Mars Number: 9

Zodiac Sign: Aries ♈, Scorpio ♏

Mars is the planet that governs those born on the 9th, 18th, 27th of any month, or those whose name or destiny number is 9. The qualities of Mars are most clearly manifested in people who have a soul number of 9. "Nine" plays a huge role in the individual mystical experience. The powerful and regenerative number 9, obtained by the triple repetition of the triad, brings to the life of man the energy of destruction, marking the renewal of the eternity of being.

Mars is the heavenly "commander in chief." He is personified as a strong male person in military attire, seated on a ram (an animal known for its martial nature). The word military in English (martial) comes from the name of the planet Mars and its qualities: a clear understanding of the purpose, duty, order and discipline. Mars is famous for such qualities as courage, courage, patience, self-confidence. Powerful internal energy gives it a bright red color, which can be seen in the night view with the naked eye.

Astrologers consider Mars to be an unfavorable planet, because people governed by Mars are egoists who put their desires above the desires of others. The influence of Mars makes such people quick-tempered, loving to get involved in disputes, lovers of destructive weapons, restless, inconstant, cruel, loving violence. They are capable of harming their relatives or friends. Mars is also considered unfavorable, because it, being in the 1, 4, 7 or 10th house of the birth chart, creates difficulties in family life.

Mars is associated with our muscular system and with the bone marrow responsible for the stability of the immune system. It produces white blood cells that rid the human body of viruses and diseases. Thus, Mars affects the defense mechanisms of our body. It also gives courage, which is directly related to the concentration of sugar in the blood. Mars provides strength and is associated with the general condition of man. Meanwhile, the inconstancy and restlessness of Mars makes its owners unsure, doubting and quick-tempered. This all leads to excessive activity, which makes Mars an unfavorable planet and causes people to get involved in illegal activities and prohibited love relationships.

The people ruled by Mars are big connoisseurs of the art of war, of hunting, of sport, of controversy, of competition, public speaking, and politics. Mars gives its owners a sporty spirit that helps them to treat victory and defeat equally favorably. He gives people dynamic energy, which pushes them to commit unusual actions. The people of Mars love to amaze others with their extraordinary courage. They gain the greatest power between the ages of 27 and 40 years.

The number 9 is associated with the original sound, the mantra AUM. This vibration is fundamental in relation to all sounds and manifested vibrations of the universe. The whole creation is an esoteric merging of two energies, graphically depicted as a triangle pointing upwards and a triangle pointing vertically downwards. Here’s how to symbolically present this sacred connection. Friends of Mars are the Sun, the Moon and Jupiter. Saturn, Venus, Uranus and Neptune are neutral in relation to Mars, and Mercury is its only enemy.

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