Uranus Number: 4

Zodiac Sign: Aquarius ♒ & Scorpio ♏

Uranus is a controlling planet for people born on the 4th, 13th, 22nd or 31st of any month, or whose fate or name is reduced to 4. The qualities of Uranus are most pronounced in people who have a soul number 4. Number 4 is the way Cosmic static integrity, ideally stable structure. It often appears in the mysteries of the creation of the universe and is mentioned in connection with the orientation in it. There are four gods and four-gods gods, 4 seasons. The four mystical components are actualized in geometric figures having a sacred value square, mandala and cross.

Uranus is an active and destructive force that acts mainly on the mental level. It is believed that this is an unfavorable planet — dynamic in nature, a planet of low vibrations, hedonistic, forever unsatisfied. People under its influence become lazy, fall into lethargy, easily lose interest, commit illogical acts and seek pleasure. Under the influence of Uranus, they often become revolutionaries, conspirators, spies or detectives, because they do not like to work. Uranus introduces doubt, ignorance, fear, hostility, and big plans that require a long time to fulfill. The planet makes people work hard and stupid, which creates bad karma for them.

The ugly aspect of Uranus destroys the power of distinction between good and bad, desensitizing. He makes his owners selfish, pessimistic, boring, aggressive and leads them towards the prison or the underground. It entails difficulties, confrontation, humiliation, as well as diseases that are difficult to diagnose and treat. It also gives its owners a suicidal tendency.

The beneficial aspect of Uranus gives people a talent for painting, writing and editorial work. He brings glory and success, gives physical attractiveness and beauty. The owners of the favorable aspects of Uranus are intelligent, hard and secretive. If they are interested in politics, the planet grants them success, but often they are in opposition to the existing government. Uranus gives its owners a certain angle of view, under which they can see the hidden side of truth inherent in all being. If Uranus is associated with Jupiter or Venus, it also gives its owners access to the secret sciences.

The number 4 is a fourfold cosmic basis of the world, four basic elements, four sides of the world and four winds. The number 4 symbolizes the Higher law of the regularity of time passing, expressed in the sequence morning-noon, evening-night, childhood-adolescence-maturity-old age. The fourfold structure of Cosmos, oriented to the number 4, coincides with its other images and incarnations: there are four lifetimes, four yugas — the great centuries, 4 schemes of the city, 4 temples, the tetrads of the gods are worshiped. Any society of people is divided into four groups: priests, rulers, merchants, workers.

“Four” is a pyramid, or tetrahedron. The pyramid has not only length, width, but also height. The combination of these properties, which exhausts the ability of a person to experience the outside world, is symbolized by the number “four”. "Four" is the symbol of man. Each individual life goes through four stages — birth, growth, degradation, death. The number 4 is also birth — life — death — rebirth (new birth). This number is symbolized respectively by the four directions of light. The four main types of sacrificial animals correspond to the fourfold horizontal structure of the Universe (light points). In world religions there is a repeating motive of the number four as the number of the world, opposed to the Divine number three.

Astrologers compare Uranus with smoke, which has no definite nature or form, but which can obscure anything. People under his influence easily become irritated, they vaguely express themselves, lose control of their nerves and destroy everything around them. Apart from all good and bad traits, Uranus is the great power of energy that gives its owners a special character. He also gives them a peculiar view of the world, which is very beneficial for the growth of the whole human consciousness as a whole. Uranus bestows courage, patience and intelligence. All these qualities of the fours are used by schemers from politics to help humiliated and insulted people to raise their voices against the privileged minority.

Uranus rules the Virgo zodiac sign, which is also ruled by Mercury. He gets his exaltation in Taurus (according to some researchers, in Gemini), and Scorpio (according to some researchers, Sagittarius) - a sign of his extinction. The zodiac signs friendly to Uranus are Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius and Pisces; enemies Uranus — Cancer and Leo. Uranus leads to good results in Taurus and Libra. Good houses for Uranus: 3, 6, 8, 9, 10 and 11th.

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