Tarot cards

Tarot cards are divided into two large groups: Major and Minor Arcana. Major cards are prototypes of the original engravings from Egyptian temples. They reflect the various forces of the universe – from the birth of life to its logical end. But this applies not only to the physical plane, because in addition to the external, there is also an internal spiritual world. The Minor Arcana usually include 4 suits and show more mundane things, everyday life. It is believed that they became the progenitors of playing cards. And, if you follow the logic of Shakespeare, then life is really like a theatrical performance. In addition, in Tarot there is a group of court Arcana, which show specific characters in this game.

Tarot Decks

Each Tarot deck has its own creator. Inner beliefs, the character of the author, his worldview affect the final result in the form of magic cards. Just as no two people are exactly alike, there are no identical decks. Now there is such a variety of Arcana that every practitioner can easily find something close to himself. You can even divide all the cards into certain groups: intuitive, mystical, love, financial. Moreover, these tools can be mixed in the work in order to get a more detailed prediction. The Tarot reader only needs to choose the deck that resonates in the soul, as if it falls into the hand itself.

Tarot Spreads

For each individual situation, it is best to use a special spread. It is initially tailored for one or another request: career, money, relationships, friendship, health. It is especially important to choose the right scheme at the very beginning of working with Tarot. Understanding the structure of the spread will make the task easier. Over time, the predictor in the arsenal will have the most "talking" schemes that help out in the most difficult situations. After working out the classic spreads, you can move on to a free interpretation of the cards. Then a large amount of information will not scare. It is only important to learn how to fish out the most important details from this sea of eloquent images.