Ace of Pentacles Tarot Card

Card Name: Ace of Pentacles, Ace of Coins

Category: Minor Arcana, Suit of Pentacles

Position: 1

Keywords: Wealth, Success

Active element: Earth โ›ฐ๏ธ

Time: Autumn ๐Ÿ‚

The Ace of Pentacles is a symbolic gold coin in the Tarot deck. She can act as a talisman for good luck, attracting material values. With it, a person will feel happy and fulfilled. The card resembles the magical goat Silverhoof. If the Arcana appears in the spread, we can assume that the querent flashed a precious stone. How he will dispose of his reward is up to him to decide. But when reversed, the Ace of Pentacles is a false temptation, all jewelry and coins turn into cracked clay pots. Greed destroys the human heart. After all, sometimes, at first glance, a generous offer is a real trap. In an attempt to grow a money tree, Pinocchio almost lost his life.

Symbolism and Key Ideas of the Ace of Pentacles

In the Rider-Waite Tarot card, the Ace of Pentacles shows a hand holding out a gold coin. The palm appears from the cloud and a white glow emanates from it. The hand looks more like a womanโ€™s than a manโ€™s. The coin has a minting in the form of a five-pointed star. The sky is a pale blue. It looks like dawn is shown, the beginning of the day. Below is a green garden with a hedge. White lilies grow in the foreground, roses a little further away. The yellow path leads to an arch of plants. Blue mountains are visible in the distance. The shades used to visualize the card emphasize belonging to the Earth element โ€“ brown, emerald, ocher.

The palm emerging from the cloud symbolizes great luck and a gift from above. This element is on all Units. However, the Ace of Pentacles is responsible for the material manifestation of energy. The coin signifies the value and happiness it can bring. The five-pointed star is responsible for the balance in nature, the totality of everything. Lilies are fastidious flowers. In this context, they symbolize comfort and favorable conditions. Roses on the hedge โ€“ readiness for difficulties and a constant increase in oneโ€™s own influence; expansion of boundaries. The mountains in the background symbolize great achievements, the peak of fame and success. The path that leads to them is like an indication in which direction to move, the help of higher powers.

Meaning of the Upright Ace of Pentacles Card

  • Luck, happiness, a material gift or a good offer.
  • Talents, a chance to achieve a lot, to realize a dream.
  • Open doors, a new path, help from others and the universe.
  • Various worth โ€“ money, property, or relationships, love.

In the upright position of the Arcana, the Ace of Pentacles denotes the embodiment of what was conceived into reality. If the Unit of Swords was responsible for the thought, the initial impulse, then the element of the Earth shows the first shoots. This is a great success, the patronage of higher powers. A person is given a chance to get something, to achieve outstanding results. Most often, the card represents material values. But besides this, the Arcana is responsible for gifts, talents. The querent can sing, dance or paint. In any case, the questioner has every chance of succeeding. The unit of the Earth shows the final result, expressed in a particular subject.

Also, the card falls on various gifts, money. The Ace of Pentacles can denote inheritance, the arrival of financial resources. But also, the Arcana symbolizes any values. It can be a family, a good relationship with the other half or friends. A person is aware of his luck and takes care of what he has. At the same time, the card shows both the offer that has just been received, the chance, and the heights already reached. The Ace opens new doors, but is also the crown of previous accomplishments. One way or another, pleasant events await a person that will make him feel happy.

Love and Relationships (Upright)

  • A reliable partner, strong bonds, marriage proposal.
  • A favorable period for creating a family and having children.
  • A quick acquaintance with a serious person or a good chance.
  • Open discussion of joint plans, trust, commonality.

In terms of love, the Ace of Pentacles is responsible for a serious relationship. A partner can make a marriage proposal, give a ring. The card shows a focus on marriage, family. It also symbolizes a careful attitude to the second half, awareness of oneโ€™s own luck. The Arcana personifies the presence of responsibility, plans for the future. Such a couple will sooner or later live together. Sometimes, the One of Coins shows a gift in the form of joint real estate. Either way, this is not a one-night stand.

For lonely people, the Ace of Pentacles predicts a new acquaintance. The questioner will have a chance to start a love story. The link can be a common job or business. At the same time, the potential second half will immediately announce their intentions. In the upright position, the card shows openness, the absence of pitfalls. A person is ready for responsibility, wants stability and reliability. Personal life for him is the same project that should be invested in.

Career and Finance (Upright)

  • Creation of various material values or work as a seller.
  • Exchange office, business centers, profitable real estate.
  • A chance to reach a new level and achieve financial heights.
  • Comfortable life, contentment with what is available, acquired.

In the career spread, the meaning of the Ace of Pentacles is the best. In this area, the energy of the card is fully revealed. Finance is the home of the Unit of Coins. As a significator of activity, the card shows various business projects, shops, exchanges. These are places where a lot of money is spinning. If the Arcana falls on the questioning person, then it promises a good chance to improve the financial situation. The querent will soon sign a lucrative contract or receive a bonus.

