Name Number: 9

The number of the name 9 requires from its ward a dedication to a high goal, talent and vocation, as well as a generous return from what nature has bestowed upon it. Since they all have authority, can be leaders, they should be guided by justice, not retreat from those lofty ideas that proclaim. They should not shrink, resort to irreverent actions or unusual behavior, so as not to lose either the devotion or the respect they have won. For themselves, they should not demand more than they are entitled to, and not demand from others what they are not capable of. They must pacify themselves, abandon excessive pride and selfishness, arrogance and arrogance. And recognize the dignity and rights of others. People with this Number Name are idealistic, dreamy and tend to think in broad categories. Romantic, impulsive and passionate, they are endowed with exceptional charm and generously give their love to others. They have a powerful desire to help other people and serve humanity as a whole. They make excellent scientists, teachers and artists. They are endowed with strong will and determination, inspired and able to inspire others.

The name number 9 is found in 6.3% among the popular names.

Female Names of Number 9: Venus.

Name Number 9 — Patience and Glory

You are a humanist. You are attracted by the opportunity to stimulate in others the desire for the best. You are extremely idealistic, even naive in assessing people and methods. You have great patience and try to build a more humane society. Reach out to those who suffer physical suffering or become a victim of justice. You are the defender of the offended. Your deepest desire is to remake the world. Would like to suffer for the idea. This can be the meaning of your life. From time to time you are involved in activities whose success depends essentially on the desire to satisfy it. You are an idealist, have the ability to control a mass of people. Being deep in nature, use the love and disposition of many and seek fame. In part, your desire for fame comes from the desire to assert yourself, although you are critical of yourself. Get the greatest satisfaction from activities beneficial to society. Politics, law, environmental protection, education and healing — in all these areas you can succeed.

Name Number 9 — God’s gift and Vulnerability

The number 9 is a pointer to the completion of a cycle or the presence of obstacles to further learning. This number indicates that you have reached a certain point from which the breakthrough begins, and during this life you can use everything that you acquired in the process of evolution and fulfill the main task of your appearance. Many geniuses have the number of expression 9. You can synthesize disparate information into a coherent whole. Your appearance is important. We are sure that others understand this. Surrounding perceive you as a person with strong control. Have a gift from God. Despite the fact that you are somewhat cold and alienated person, people are drawn to you. Express your love somewhat impartially. You are too much taken up by your own vision of the world, and sometimes you do not pay attention to the needs of loved ones. You should learn to express your love more animatedly and openly. You are a very loving and open person, but often you don’t want to demonstrate what you really feel. Avoid deep feelings by saving emotional resources. Postpone the satisfaction of personal needs in the name of the highest goal. Try to be more unpredictable and bolder to express your inner self, including vulnerability. Your confidence in the triumph of humanism is unshakable. You are looking for good in people, but they sometimes take advantage of your vulnerability. You are not very good at people. The best way of personal satisfaction is to enter a larger social system. Your appointment is to serve. You are happy when you serve the good of humanity.

Name Number in Numerology

Name Number in Numerology