Soul Urge Number: 2

The number of soul urge 2 is governed by the moon, which directly affects the spiritual world of man and his intuition. If the Sun affects our consciousness, then the Moon is responsible for the sensual, emotional aspect of personality. Favorable alignment is considered when the Two acts at the same time as the number of the soul and fate. This combination has a double effect on its owner, harmonizes the interaction of the intellect and the subconscious.

The soul urge number 2 according to numerology maintains a balance between the antagonistic beginnings of the personality, and therefore represents devotion, partnership, prudence and sensuality. It creates a spiritual desire for artistry and romanticism. Such people are peaceful, tactful and polite, they easily adapt to the proposed conditions. Unlike the courageous giving-away Unit, the Two represents the female perceiving principle. People with the number of souls 2 are genuine connoisseurs of everything sublime, having a refined sense of harmony.

Just as the Moon dependent on the Sun shines with its reflected light, so the psycho-types of the lunar nature are expressed in other numbers. To translate their ideas into reality, they need helpers and guides. They are closer to the role of a consultant or adviser, rather than a direct performer. Lunar ebb and flow affect spiritual 2 more than other digital vibrations. At the same time, women are subject to emotional lability more than men. The times when they are filled with inspiring hopes are sharply replaced by apathy and depression.

Character of People with Soul Urge Number 2

Deep in your soul you are sincere, merciful and attentive towards others. You understand the intricacies of life and show the above features when you live according to your inner nature. Peace and harmony mean a lot to you, which influence everything you do — in studies, business and love. If possible, you strive to achieve results harmoniously; but if you are taken to the extreme, you will fight, although you are more inclined to persuade than to be aggressive.

At times, you almost unconscious desire for harmony makes you seemingly timid and even characterless, when in fact you only try to cooperate with others or avoid quarrels and disagreements. Your actions aimed at “preserving peace” do not always correspond to the situation, the softness and the position of non-resistance often prevent you from opposing a more strong-willed and powerful personality. You are ready to share your thoughts with others, love to cooperate and help those in need. You yourself also depend on others, even more than you are willing to admit, and are often afraid to trust your own judgment.

As a result, you often have periods of doubt and uncertainty, which sometimes forces you to occupy a subordinate position, when you must equally share responsibility with others. You have a congenital fear of offending someone, but you must try to overcome this kind of shyness. It will make you unhappy, make you miss the opportunity to use your talents and prevent you from realizing your Heart Desire.

The soft and kind inner essence determines your charm; calm self-confidence, impartial attitude and overall friendliness are your most valuable qualities; if you try to emphasize these traits in yourself, they will make you popular and help you get in life what you cannot achieve by force. Your sympathy and attentiveness to other people make you attractive and attractive for people of the opposite sex, but they can lead to many frustrations and problems if you do not learn to be independent and to assert your rights.

There is a “spiritual vein” in your character about which you may not know. This feature determines your sensitivity, love of beauty and culture, as well as the ability to analyze and the ability to understand the finer points of life. It encourages you to eschew everything that is vulgar, rude, and unpleasant, but when you learn to use this spiritual power, it will become dynamic energy, a magical key, giving you the opportunity to conduct your business much more successfully than any material knowledge allows.

At times, you may hesitate and have difficulty making a decision. Once in this state, get out of it and be more confident in yourself. Forget your fears, worries and what others might think or say about you. Act in your own way, even if your actions are not particularly strong-willed. Appreciate the sincerity and willingness to cooperate in your character.

Turn your sensibilities into artistry and refinement. And then you can more easily overcome obstacles and problems in everyday life and get more pleasure from being. Your sociability will help you in the business world, emphasize your valuable professional skills and contribute to the realization of your Destiny. Softness does not necessarily have to manifest itself as hesitation or insincerity. Do not change your lofty intentions. Share your success with others, and you will find life beautiful.

Soul Urge Number in Numerology

Soul Urge Number in Numerology