Planets in Numerology

Numerology — the science of the influence of numbers on human life. Historically, numerology is closely related to astrology. The progenitor of these teachings is astronomy — the science of celestial bodies and their movement. The ancient Greeks followed the movement of celestial bodies and described it mathematically. They were the first to notice that the position of celestial bodies influences events occurring on Earth. Astrology will help to find out how the location of the heavenly bodies at the time of your birth affected your life. Numerology, on the other hand, will tell you which planet influences your individual “Date Number of Birth”.

One of the postulates of classical numerology says: each planet has a number from 1 to 9. Unlike astrology, numerology uses only 9 planets, not 10. This is due to the fact that only one-digit numbers from 1 to 9 are interpreted in numerology. All others decrypted taking into account the value of their constituent digits. Each planet has its own peculiarities of influence. Therefore, in numerology, influence numbers are calculated, and interpretation is carried out with the help of the planets, these numbers corresponding. To learn more about yourself, we suggest you calculate the number of your planet.

Planet Number in Numerology

Planets Number Meaning

Number 1 – Sun ☉: The source of all numbers is the beginning of all life. The composition of any number includes the number 1, but the number itself is indivisible, it is based on the unity of the universe. The people of the Sun are leaders by nature, incredibly strong personalities who never go unnoticed in the shadows. These are enthusiastic, impulsive, businesslike people. If you are under the influence of this number, then do not lock yourself in your own feelings, do not limit yourself only to your own perception, otherwise you will come into conflict with the outside world. You always achieve outstanding success. Generosity, pride, desire to create something new, physical and spiritual strength, authority, desire for power, initiative, a sense of responsibility, unconditional justice, practicality are inherent in you. You have a harmonious relationship with people from the first, second, fourth, seventh groups.

Number 2 – Moon ☽: People of the Moon are different emotionality, openness. They easily adapt to their surroundings and circumstances, often artistically gifted. They achieve their goals by skirting obstacles and intuitively using favorable opportunities. They have mood swings, unconsciously they are looking for a stronger person who would reliably support them. They are very housewives, family-oriented, loyal, sensitive, never take risks. They can change the rhythm of life. They are introverts; therefore, although they are friendly, they are often closed in their complex inner world with a rich imagination. These people are characterized by the following character traits: a sense of responsibility, a desire for independence, in carrying out their plans they always act diplomatically and carefully, do not allow others to force them to do things that they don’t like. They have a good relationship with the first type.

Number 3 – Jupiter ♃: The people of Jupiter are mostly optimists, they are positively disposed towards others and towards themselves; possess, as a rule, deep knowledge of their nature; bestow others with love and await respect in return. They do not exchange on trifles, avoid difficult situations and conflicts, often act like a magnet, strangely attracting happiness and harmony to themselves. Positive attitude helps them to achieve their goals. People under this number are filled with a sense of responsibility, strive for self-improvement, are influenced by idealism, are indecisive, and seek recognition. By acting openly, they seek to gain for themselves. They are willing to travel, disinterestedly stand up for those in need of help. They have pronounced inclinations to art. They fit well with the third, sixth and ninth types.

Number 4 – Uranus ♅: This is a very wayward stubborn people who never live by the generally accepted rules, go their own way. They strive for social reforms, and they are trying to reject the past. These are humane, internally independent people with a non-standard way of life, they strive to find as many friends as possible, show an interest in the spiritual life, love and admire nature. Although the people of Uranus are independent, they are not closed and not alone, focused on the company: even after the dissolution of the marriage, they continue to maintain friendly relations with their former partner. People of this type are mobile, very conscientious in their work, nervous, they have an excellent memory and good organizational skills. Good convergence with people of the first, second and seventh types.

Number 5 – Mercury ☿: People of this type have a highly lively and quirky mind. They take the initiative in everything, in any case they quickly find a rational grain, they often seek to try their strength in rare professions. A stupid routine is alien to them. Everything boils in their hands, they are swift in everything, they quickly think, draw conclusions, work. The ability to express thoughts has a special meaning for them. They are overwhelmed with thirst for knowledge, critical, resourceful, but quickly become discouraged from failures. This is an ambivalent personality. These people are loved and popular, not very economic, insatiable curious to all manifestations of life, charming, never lose their individuality. They find a common language with their own kind, but in essence they get along well with all other types of people.

Number 6 – Venus ♀: People of this type radiate sensuality, they are all without exception loved. Their charm helps them to bypass all the pitfalls in life. Since they get everything easily, they must be especially careful in handling money, otherwise they risk losing big. But they always have enough money. Often they are married to a wealthy partner. They love everything beautiful, have a cheerful disposition. Often these are very attractive people. Sometimes they are arrogant, give too much attention to appearance. They keep up with the times, they are enterprising, sociable, have the abilities of arts. With success, they are working in those areas where they have to communicate a lot with people, have a sense of justice. If they are faced with a goal, they are hardworking, but mostly prefer to give their whole soul to the joys of life. Especially well combined with the third, sixth, ninth types, but in fact very sociable and peaceful.

Number 7 – Neptune ♆: Since this planet is interconnected with the Moon, then the people of Neptune harmonize well with people of the second type. Usually they are philosophically minded or religiously, they are distinguished by a compliant character. Often they have a precarious financial situation, because money melts in their hands like snow. They have great thoughts, but they rarely bring it to the end. They are prone to gambling. These are subtle, highly sensitive natures, merciful and sensitive to the mood of others. They hardly make decisions, usually physically weak with fragile addition, do not accept quarrels and conflicts. Most often they are employed in social services, often musical, with all their heart they sympathize with all those who suffer.

Number 8 – Saturn ♄: The people of Saturn are receptive, often do not find understanding among others and suffer from loneliness. Their outward coldness and alienation hide the thirst for spiritual warmth, but they do not know how to show it. They do not like anything superficial, they like order and material security. Everything comes to them with difficulty, they achieve everything on their own. Their way of life is distinguished by constancy and often, especially closer to old age, material wealth. For people of this type are characterized by stubbornness, a sober look at things. They honor rules and laws. They are pragmatists, prudent, cautious, punctual and methodical in everything, very hardworking and persistent in achieving their goals and ideas. They rarely find themselves in a subordinate position. In life, people of this type are more focused on material well-being, they must be sure of their future, they are inclined, however, to melancholy. They keep absolute loyalty, you can always rely on them. Best of all, they find common ground with people of the second type and sympathize with people of the seventh type.

Number 9 – Mars ♂: The people of Mars are ready to conquer all on their own. They do not accept objections, but only more resist them. They have the courage and strong will and, thanks to these qualities, achieve great success. But impulsivity has a negative effect on their activities. They often do not weigh their strengths and do not distribute them rationally. In love and partnership, they often have problems — it affects their excessive pride. Possessing good organizational skills, they categorically do not tolerate a subordinate position. If they purposefully used their strengths and abilities, they could have achieved tremendous success. So, they are distinguished by initiative and enterprise, energy and self-reliance only in their abilities. These leaders by nature rely on themselves, do not allow themselves to be surpassed, sometimes they are a bit merciless and arrogant, they have great willpower. Find mutual understanding with people of the third, sixth and ninth types.