Moon Number: 2

Zodiac Sign: Cancer ♋

The moon is the planet that governs people born on the 2nd, 11th, 20th, 29th of any month, or whose number of destiny or name is reduced to 2. The properties of the moon are most clearly manifested in people with a soul number 2. The moon is the most important planet for our Earth and for our life. We depend on the Sun, our life force depends on the Sun; but if we only needed to receive energy from the Sun, there would be no life on planet Earth. The sun’s rays are charged with positive ions; The moon turns them into life-giving negative ions. It reflects sunlight, adding colors and shades to it, which have a healing effect on our planet. For this reason, medicinal plants grow better at night under the moonlight.

The moon in Ayurvedic writings is known as the God of herbs and medicinal plants. Another name for the moon is Soma, which means nectar. Etymologically, this indicates the presence of nectar on the moon. “Two” is the first contact of spirit with matter, eternal with perishable. “Two” is the beginning of world illusions and sufferings. In contrast to the harmony of the number "one" there is a disharmony of dualism. The chord of good and light is broken by the dissonance of evil and darkness. Peace is disturbed by the born movement. The great Androgyne fell apart into a woman and a man. The Infinite Odd, mysterious Unit turns into a mortal, limited Duad. Indian dualism is manifested in the images of Vishnu and Shiva.

The moon is not only a physical body consisting of particles of energy. It is also the very energy that gives the world names and forms. This is the life-giving maternal energy, the creative energy is magnetic and positive. The planet itself is only a means that directs energy to our planet Earth. This energy affects our imaginative, reflective, intuitive nature, also known as the soul. Just as the Sun affects our mind, and Mars affects our behavior, the Moon affects our soul and subconscious. She gives us sensitivity and sentimentality.

According to astrological writings, the Moon is considered rajasic, imaginative, receptive and constantly changing. The non-constant motion of the moon gives it a greater significance with respect to the Earth than other planets. Between the Earth and the Sun, there are countless patterns and endless fields of the energy game. It is in these fluctuations that the moon plays a major role, and this is reflected in the emotional life of each person.

The number 2 is two opposites, it is a man and a woman, light and darkness, fire and water, all pairs of opposites without which the manifested life could not exist. Two is a stage in which a person understands that there are other people in the world besides himself. The moon gives people instability, love of smells and incenses, love of water, love of eating. She brings prosperity, respect and glory to those who are born under her sign, and also makes them love material things. (This refers to those people whose soul number is 2, those whose ascending sign is in Cancer or whose sun sign is in Cancer).

The number 2, on the one hand, acts as a symbol of opposition, separation and communication, and on the other, as a symbol of the correspondence of the opposed members. By virtue of these qualities, 2 is the primary monad that protects a person from non-existence and corresponds to creation — Heaven and Earth, which came from one womb. As such, the number 2 opposes the transcendent One, reflection on which gives rise to a special stage in the development of cosmological speculation.

The number 2 underlies all the binary oppositions by which various doctrines describe the world. It is associated with the esoteric concept of the complementary parts of the monad (male and female as two values of gender; sky and earth, day and night - as values constituting the space-time structure of Cosmic Being) and refers to the Supreme pair in aspects such as parity, duality, twins.

The moon controls the zodiac sign of Cancer and gets its exaltation in Taurus. In Capricorn, the Moon is the weakest, and Scorpio testifies to its decline. Sun, Mars and Jupiter are friends of the Moon, while Mercury, Venus, Saturn, Uranus and Neptune are its enemies. "Two" peace-loving, love justice, gentle, sensual, great lovers of poetry, music and painting. Women of number 2 differ in beauty, great femininity. They have a slippery (kappa) character. The moon controls the left eye, the left nostril, the left side of the body and the right hemisphere of the brain.

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