Soul Urge Number: 1

The number of soul urge 1 in numerology is under the auspices of the sun, personifying masculine energy. Like its powerful potential, it gives its owners pride, confidence and strong individuality. Their goals are clear and specific, not subject to change, they, like a radiant star, illuminate the direct path to achieve the desired. The number one is interpreted as a symbol of power and desire for unlimited freedom. She makes her representatives burn with the inner fire of passions and thirst for new sensations.

Representatives of this vibration are extraordinary personalities who need respect and recognition from others. Fortuneโ€™s favorites, who will not miss their lucky chance in life. Not only relying on the favor of fate, they are able to work long and hard to accomplish their cherished goal. People with the number of souls 1 have a creative, inventive mind, replete with innovative ideas. They easily enter new enterprises, despite the difficulties ahead. Failures are met with firmness, not giving in to panic and excessive nervousness. These qualities allow Units to be the first on the career ladder and in society. In successive individuals, soul number 1 can cause decadent moods, disappointment and depression.

Both men and women love to lead a luxurious lifestyle. They give a loan without regret, they buy expensive items and gifts, not considering this wastefulness. Having a unit in the soul, should be more cautious in financial affairs, limiting their desire to squander their earnings on the elements of the sweet life. They are not worth the risk of participating in stock market games and money frauds. Another useful warning is to take the time to make decisions and weigh each step deliberately.

Character of People with Soul Urge Number 1

In your heart you are an independent and courageous personality with a strong individuality. You are ambitious and want to succeed in life, but only with your mind and your own efforts. You do not shirk responsibility, because you have great inner strength and determination, but you like to feel independent and act in your own way. You can never be truly happy as a subordinate. As a matter of fact, you will not be given your own character traits for a long time in this position: you have too much inner strength, determination, creative abilities and leadership skills in your soul that will not allow you to remain at the foot of the ladder of life. And if you stayed in this position, it means that you have not yet looked too deeply into your soul.

Leadership abilities, interesting and original ideas are asleep in you, and if you use them constructively, then you can easily make your way in life. The realization of your Destiny largely depends on the development of this inner strength of character. But remember: to be a true leader, you need to help others, not just think about your own interests and desires. When you go this way, you will find that others respect you and help you, and life will never be boring for you.

There is a possibility that your inner will and determination will turn into flaws. From time to time you may be too straightforward, impulsive and wayward; you do not like it when you are told what to do, those to whom your ideals or methods do not fit. As a result, you may seem stubborn, self-willed, and selfish. In some periods of your life this can lead to misunderstanding, depression and quarrels. You cooperate well with people and, for fear of offending others, often even shy away from such actions that would put you at the helm. You are silent, and sometimes you lack confidence in yourself, but something hidden in the depths of your soul leads you forward.

Defend your rights, firmly believe in yourself, be yourself, and let your pride remain inside you and in your achievements. But at the same time, always politely, kindly and sincerely express your ideas and plans, and then you will become a respected person and leader. Both at home and outside of it, you feel your right to be recognized by others, to the place of a leader; and it will always be yours, if in your essence you are kind and generous. So, you see that in your character there are many interesting things; your pride, your sensitivity, and even your moments of self-will, impulsiveness and determination, combined with unexpected restraint, timidity, dependence and ingenuity - all these traits a person who loves you will notice and admire them. They make you attractive, and never try to change them.

Soul Urge Number in Numerology

Soul Urge Number in Numerology