In terms of finances, the Ace of Pentacles shows the acquisition, the inflow of funds. This is a significant amount for a querent. The person is provided, he has enough money for a happy life. At the same time, he can set aside some part of his income in order to only increase finances in the future. The card shows a favorable period for the implementation of the planned project. In the material sphere, the fortuneteller is waiting for success and prosperity. Sometimes the Arcana also indicates a possible expansion of the financial flow, reaching a new level.

Health and Spirit (Upright)

  • Good metabolism, also the absence of serious ailments.
  • Pregnancy, ovulation and the right time to conceive.
  • Fullness of energy, feeling of happiness or abundance.
  • A cocktail of hormones that affects a positive state.

Health according to the Ace of Pentacles is very good. A person has strong immunity, all organs and systems are in balance. The card symbolizes the abdominal cavity or solar plexus. In the upright position, it indicates that there are no problems in these areas. The querent has good digestion and an excellent metabolism. For women, the Arcana can talk about the period of ovulation โ€“ a favorable time for conceiving a child. Also, sometimes the card shows the presence of pregnancy. In any case, this is an indication of the possibility of having children, the absence of problems with the reproductive system.

The psyche is in an excited state. The Ace of Pentacles shows a feeling of happiness, an influx of positive energy. A person is completely satisfied with his own life. He feels that he is on the crest of a wave. At the same time, such a state is not always dictated by external factors. When doing yoga or ordinary sports, the body produces hormones โ€“ dopamine, serotonin, oxytocin, endorphin. These neurotransmitters both lead to an emotional rise, and also "block" the sensation of pain.

Situations and Questions (Upright)

  • The gift of clairvoyance, predicting the future, healing.
  • The energy of the Creator, creation and creation of the new, incarnation.
  • Inner harmony, a huge resource of energy, fortitude.
  • The manifestation of will in the real world, the implementation of their ideas.

In terms of spirituality, the Ace of Pentacles represents material evidence of strength. The seeker focuses on various magical attributes, works with certain tools. The upright position of the card indicates the presence of a gift, superpowers. A person can predict the future or heal with his hands. However, whether these gifts will be used depends on the querent himself. Often the traveler is unaware of his uniqueness. But in any case, the universe will direct you on the right path, bring you together with the necessary people, teachers.

The Ace of Pentacles asks questions: "What can I do?" and โ€œHow to use power for good?โ€. The five-pointed star on the coin is a sacred symbol. The pentagram, inscribed in a circle, denotes the balance of the four elements, led by the fifth โ€“ the spirit or ether. Combining together, these forces form matter familiar to everyone, the real life. This is a divine beginning. At the same time, a person must control the energy given to him, influence the environment. The seeker is invited to choose the path of creation, the goal of peace.

Meaning of the Reversed Ace of Pentacles Tarot

  • Lost chance, unfulfillment, constraint, isolation.
  • Greed, stinginess and unwillingness to share anything with others.
  • A dishonest result, a stolen, ill-fated acquisition.
  • Fixation only on material things or philistinism.

If you turn the Ace of Pentacles, then the symbol of the five-pointed star completely changes its meaning. Now the sign of life carries the energies of decay and death. This is an overripe fruit that is time to throw it away. The reversed card means a missed chance, unused opportunities. But it is also dishonest methods, deceit, deceit. In the opposite form, the Unit of the suit of Pentacles symbolizes the supremacy of the material over the spiritual. A person is chasing money and completely forgets about the heart, soul. In this regard, the position of the card speaks of the stinginess and commercialism of the questioner.

The reversed Ace of Pentacles shows envy, unwillingness to share what has been acquired. A comfortable life makes a tradesman out of a person. It can also be a gift not from a pure heart, a bribe. Also โ€“ dishonestly acquired property, waiting for the death of a relative for the sake of an inheritance. Avarice and greed dominate the fortuneteller. A person does not want to waste his resources, and therefore blocks the natural flow of energy. But while he holds the firebird in his hands, she cannot please with flight and beautiful feathers. Indirectly, the position of the card indicates a "golden cage", financial dependence on someone. A person sacrifices something for the sake of material gain.

Love and Relationships (Reversed)

  • A marriage of convenience, an attempt to win favor with money.
  • "Golden Cage", a reference to finances, rather than romance.
  • The wrong partner and the choice between mind and heart.
  • Jealousy, greed for emotions, stinginess or cowardice.

The reversed Ace of Pentacles Tarot gives a negative meaning to the love spread. The partner is trying to buy the location of the questioner. Relationships lead to the loss of moral qualities on both sides. At the same time, it may seem to others that the couple is happy. But this is a โ€œgolden cageโ€, a beautiful facade behind which unsightly things are hidden. Also, the reversed position can talk about stolen happiness. A person "beat off" a soul mate from someone. But the directly opposite type of card does not show warm relationships and trust in each other.

