Soul Urge Number: 5

The number of soul urge 5 is influenced by Mercury, the fastest of the planets in the solar system. It gives its carriers a lightning reaction, quick-wittedness, ingenuity, practical sharpness, desire for risk, commerce and adventure. The sacred significance of the Five is a combination of the odd masculine origin of the Three and the feminine aspect of the Two. Such a union leads to harmonious unity and stability. As the number of the soul, it is considered as a symbol of the Great Search. Figure 3 personifies Perfection, and 5 represents the way for its perception.

Man knows the picture of the universe with the help of five senses. Vibes in their souls seek to look beyond the limits of reality, built on four elements. Being born in the earthly vale, they transform the mortal journey into a spiritual journey. The number of the soul urge 5 leads to the study of numerology, psychoanalysis, physiognomy, graphology, palmistry and other sciences, allowing you to get to know yourself and those around you. Since the Five is in the middle of a sequence from 1 to 9, its owners are able to quickly generate the right decisions. They develop this feature due to the diversity of experience and channels for obtaining information.

People with the number of souls 5 perfectly adapt to the vicissitudes of life, enduring tragedies and disasters without serious consequences. Spiritual extremes, they live on a high nerve and love extraordinary sensations. The influence of Mercury pushes them to trade frauds, risky enterprises and gambling. If you manage to break the bank, then they win much more than others, at the same time they meet the loss without regret. Both women and men-Fives have the highest compatibility with other numbers of the numerology series.

Character of People with Soul Urge Number 5

You are interested in everything that happens in the world, and you want to take part in this. You are enthusiastic, enjoy life, everything new, progressive and unusual, looking for an opportunity to express yourself in social activities. You prefer something unexpected and exciting than ordinary events of everyday existence. Being independent in thoughts and actions, you categorically demand the right to personal freedom; you do not allow other people or circumstances to interfere in your life or limit your self-expression. You are merciful and attentive to others, but at the same time insist on the right to follow your ideals and live your own life.

You are quickly bored with the routine, both in work and in any other activity. The need to do the same thing or stay in one place depresses you. Your attention tends to wander in the absence of something new, at least partly exciting, giving life to sharpness and variety. Numbers of Destiny and Forces of Birth may not provide all the freedom you desire, but you can generally express yourself better if you revive the situation from time to time by making separate changes to it.

Lack of freedom and diversity can lead to a feeling of depression, discontent, anxiety and dissatisfaction, make you act hastily and impulsively, push you to commit unseemly deeds, which you later regret. If you learn to recognize such excitement and, instead of impatience, turn it into useful activity and ingenuity, you will have an amazing ability to manage affairs, influence people and freely rotate in society and in the world of finance and progress.

In addition, you are ambitious, but you should avoid doing several things at the same time, dissipate your strength and finances and take on things that you cannot successfully accomplish. Lots of change and excessive diversity can lead to a lack of diligence and focus on current affairs, and as a result you will not bring anything to the end. Fight it. Be energetic and active, but spend your strength only on concrete and useful things. Your Destiny will help you determine them.

There is a certain bohemian nature in your character, and with age, when your independent worldview is formed, you can have original religious, political or social beliefs. Interesting and unexpected you tend to bring even in love affairs. When you feel that you are becoming restless, judgmental and irritable, buy something new, go on a trip or make some constructive change that improves your work or environment.

Do not lose your temper and do not criticize others. The fault can be your own restlessness and impatience. Do not take from others beyond what is owed to you, or more than you can return. Demand freedom for yourself, but remember that it does not imply the right to violate the norms of life or to behave freely. It simply means being able to live a more fulfilling, vibrant life and help others do the same. Appreciate your resourcefulness, make it work for yourself with full dedication. Use it to bring joy to those you love. Watch what is happening in the world. You need to keep up with the times.

Soul Urge Number in Numerology

Soul Urge Number in Numerology