Soul Urge Number: 6

The number of soul urge 6 is under the rule of the morning planet of Venus, named after the goddess of human sensual nature. Venus is the patroness of love and beauty, as well as such types of art as playing music, poetry and dancing. The karmic destination of the Sixes is to rise from the region of animal feelings and instincts to an exalted level of divine love and mercy.

Described desires and inclinations accompany a person throughout his life. The sooner a person begins to see his mind and is aware of his spiritual aspirations, deciphering how the number of the soul is interpreted in numerology, the sooner she will know the truth and the beauty of being. People with a soul urge number of 6 are endowed with the special power of natural magnetism, which makes them the favorites in any company. Charm them add sophisticated manners, artistry, softness, delicacy and courtesy in handling. The soul qualities for the personality of this vibration are emotionality, youth, playfulness, frivolity, lovingness and temperament.

As fans of everything elegant, they donโ€™t tolerate ugliness, vulgarity and bad taste, as well as mess and dirt in the house. They do not like everyday turmoil and scandals. If someone wishes to declare war on them, they will prefer to compromise and make peace, so as not to fight. Think well of their intentions, so slow in action. Need a relaxed atmosphere for work. In the conditions of haste and trawling begin to get nervous and make stupid mistakes. Men and women with mental numbers of 6, as a rule, make lots of friends โ€” many of them prefer a noisy society to home peace.

Character of People with Soul Urge Number 6

In your heart you have a sincere desire to do good in the world. You perfectly feel the needs of humanity and are full of sympathy for people. You will always be a little idealist. Much of your success and frustration will be the result of this trait. You are faithful to those whom you love, adhere to family norms and traditions, even reach self-sacrifice for the sake of love, family or some ideal. You are firm in your ideas of what is right and wrong, and with age these beliefs become even harder.

You are prone to frankness, and when your sense of honesty and justice is trampled, you may even be harsh in your statements, but you will fight for others as inexorably as for yourself. Your soul is committed to beauty, harmony and companionship. By following the soulโ€™s attraction, you will be able to ascend to a very high level of being and inspire others to do the same. You should never allow life or circumstances to deprive you of your ideals. Part of your work in the world is helping others, especially the young, to uphold the ideals of love, beauty and justice. And if you let anything shake your faith, your whole life will go downhill.

You are capable of a deep and lasting attachment to those you love; but you want to be loved and responsible in return, if you are not fully rewarded with the love and gratitude that you think you deserve. At times, you are overly generous and conniving around. It comes to the fact that you give them more than you should, and more than it would be to their advantage. Many troubles come from this. You can blindly ignore the shortcomings of your children, relatives and friends, and then suffer when you find that "they are also ordinary people."

Nevertheless, it is for this quality that they love you. Control your kindness and do not give too much to one or two people. This may be wrong and end in trouble or lack of gratitude. Devote a part of your love to all humanity as a whole. Work for the good of both those you love personally and the whole world. House and marriage mean a lot to you, and you will make every effort to make your home safe and comfortable. But your ideals are so high that in the name of service you are able to renounce even love. You are one of those who make life more beautiful, and your environment must be artistic and elegant. In addition, you should surround yourself with friends who "make this world a better place." You are cared for by animals, children and helpless people, and you will always be loved by them.

At times, you are able to be stubborn in your desires and so determined to implement all your ideas and plans, that you will not take into account the views of others. This is not intentional stubbornness, just sometimes you insist that others act your way just because you think your approach is the best. Your desire to help can be so strong that those you love just suffocate from your onslaught and are forced to look for a way to free yourself from your care. Try to better understand life and realize that people differ in their views. Learn to help them do what they want to do, and not what you think they should do; the more you love for others, the more useful and popular you will become to them.

Soul Urge Number in Numerology

Soul Urge Number in Numerology