Soul Urge Number: 9

The number of soul urge 9 gives its owners under the patronage of fiery Mars โ€” the supreme ruler of the gods. He is honored by all the planets representing various aspects of a single deity. Also, the universal Nine combines in its carriers the main distinctive features of all the preceding figures.

The number of the soul urge is 9 according to numerology highly spiritual and idealistic. As a heartfelt aspiration, it represents in its representatives divine love, selflessness, compassion, high intellect, courage, tolerance. Nines are not limited to earthly love, their task is to serve the good of universal evolution. These are spiritual thinkers who gained their mastery in the cycle of previous rebirths. They see the present incarnation as an opportunity to share the accumulated knowledge with the whole world. Just as the nine completes a number series, so do people with the number of soul urge 9 crowned the end of a cycle of spiritual desires.

As multi-talented individuals, in their youth they may have difficulty in choosing the path of life. Recognition and success comes to them only after the fortieth year. Nines are responsible and diligent workers, but not loving critics and interventions in their activities. The most painful emotions for them are undeserved insult and betrayal. They can cause vigilance and usually unreasonable cruelty in usually imperturbable people. Both men and women nines are well compatible with other numbers. Love for them means life. Often it is the love interest that determines their immediate priorities.

Character of People with Soul Urge Number 9

You are very impressionable and pitiful. Love beauty and harmony and are able to help people disinterestedly. You feel the Brotherhood of People, and if life allows you, you would be happy to help the whole world. You have lofty ideals, and when you make them a reality in your own life, you will have an incredible ability to positively influence others. Your sense of perfection is so deep that, without being able to realize your ideals or not finding them in others, you often become disheartened. You should never allow such a mood to drag on, because there is something so beautiful, warm and all-embracing in your soul that, having risen to Divine love, you can touch the cosmic soul and mind.

Your deep intuitive understanding allows you to penetrate the hearts of all people. And by showing love, compassion, tolerance and charity, you become one of the elect on Earth. This means that your heart must always fill forgiveness, tolerance and empathy even in relation to the lowest ones. In essence, you are deeply emotional, and therefore your feelings and struggle between the Higher Self and personal desires and ambitions will repeatedly tear you apart.

You will always strive for the ideals of beauty, love and service, but your consciousness wills human love, sympathy and admiration and will pull you from the top of your generosity and tolerance. You are so keenly aware of the magnificence of love and service, that you will genuinely strive for true perfection, but you can become so involved in the maze of human emotions that you torment your soul and cause confusion in the lives of those who love you. You can inspire ideals to others and raise them to the heights of perfection, but you need to control your own emotions, because they can destroy you or make you too sensitive if you donโ€™t direct them to creative efforts of a universal nature. Always follow the beauty of your own soul.

You are a dreamer and a dreamer, but you have active inner strength, and if you remain faithful to your inner striving for beauty, harmony and service, you will be able to realize your dreams of love and success into reality. Never be disappointed, not be depressed or condemning, if you find that you are only the same person as everyone else in the world. In your character looks timidity and instability, so that if you lose faith in yourself or in life or are afraid to defend your own ideals, you may be very unhappy.

Being naturally magnanimous, all-forgiving and willing to do good in the world, you can impulsively engage in projects and enterprises that you do not fully understand and be deceived. Just be wiser next time and temper your love of service with sanity. In your heart you are romantic and capable of great deep love. But tender feelings can quickly fade away if your partner is not the same aesthete as you, because you hate everything ugly, dishonorable and disharmonious. Do not ruin the showiness and charm of your own soul. Follow your ideals.

Soul Urge Number in Numerology

Soul Urge Number in Numerology