Love Number: 8

Your relationship will be felt on a karmic level. You, somewhere in the depths of your soul, suddenly realize that you have known someone all your life — or you may have been familiar even in previous reincarnation. A love number, meaning eight, deals with cycles, updating, and past lives. Eight has a bright, creative side, and people notice this feature in your personality. You want to feel at a deeper level in your relationship. It may seem like a daunting task to find your soul mate, who will contact you at such a deep level, but you have a cyclical nature. Therefore, at some vital moment you will surely meet your karmic partner.

Character of a Person with Love Number 8

As in any other sphere of life, in interpersonal contacts, representatives of the number 8 usually adhere to offensive tactics. They do not have many close friends, because they rarely manage to meet someone who meets their requirements, and besides, they are too busy conquering the next “peak” in their careers. In addition, in relations with other people, representatives of the number 8 subconsciously try to subordinate them to themselves. People with the number of love 8 are good and loyal friends who can sacrifice much for the sake of friendship. But they demand the same from their friends. In turn, in the role of enemies, they are able to cause a real panic in the camp of the enemy. They fight honestly, but fiercely and never forget the grievances inflicted on them. Here they are uncompromising. There is no doubt that sooner or later they will take revenge on their offenders.

A person with a love number of 8 lives in a world of big and important matters. Eight is looking for a strong and capable partner and wants it to be just as ambitious. She does not like other people weakness and lack of strength of character. She knows how to love, but often turns out to be too busy for a long romantic relationship. People of less strong numbers feel an irresistible attraction to impetuous and fiery representatives of the number 8 and are ready to make all the concessions, just to win their friendship and love. Dynamism, bright individuality and a certain elusive attraction make people of the number 8 extremely attractive for members of the opposite sex, often arousing genuine passion in them.

In the manifestation of feelings, they are guided by the principle of "all or nothing." But, despite constant fluctuations between extremes (fiery passion or complete indifference), their indifference does not mean the absence of love. This indifference is to blame for the fact that when people of this number are busy with a problem, everything else ceases to exist for them — they do not know how and cannot think about something else. Themselves they demand from the partner full dedication and submission to themselves. They are not satisfied only with episodic flashes of tenderness and love: they need Love with a capital letter, complete and undivided. It is not surprising that their relationship with partners resembles a swing. But one thing is for sure: such relationships will never be boring.

The people of numbers 1 and 6, soft and full of inner peace, provide balance and harmony in their relations with the number 8 representative. The number 8 of the number 8 with numbers 4, 7 or 9 is very much in need of it, in spite of the fact that people of these numbers are reluctant to go on long-term relationships. People of numbers 3 and 5 — friendly, dynamic, subject to spiritual impulses — can create a long and happy alliance with the representative of number 8. There is, however, the fear that possible conflicts of people of 5 with the latter will more likely resemble a battle of titans, rather than intellectual discussions. People with the number of love 8 have little chance of a happy life with a man of the number 4 or the number 9. They are both explosive, aggressive, seeking to dominate the relationship, which usually leads to numerous problems and quarrels and eventually becomes the cause of divorce.

Man with Love Number 8

Independent and self-sufficient person, persistent and self-confident at work and sincere in love at home. Sometimes it turns from a soft and gentle man into a demanding and cruel tyrant. His financial position, as a rule, is stable, and his career is successful. He needs a woman who will appreciate and praise him, all the time give in. The pressure of such a man is very difficult to resist. For a long time can not decide on a married life, carefully ponders his choice and possible options.

Woman with Love Number 8

Assertive and self-confident, she very much needs support and love. It looks self-sufficient and strong, deep in the soul is incredibly sensual, charming and full of sexuality. Absolutely not selfish, supports partner in any endeavors. It keeps in itself feelings and discontent, which leads to discomfort and destruction of relationships. It needs a strong confident man who will not yield to her in intelligence and abilities.

Love Number in Numerology

Love Number in Numerology