Soul Urge Number

The Soul Urge number of the soul serves as a beacon guiding you through life, in numerology it is better known as the number of spiritual aspiration. This number is responsible for your desires, aspirations, for what your heart is for. It plays a key role in the fate of a person and most strongly expresses its inner essence and mental attitude. The Soul Urge number or the number of spiritual aspirations, is responsible both for the most secretive of your feelings and dreams, and for your external features.

The number of the Soul Urge can be calculated by adding the numerical values of all vowels of your name, surname and patronymic by reducing or reducing to a unique form. Adding these numbers one more time, and again bringing them to an unambiguous form, we get the number of the desire of the heart. In the case of the dominant numbers to reduce them in a single form is not necessary.

Soul Urge Number in Numerology

Soul Urge Number Meaning

Soul Urge Number 1: One — the number of impulsive, aimed at achieving high goals, a person. Individualism and egoism drive you and give a certain impulse to actions. Having set a goal, people whose number of souls alone do not dare change course and rush forward. Do not carry the restrictions on the spirit, so you deal with all the problems from the very beginning. You are a fearless leader, persistent and determined.

Soul Urge Number 2: The symbol of a person calm in behavior and actions, gentle, tactful, with the ability to find compromises, able to control himself. You are a man with the confrontation of two equal beginnings acting in opposite directions from each other. At the expense of these confrontations, balance and tranquility are maintained within you. You are easily subservient, passive and gentle. You are closer to the role of adviser or designer, rather than the artist.

Soul Urge Number 3: The symbol of man-Universum. You have together the male will and the female love. The number 3 means the complete opposite of the two parts of your inner self. The number 3 symbolizes the triangle of life between past, present and future — Birth, Life and Death. As for the people, whose number of souls is 3, they are frivolous, not serious, as a rule, they live alone during the day, not paying attention to everyday fuss.

Soul Urge Number 4: The number symbolizing the four elements, four seasons and four periods of life. People with souls number 4 are hardworking, balanced and sensible. All that they want to achieve is achieved by themselves. In discussions, they take the opposite position and very rarely give free rein to emotions. "With bayonets" perceive the rules and instructions, they are drawn to reform. “Four” means success in technical areas.

Soul Urge Number 5: The symbol of a person who is not sitting in one place, striving for self-improvement, searching and gaining experience. You are nature, overwhelmed with enthusiasm, in need of adventure and risk. The decision to act comes spontaneously and suddenly. In life, you are ruled by a positive attitude, resourcefulness, wit and cheerfulness. You are directed only forward and think only about the positive outcome of everything, so that you do not take it. As a rule, people with the number of 5 lives are nervous, adventurous and very mobile.

Soul Urge Number 6: The number of creative personality, the symbol of family and the reunion of a man and a woman to create a new life. The number six also symbolizes the connection between God and man. People with the number of life 6 are reliable, honest and able to achieve respect and improvement not only of their own living conditions, but also of those around them. They are patient and have a natural internal magnetism, but in the implementation of their plans are tough and persistent. Very romantic and love art, can not stand jealousy and all sorts of discord.

Soul Urge Number 7: Refer to the number of sacred numbers, is a symbol of mystery and knowledge. It has long been thought that the number 7 implies the basis of the whole evolution. It was the seven spirits who were entrusted by God with authority over the elements from which all animals and plants were later created. Man who owns the number of souls 7 creative person, albeit with some strange things. Well-developed intuition, the ability to analyze, rich imagination and vivid imagination are characteristic features of such people.

Soul Urge Number 8: The number of material success, the number of reliable people able to bring everything to perfection. On the one hand, this is the number of total revolution or revolution, and on the other, religious commitment, philosophical thinking, and an inevitable perspective encompassing all actions. People with a soul number of 8 are different from most other people. They hide their feelings, which is why they are often judged, as they please. In their souls they are lonely and rarely find understanding among people, and after death they are often extolled.

Soul Urge Number 9: The universal number has the characteristic features of all primes. Symbol of success and excellence. The number of soul 9 is a dedication of a person to all stages of his life, and also reveals all the mysteries of life, death and rebirth. It symbolizes you as a highly intellectual personality, possessing great physical strength in all its forms, capable of developing and uncovering enormous potential. The main problem of such people is not knowing what path they should take, they are often not aware of their abilities.

Soul Urge Number 11: This is the number of the spiritual messenger whose goal is the transformation and transformation of reality. It gives people powerful magic power, the gift of foresight. They feel the need for spiritual development, they are able to see in everyday things and actions a deep meaning. Devotedly serve their vocation, help people find themselves. Possess leadership qualities, strive to achieve perfection, while maintaining cheerfulness and friendly attitude.

Soul Urge Number 22: The number of strong personality with outstanding organizational skills. You are a master worker, a serious and responsible person. All your ideas are based on practical benefits; you see your goal as serving people. Strive to make your vision come true, you want to change it for the better. Whatever the cause of your dedication, you are able to achieve outstanding results. You have a lot of advantages, among which is the ability to think rationally, hard work, dedication.

Soul Urge Number 33: The number of love and selfless service, gives people great responsibility and a keen sense of justice. The initial setting of the number of souls 33 — to benefit society. Unceasing concern for people, complete surrender is the highest manifestation of love for all those around. Sincere generosity, compassion, cordiality — the characteristic features of such people. They easily sacrifice their own interests for the benefit of others, experience true happiness, if they manage to help the suffering.