Soul Urge Number: 7

The number of soul urge 7 is controlled by the planet Neptune, allowing a person to escape from the shackles of material addictions. This is possible thanks to the special mental attitude of the Sevens - non-attachment to worldly desires, insight, bordering on extrasensory abilities. Confirmation of the special mission of this number can be found in many ancient teachings and cults, where it was considered a sacred symbol of secret knowledge.

Because of the indifferent attitude to earthly goods and the lack of ambition, the owners of this vibration are often considered losers. But such a nickname reflects only the opinion of ordinary people who do not see their true purpose. The number of soul 7 has a special potential in numerology, which allows to find the key to success through failures and falls. Eternally doubting and restless Sevens tend to underestimate their capabilities and talents, so recognition often comes to them already in old age.

A person with the number of souls 7 is not inclined to follow religious and other dogmas — during his life he develops his vision of the universe and creates a teaching different from the generally accepted canons. Whatever way he chooses for his expression, it will be an original and philosophical approach. This position is most fully revealed in the works. There are many Sevens among recognized writers, artists, philosophers, reformers and inventors.

Character of People with Soul Urge Number 7

By nature, you are selective and choosy, for deep down you want the best of what life has to offer. All your enterprises are led by a keen sense of excellence. You are a high mark and achieve outstanding results. You should never lose sight of your own ideals, but sometimes you strive for an almost unattainable goal. As a result, others do not understand you and are not meeting your expectations.

You have an incredible sense of "good order of things," and you get great satisfaction from the assurance that everything is as it should be. You do not consider it a waste of time to make any effort to be precise and confident. You crave knowledge, you want to get to the causes of all things. You take nothing at face value, but seek evidence and test it, try to understand the motives, causes and fundamental principles of everything that you are going to make part of your life. Your ideals are clearly outlined, and if possible you give up everything that does not meet your standards.

You have a keen intuition, and even creating the impression of a person of an analytical mindset, you feel and recognize hidden values, higher principles, spiritual and occult laws on which life rests. You need to accept them and rely on them in your daily activities. They will help you discover the secret laws of nature and use them to improve humanity. This will bring you fame, if not global, then at least in your line of business. Your desire for the best makes you discriminating about your colleagues.

Often you are very calm and have a strong sense of self-worth. From time to time you want to retire from the hustle and excitement of the world, live alone and serenity, lost in thought. No matter how active your life is, you need to make it your habit to devote time every day to rest, relax, be alone, weigh everything and think it over, especially in the face of serious problems. As a result, you will make fewer mistakes and hear the inner instructions of the soul.

Because of your innate restraint, others may consider you alienated, proud, and uncommunicative. And because of your analytical skills, you may seem cold, calculating and suspicious. Therefore, be careful in your actions and give others the opportunity to see, especially in love and marriage, what true generosity lies behind your external behavior. You can be demanding and too often demand other explanations. This is fraught with quarrels and even ruptures. When others misunderstand you, try in good faith to resolve the misunderstanding.

In your heart you are prone to fantasies, and you like the strange, the mysterious and the unusual. Firmly believe in Life and in people. Go forward with pride and dignity, but be kind and indulgent, appreciate your desire to get the best out of life. Charm, individuality and intelligence that you are endowed with from birth will help you to take a special, prominent position in life. If you want to find true happiness, then in the realization of your desires, do not forget to share what you have achieved with other people.

Soul Urge Number in Numerology

Soul Urge Number in Numerology