious circle is formed around them, resulting in the increasing isolation of these people from the rest of the world. The eloquence and erudition that they manifest in discussions on philosophical or scientific topics disappear instantly as soon as they try to express their feelings.

A person with the number of love is 7 by nature stoic and can live without much, including without love. Seven is very selective in friendship and love affairs and recognizes only that which is close to its standards of excellence. When she finally finds a partner for herself, her love turns out to be deeper, stronger and more durable than you would expect from her calm, restrained and even cold behavior. These are incorrigible dreamers, deeply feeling and vulnerable, and perhaps this depth of feelings is the reason why people of the number 7 become timid and withdrawn when they try to declare their love.

They do not know how to convey in words their experiences, which is the cause of numerous failures and disappointments in life. When they are undeservedly considered cold, indifferent, or passive, their inherent pride does not allow them to refute this opinion. They will never allow others to find out their susceptibility and vulnerability. Representatives of this number are gallant, distinguished by sophistication, elegance and good upbringing, but frankness and spontaneity in the manifestation of feelings are not characteristic of them. They must weigh everything carefully before choosing a life partner for themselves.

The most suitable partner for them would be the representative of the number 2, as well as the numbers 7 and 8. The people of the number 4 are serious, self-controlled, reasonable and restrained. The people of number 9, in turn, are endowed with the same intuition and magnetism, as well as an interest in the world and the pursuit of spiritual perfection. With people of number 9, as with any representatives of other numbers, a person of number 7 can learn the secrets of the soul. Despite the fact that people of numbers 3 and 5 impressed a person with the number 7 with enthusiasm and vitality, with longer contact with them, these qualities can be a hindrance. People of the number 7 will not withstand their impermanence and levity.

People of numbers 1 and 8 are too aggressive and arrogant for a person with the number 7. Taking into account their creative flight, activity and self-confidence, he will tolerate this difference of opinion. In addition, people of this number respect the talent and intelligence of others and know how to admire them. Despite the fact that a person with the number 1 or 6 usually has no problems in contacts with people, their relationship with the representative of the number 7 will not be particularly successful. Receptive, sensitive and full of charm, people of the number 6 or 1 always require from other manifestations of feelings and confirmation that they are loved. The people of number 7 are not capable of this, and therefore such a union will not satisfy both parties.

Man with Love Number 7

He is independent, self-sufficient and serious about marriage. The inner core and restraint make him a cold, calculating man, but this is only the first impression. He is attracted by the intellect of the chosen one, her ability to mock and nullify any conflict situation. When alone, concerned about their problems, but creating a family, switches to her needs. He does not like the unforeseen situation and surprises, is devoted to one woman and their mutual understanding. If she does not support his aspirations, he will not hesitate to look for a new woman.

Woman with Love Number 7

Smart and cunning, knows how to show her best. As a child, she dreams of a beautiful prince, in adulthood she is ready to associate herself only with a wealthy and respectable man. This woman is experiencing hard breaks, the search for love causes her great fear of losing her. Often does not trust the partner and does not rightfully evaluate all his positive qualities. Conversely, excessive idealization leads to a bitter disappointment. A stable relationship with the seven can be gained by taking control and initiative in your own hands.

Love Number in Numerology

Love Number in Numerology