Neptune Number: 7

Zodiac Sign: Pisces ♓

Neptune is a celestial body that governs people born on the 7th, 16th or 25th of any month, or whose numbers of destiny or name are reduced to 7. Those whose soul number is 7. The number seven is a symbol of health, it is one of the main numerical parameters of the universe. It arises from the sum of two main mystical numerical parameters — 3 and 4 — and characterizes the general idea of the Universe.

A person perceives all the surrounding phenomena — light, sound, smell, taste — through seven holes in the head: through two eyes, two ears, two nostrils and a mouth. Moreover, people tend to assimilate the incoming information, if it does not exceed 7 categories. If the number of characters, for example, points on paper, is less than seven, then the person, not counting, immediately intuitively calls the number. If the number of such points is more than seven, then the mind begins to count.

Neptune bestows non-attachment to worldly desires and a desire for spirituality. He gives his owners wisdom, the ability to distinguish between good and bad and mental abilities. Under his influence, people become highly sensitive, emotional. They are abhorred by material success and indifferent to the psychodrama of life. They have no vanity, no motivation to do anything. They are interested in knowing their Self and seek to gain enlightenment through "true knowledge."

Neptune makes its owners inert. He is endowed with great strength at night and is easily irritable. If Neptune is not in a favorable astrological position, it can cause injury, cripple people. They lose the power of discrimination and in the worldly sense lose their mind. Sometimes, it seems that evil spirits infiltrate them. On the other hand, if Neptune is in a favorable position, then people get the power to heal. Therefore, they are interested in different types of healing: natural, tantric or mental, magical, occult, with the help of herbs, certain foods, spices, and sound vibrations.

People driven by Neptune are talkative. They love controversy, debate; they have their own logic. They live in their fantasies, have great imagination and intuition, tend to exaggerate. In appearance, they are ragged people who do not care about their appearance: sometimes they dress well, sometimes they don’t. In their worldview is cosmopolitan. They accept the truth from different sources and create their own worldview. Neptune’s friends are Mercury, Venus, Uranus and Saturn; Jupiter is neutral in relation to it, and the Sun, the Moon and Mars are enemies.

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