Name Number: 8

The number of name 8 favors activities in the field of significant, large cases, foreshadowing and material benefits. Finishing one thing successfully, these people are immediately taken for the next. Often, benefits and benefits, such as social and material success, are brought to them by a passion for forgotten teachings, abandoned enterprises, have served their methods, etc. etc. But they must abandon small things and details, transferring this work to others, and themselves speaking only by and large. The owners of the Name Number 8 are strong, tenacious, practical people, successful businessmen or politicians, but it cannot be said that their way of life was covered with roses. Money never floats into their own hands (as is often the case, for example, with the Three number people). The basis of their success is struggle, strenuous efforts, prudence and hard, hard work. They carry out all their plans with the utmost care and prudence, but without inspiration.

The name number 8 is found in 15.0% among the popular names.

Female Names of Number 8: Alexandra, Julia.

Male Names of Number 8: Eric.

Name Number 8 — Dynamic and Demanding

You are a realist and have a fantastic ability to plan. Money and power are available to you if you wish to be disciplined, especially with the natural talent of not retreating to the last. You are dynamic and productive, have a large-scale vision, you see global changes, you know how to use mental resources, and you can direct them to solve problems. Responsible, but better if you will entrust the elaboration of parts to others. You are a leader and well versed in the characters of people. Demanding to those who work for you, often guided by the principle: "Do as I tell you, or do not do at all!" At the same time, you try to reward loyal and persistent workers. You are not a very tough leader, too tough relationships disturb your peace. You move to the goal with courage and purpose.

Name Number 8 — Balance and Competitiveness

You have the power and can achieve great success. Your vocation and natural gift is the ability to dominate on a small piece of land. Whatever you do, you strive for excellence and succeed. You are competitive and do not back down until you make sure that all the possibilities are used. You enjoy trials and competition. Know how to handle money, power and strength well. Able to persist in achieving goals, and the power comes to you not by chance. You have an inner balance between the sublime and the low in man. Your task is to find a balance between high ideals and harsh reality. You have to make great efforts, go through ups and downs, before you achieve the desired success. Life tests you repeatedly, you find yourself in seemingly hopeless situations, but in reality this is a good opportunity to use your power and strength. Overcoming difficulties, you will be able to learn how to apply the power inherent in you.

Name Number in Numerology

Name Number in Numerology