Personality Number: 2

The number of personality 2 is an indicator of the presence in the character of such qualities as prudence, poise, caution. As a result, the basis of the motivation of the number “two” — to create a world of harmony and order around itself — often remains only a topic for “kitchen” theorizing, not finding an outlet for itself in concrete actions.

Character of People with Personality Number 2

A person is inclined to carefully weigh all the pros and cons before taking one step. And he is concerned not only with the probability of success, but also — to a much greater degree — the attitude of others to his intentions and actions. And this dependence on the opinions of others becomes an occasion for endless hesitation and the cause of the mass of lost opportunities.

The “two” needs to feel support, at least at the level of verbal approval of its intentions. However, her own doubts prevent her from fully using her gift of conviction when it is her interests that are meant. And to convince someone of what he himself is not sure of is quite difficult.

The Fate of Person with Personality Number 2

The number of the person 2 in numerology is an indicator of goodwill, readiness to render disinterested help. Being a man devoid of selfish motives, the “two”, on a subconscious level, is simply unable to suspect something similar in others. What shamelessly enjoy even the closest people.

For example, a person is offered a brilliant career in another city or a promising marriage union. But one of the family members, not wanting to tolerate the inconvenience associated with the lack of a “two”, can say: “If you do this, I will never forgive you!”. And you have to choose between a different — better — fate and an eternal sense of guilt. Needless to say, what choice will make a kind and shy "two"?

Thus, the task of a person with a number of personality 2 is to learn to stand on his own, even despite the condemnation of others. For this, a little more confidence in yourself, in the correctness of your life position, is enough.

Personality Number in Numerology

Personality Number in Numerology