Love Number: 9

Honesty is your best policy! In fact, this is your highest priority in a relationship. You have high standards, and you rarely settle for less, you think you deserve much more. You may be uncompromising in your ideas and values. You expect your partner to have fundamental and ethical ideals. Your vision of the world is far-reaching, and you will succeed in dealing with someone who can come aboard with your innovative concepts. You also value relationships that are based on tradition and enjoy history. Perhaps archaeological excavations may be the perfect first date, or maybe you will like to explore the tradition of weaving the peoples of Siberia?

Character of a Person with Love Number 9

Representatives of the number 9 are sentimental and sensitive, although in their own way. Regarding the expression of their own feelings, they are restrained, keep a distance and do not like to make their feelings public. They are romantic idealists, dreamers and very often feel in love. But if they meet their true love, then devote themselves to her soul and body. Despite the fact that they are not as open as people of other numbers, people of number 9 are among the most tolerant, loyal and faithful companions of life. These advantages can be appreciated not only by relatives, but also by all those who deal with them. The owners of this number are usually not very many friends, but those with whom they are friends, can be sure that they have an invaluable treasure, so they should take care of this friendship. They are touchy and distrustful, but this does not concern the senses. Often they are distinguished by incurable optimism and innocence. The thought that the person whom they love is capable of betrayal or meanness is alien to them. In order to devote himself to a loved one to the end, the romantic representatives of the number 9 need not only to respect him, but also to bow before him. But if the feeling is lost, then they are able to sever the connection without hesitation, striking out their partner from their own lives in cold blood.

A person with a Heart number of 9 is compassionate, romantic and impressionable, sensitive to the goodwill of others and loves appreciation for his good deeds. Nine sometimes tries so hard to be "his own board" with friends, that he forgets about his personal life. But when she finds her true love, she turns out to be a beautiful lover and reliable friend. By marriage are taken very seriously. Being very independent people who love freedom, they are at the same time captives of home and traditions, feeling a great need for love and security. If the negative qualities inherent in the people of this number take the upper hand, the house will become for them the real battlefield: they will exaggerate the shortcomings of their partner and focus on them, turning their marriage into a complete misfortune. Full of temperament and driven by emotions, people with the number of love 9 for the most part show the so-called difficult character. Therefore, they must be extremely careful in choosing a life partner. The best candidate will be the one who will provide them with a sense of security, stability and support, necessary for the realization of their spiritual life purpose, which is to work for the good of their neighbors.

The happiest will be an alliance with a person of the same number or number 3, since these people are characterized by a desire for spiritual improvement. In addition, they are distinguished by the desire for knowledge and the ability to deeply feel, as well as the ability to telepathy and clairvoyance. People with these numbers are serious, deep and extravagant. Representatives of the number 9 are much more cheerful and full of optimism, which representatives of the number 7 are so lacking, but they can be somewhat embarrassed and even frightened by unexpected and violent mood swings. A good partner for the number 9 can be a person with the number 1, since the representatives of this number are balanced, calm and able to restrain negative emotions. In addition, a person with the number 9 will provide his partner with the number 9 stability of relations and will help to concentrate energy on the implementation of specific goals and plans. Both seek justice and equality. The person with the number 2 impresses the representative of the number 9, as they are both sentimental, romantic and filled with good feelings. However, it will be difficult for them to create a happy union, as the sensitive and gentle representatives of the number 2 will not accept the arrogant, and often aggressive behavior of such a partner. Representatives of the number 3 are peculiar to vitality, optimism and enthusiasm, and with a man with the number 9 They will have a happy union, provided they manage to bring a little more order, discipline and consistency into their lives.

The person with the number of love 9 is characterized by the lack of restraint in the implementation of his plans, and the person of the number 3 is unnecessarily frivolous and changeable in order to focus on one thing for a long time. People of the numbers 9 and 6 are connected by their common humanism and desire to serve their neighbors. The generosity of people of number 6 extends mainly to their families and loved ones, and they do not understand that people of number 9 are constantly engaged in affairs that have nothing to do with their own family. But if the partner turns out to be understanding and condescending, their union can be very happy. The numbers 9 and 8 people share the enthusiasm in realizing their goals, but, unfortunately, they have completely different goals. Representatives of both numbers are also notable for honesty and fairness, but ambition, practicality, and a desire for material goods are characteristic of number 8. A person with the number of love 9 will never understand the mercantile, often bordering on greed, inclinations of the person of the number 8.

Determinedly antagonistic towards the representative of the number 9 are people with the number 2 or 7. The people of the number 2 are too selfish and self-centered. Despite high intelligence, numerous talents and wisdom of both those and others, such a union will not be calm and happy. Practically the same situation arises in the case of communication of a person with a representative of the number 7, since both are marked by nervousness, and often even aggressiveness. These people (with the number 9 and with the number 7) will attract each other, since both value freedom and independence above all else. However, for the rest, they are so different that mutual understanding between them is impossible.

Man with Love Number 9

Intelligent, well-read and romantic, it easily opens its heart to meet new relationships. This representative of the stronger sex prefers a frank spiritual intercourse sex. He chooses women who have a clear purpose in life and know what they want. The man has a clear idea about the ideal relationship, and is suspended when the partnerโ€™s opinion does not coincide with his. During the courtship period, he carefully thinks over all dates, makes pleasant signs of attention and easily wins the heart of the chosen one. Sometimes idealizes his partner.

Woman with Love Number 9

An interesting and elusive person, always absorbed in working and creating. She values intellectual communication and prefers to communicate with creative and intelligent people. She devotes a lot of time to cultural recreation, so the future partner should invite her to an exhibition or concert. She loves flowers, gifts and other tokens. She does not like the obligations and conventions, coercion by men. Comfortable relationships may arise with someone who gives her freedom and does not require to be with him 24 hours a day.

Love Number in Numerology

Love Number in Numerology