Soul Urge Number: 8

The soul urge number 8 provides its owners with the patronage of Saturn — the planet of darkness and limitations. Being the slowest and most distant object from the Sun, he rules the dark side of human nature and his conscience. Eight is the number of determination, certainty, and mystery. Because of the stealthiness and propensity for loneliness generated by him, the true essence of introverts-Eight is not easy to recognize even for relatives and few true friends.

What lies under the mask of the gloom and external rigidity of the representatives of this vibration? In the depths of the thoughtful and melancholic Eights, lies a soft and vulnerable nature. Feeling their insecurity, they build an invisible barrier between themselves and their surroundings, which only the elect can destroy. A person with a soul number of 8 is a hard-working one who can make the impossible possible. To cope with unbearable for the rest of the burden he helps perseverance, patience, strong will, faith in his mission. The obstacles encountered on the path only harden and strengthen this inflexible person, who is able to write his own page in history.

Eights will go to many things for their friends, but they will stop at nothing to destroy their enemies. They are capable of retaliation plans in their hearts for the rest of their lives, until they take revenge on the offender. The number of soul urge 8 according to numerology is a vibration that does not recognize moderation in anything — neither in career, nor in hatred, nor in love. Both men and G8 women see as their goal the pursuit of material well-being, skillfully bringing its service to perfection.

Character of People with Soul Urge Number 8

There is a serious ambition in your soul. You want to see results and are endowed with such inner fire and such strength that you feel dissatisfaction when you are not engaged in large-scale projects. As a rule, you are interested in human nature, and although you are not completely humanist, you are always trying to improve the living conditions for people. You have the inner strength and courage necessary to deal with great difficulties, and the magnificent hidden ability to overcome obstacles. However, life will not always be easy for you, because you are inclined to complicate it with your desire to achieve more and more significant results, even exceeding your own abilities, or marking too high, with the disappointments that inevitably result from this. Ultimately, when you learn how to work not only for personal power, but also in the name of worthy goals, this courage and energy will lead you to outstanding achievements in your chosen activity.

You are attracted to big business and are more interested in large-scale plans that affect entire groups of people, organizations and countries than small enterprises. In your heart you are an organizer, you like to lead and control, and you do not like the subordinate position. You want to have money or, in any case, the power that they give. And you have the right to the money, because your abilities will bring you success in the activities that your Destiny and Calling points to. But if you make money your sole purpose, then you will be disappointed or you will encounter difficult ups and downs in life. Following the true soul attraction, you sincerely strive to achieve mastery in all walks of life; deep down in your soul you tend to think and feel philosophically.

You need to study psychology and religion from a philosophical point of view, for you have the hidden ability to analyze or conduct research in the field of human emotions and sensations. This will help you overcome your own preconceptions that might otherwise stand in your way to real success in life. Try to impartial thinking to force out all prejudice, hostility and envy from consciousness and soul. Self-control will help you move forward and give the right to lead and command other people. You should not expect too much gratitude from others. They are not able to control themselves like you. But you should see both sides of the question. Your understanding of the laws of life, the ability to control your moods and cooperate with others is your key to success in the business world.

Life expects more from you than the average man in the street. Therefore, look into your own soul in search of norms that will not let you down. Be careful and do not play too obviously a leading role in your love affairs, for you tend to unconsciously put pressure on others and be overly volitional. Sometimes you are too busy developing a plan or developing an idea to be truly “sweet”, or you are too independent and thus cause disappointment to your partners.

Soul Urge Number in Numerology

Soul Urge Number in Numerology