Mercury Number: 5

Zodiac Sign: Gemini ♊, Virgo ♍

Mercury is the ruling planet of people born on the 5th, 14th, 23rd of any month, or whose number of destiny or name is reduced to 5. The qualities of Mercury are most clearly manifested in people who have 5 souls in their number 5. The number five is the standard of description the most important characteristics of macro- and microcosm. The fivefold division of the world is known, there are 5 elements of the universe, 5 classes of animals, 5 sense organs in man, 5 internal organs, 5 passions.

Mercury is the smallest planet of our solar system, famous for its quick response, changing character, ingenuity and restlessness. It is also known as the "evergreen" planet — a planet that is always young. Despite its apparent youthfulness, this planet grants reason and ingenuity to its wards. Mercury is associated with the respiratory and nervous system, speech, education and mind.

Mercury has no sex and is considered a cold and wet planet. Its natural element is the Earth. And Mercury itself is associated with trade. Merchant’s nature makes him risk and gamble — this is a planet of extremes. On the one hand, people ruled by Mercury love physical comfort and think about money, on the other, they do not care about money and are indifferent to physical comfort. Although Mercury is considered a blissful and virtuous planet, it makes its owners suspicious, serious, cunning and sometimes deceptive.

People of Mercury are inventive, smart, delicate, attractive, love to travel and adventure. They are born speakers, although they are scientific in their approach. They love art, speak softly, ambiguously, they are gentle and easily vulnerable. Since they want to learn about themselves and others as much as possible, they are easily accepted for the study of astrology, numerology, chiromancy, physiognomy, graphology and psychology. They are materialistic, rational, analytic, and inherently critical. They love modern ideas.

Mercury is a planet of mixed temperament, it has a dual character. He makes the Mercurians immediately think about all the pros and cons. Mercurians are educated and love the company of their own kind. Mercury is the only planet that receives exaltation in its own sign. Mercury is friends with the Sun, Venus, Uranus and Neptune. Saturn, Mars and Jupiter are neutral to him. Mercury feels some hostility towards the moon, but this feeling is not mutual.

Five is the number of awareness; man acquires the experience of life through the five senses. With the number of 5 people seeks to look beyond the world, consisting of four elements, to go on a journey and spiritually progress.

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