Sun Number: 1

Zodiac Sign: Leo ♌

The sun is a planet that governs people born on the 1st, 10th, 19th, 28th of any month, or those whose numbers of destiny or name are reduced to 1. The qualities of the Sun most often manifest themselves in people who have the number of souls 1. The sun is our Father The solar system, around which all our planets revolve. All living forms in our solar system need the sun as the source of life. Any planet associated with the Sun loses its power; the energy of the planet that comes too close to the Sun is suppressed. The sun is the king of the solar system and determines the laws inherent in the particles of energy, the cosmic law. The sun, famous for its constancy of movement, performs a complete rotation around its axis in 25 days.

The self-born root cause of the world, God is the great One, which is something perfect, definite, harmonious and self-sufficient. According to ancient Indian scriptures, the Sun is the abode of the ancestors and the first of the eight Vasus (the abode of consciousness). The body of the Sun is a sparkling, radiant mass, visible to the naked eye; his consciousness is represented by a kshatriya (king of warriors), sitting on his chariot drawn by seven horses (which represent the seven rays of light). There is only one wheel in his chariot.

"One" plays a fundamental role in the modern system of calculus and in the mystical numerological philosophy. The number 1 means the highest integrity, unity. Perfect integrity, understood as a unit, explains the esoteric meaning of the number 1, understood as God or the Cosmos. The sun bestows a convincing individualistic, luxurious and proud nature. The sun is a purifying male energy. The sun is characterized by a stable and disinterested nature that is strong, firm, domineering, regal and respected by all. The friends of the Sun are the Moon, Mars, Jupiter. And Saturn, Venus, Uranus and Neptune (the northern and southern hemispheres of the moon) are his enemies. Mercury is in a neutral relationship with the Sun.

The sun is an island of the blessed. The Light of the Sun is not independent: it is the reflected light of the central fire, the Divine soul of the Universe, that great warming, all-dwelling “Unit”, which is the purest spirit, without admixture of matter, and therefore without suffering. Sun dust particles visible in the air are the essence of the Divine soul. These emanations of the Divine and the world soul fill the ether and the air. They are divided into infinite steps from a lower, simple being to a genius prophet. They penetrate matter and live in it, cultivating and purifying themselves in suffering.

According to astrologers, the Sun passes every month through one of the twelve signs of the zodiac. The sun gets its exaltation (highest ascent) in Aries; this power gradually decreases until the sun reaches the sign of Virgo. From Libra, however, his energy begins to be lost completely and in the zodiac sign Pisces is reduced to the limit. Then it begins to grow again, and the highest rise is observed in Leo. The sun rules the zodiacal sign Leo.

The number “one” is a symbol of the world soul, which revives everything, sends a particle to all living things and subsequently perceives everything in itself. This is pure spirit, the only one not mixed with matter and therefore the only blissful one. In the World Soul, Atman-Brahman, only peace and tranquility; only she is one without suffering. In contrast to the “One”, there is chaos, a formless and boundless, imperfect multitude, the universal principle of evil, anarchy and darkness. The divine is the number "one"; the demonic multiplies. But in our world there is no Perfect Unit, there is no pure spirit: everything is mixed with matter, everything consists of many numbers.

The whole history of mankind with all its sufferings and injustices constitutes one eon - a long but fundamentally final state of time and the whole world in time. The sun affects the mind - it makes it courageous, domineering, impetuous, strong, cunning, directed outward, ready to come to the aid of friends and cruel towards enemies. Like a lion, a sun-controlled man has a more developed upper half of the body. These people become famous and reach heights in their professional activities. People associated with the sun have an irritable temper. The sun controls the right eye, the right nostril, the pingala nadi (right channel), the right side of the body, and the left hemisphere of the brain.

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