Soul Urge Number: 4

The number of soul 4 is governed by the planet Uranus, whose energy introduces the most unexpected changes in the fate of its carriers. Balancing between heaven and earth, then taking off, then falling, the owner of the spiritual number 4 becomes suspicious and loses the criteria of correct judgment inherent in strong individuals.

The soul urge number 4 according to numerology shows itself in its owners as a craving for pedantry, order, diligence, perseverance. The habit of questioning everything in some of them develops stubbornness, in others — caution and suspiciousness. Strong personalities acquire hardening and ability to “take a punch” in the fight against the misadventures sent to their share.

People with the number of soul urge 4 — reformers and rebels by nature, they do not want to be cogs in a coordinated mechanism. Without hesitation, violate the law and oppose the authorities. This position often makes them supporters of opposition parties and organizations that have both a lot of fans and opponents. Neither men nor Quartet women can not boast of strong ties Hymen, possessing a very ambiguous compatibility with partners.

Character of People with Soul Urge Number 4

Internally, you value law and order. With proper use, this trait will be very useful to you in the world of material success. You have a practical point of view on things, you like systematic work and do not tolerate red tape. You look at life sensibly and are very conscientious in your enterprises. You want everything to be correct, “as it should be,” and usually take your problems seriously and realistically. You like to look ahead and plan carefully, approach your problem solving in an organized and focused manner.

Numbers of Destiny and Life Path may not always provide you with the possibility of complete satisfaction in this sense, but you feel happier when you can plan and lay a lasting foundation for building your own life. When uncertainty arises in life and there is no confidence in the future, or it is not clear to you which convictions to adhere to and why to work, you can be very restless, unhappy and inwardly anxious.

In business, at home and in love, you are very serious in thoughts and actions. Your business or marriage partners should also have a practical world view, because you want to make your dreams come true and get tangible results. Loyalty, stability and reliability mean a lot to you. You have strong convictions, and it is not easy for you to change the decision once made. You are honest and sincere in your motives and have a firm inner determination.

Having received proper support, you persevere and patiently continue to do your work. Being able to get things done helps you overcome difficulties and get concrete results. Sometimes you spend too much time on the details, because you love that everything is done correctly, exactly as it should. You may be disturbed and annoyed by missed trifles. Such good faith is one of your positive traits, but, taken to the extreme, it can cause you to miss some advantageous opportunity in life. When you learn to give less meaning to little things, greater happiness will come to you.

Of the complex qualities of your character, I would call the unconscious, on your part, a tendency to argue and not to succumb to conviction, even where everything is clear. It is explained by your desire to understand everything to the end and be confident in the real state of things. Friends and colleagues may accuse you of stubbornness and stupidity, but in reality you are not stubborn. You seem so because of your inability to easily change your mind. Plan your life according to your practical desires, but invest fun and inspiration in your business, especially in love affairs, and life will become more interesting.

You must always and in all spheres of life follow your inclination to build and create. Your soul has an inherent desire for constructive achievements, and you can use it to help humanity in many practical issues and achieve success in your own life. Take your time, brick by brick, build your character and your life. Do not rush, do everything in good faith, and your life will be raised on the granite of confidence in the future, and success will never turn away from you.

Soul Urge Number in Numerology

Soul Urge Number in Numerology