For singles, the reversed Ace of Pentacles predicts a difficult decision. A potential partner with serious intentions will soon appear. However, the questioner himself will not feel sympathy for the new gentleman or lady. You have to choose between material comfort, stability and the voice of the heart. The querent should remember that a marriage of convenience will not give peace of mind and satisfaction with life.

Career and Finance (Reversed)

  • Illegal financial transactions and money fraud.
  • Unofficial work or regular tax evasion.
  • Assignment of someone elseโ€™s values; theft and fraud.
  • Parasitism, life at the expense of others, selfishness in terms of money.

In terms of the significator of activity, the Ace of Pentacles in the opposite sense shows various frauds. This may be a forgery of funds, the sale of non-original goods, the creation of fake documents. A person gets involved in some kind of scam and puts himself in danger. Payments may be delayed at work. There are some flaws or errors in the documentation. Often, missed opportunities pass by the position of the card. A person refuses additional earnings, a good chance.

The financial situation, anyway, is quite good. The reversed Ace of Pentacles can mean life "in debt", the disposal of other than oneโ€™s own means. However, in any case, a person maintains a comfortable level of life. Sometimes it is life at someone elseโ€™s expense, without any equivalent exchange. There is money, but the questioner is in no hurry to part with it. Perhaps he has a fear of impoverishment, of losing the last. As a result, a person tries to save more and spend less.

Health and Spirit (Reversed)

  • The appearance of benign tumors, cysts, papillomas.
  • Problems with reproductive function or even infertility.
  • Shyness, constriction, fear of showing up in society.
  • Eating experiences, shopaholism, looking for emotions outside.

In the context of health, the Ace of Pentacles reversed shows digestive problems as well as various blockages in the body. Also, the position of the card can indicate the appearance of neoplasms โ€“ cysts, tumors. Women have ovarian problems. Sometimes โ€“ frozen pregnancy, miscarriage. For men, the Arcana in the opposite form speaks of infertility. It is also overweight, puffy and difficult to move. Hormonal failure is possible, which entailed similar consequences.

The mental state is not very good. The Ace of Pentacles in the opposite form indicates the presence of various dependencies. For the sake of a new dose of endorphins, a person is ready for anything. Sometimes addiction can be expressed in the abuse of sweets. The position of the card shows isolation, the difficulty of expressing oneโ€™s true desires. The personality is too restrained and therefore compensates for the lack of emotions with delicious food or shopping. A person is greedy for feelings, does not like it when they climb into his soul.

Situations and Questions (Reversed)

  • Cleansing from everything old, unnecessary; series of losses.
  • The destruction of the past personality, the search for something eternal.
  • The process of disidentifying from previous self patterns.
  • Acceptance of the fact of the illusory nature of the world and its manifestations.

The reversed pentacle is a symbol of primordial chaos. This is the destruction of matter, the return to a disembodied state. In the opposite sense, the Ace of Pentacles falls on those who are disappointed in life. In alchemy, the very suit of Earth corresponds to the stage of Citrinitas. This is the third step, "work in yellow." A person brings to the surface all his fears and unsightly character traits. The ray of the sun illuminates the unconscious manifestations of the personality. However, unlike Nigredo, now the traveler must completely part with all illusions.

The Ace of Pentacles in the opposite form asks questions: โ€œWhat should I leave?โ€ and โ€œHow to lose the very desire to "desire"?โ€. As long as the seeker is focused only on the manifested world, he misses a lot. The more one gets, the more unhappy one becomes. Here, the position of the card suggests giving up everything and everything. If the seeker does not become enchanted, then the series of disappointments will come to an end.

Ace of Pentacles: Combination with other Tarot Cards


Advice and Warning of the Ace of Pentacles Card

When the Ace of Pentacles fell out straight, then the card advises to grab a chance. You have to accept what life has to offer. This is a fair game, so you should not expect some kind of catch. On the contrary, the accepted proposal can bring a person to a qualitatively different level. As a warning, the Ace of Pentacles indicates the very fact of having a chance. A person can get everything just like that โ€“ you just have to lend a hand. If even a drop of doubt creeps into the querent, then things are bad. You can lose a lot, not immediately believing in your own luck. The search for some catch will steal precious time to make dreams come true.

If the card lay upside down, then it is better to reject the tempting offer. However, sometimes the Ace of Pentacles in the opposite sense speaks of the need to act dishonestly. You need to wait for time, try to provoke your opponent, and then everyone will show their true colors. As a warning, the reversed card speaks of the danger of accepting an offer or a gift. All acquisitions will only spoil the life of the questioner. Therefore, one should immediately refuse such gifts โ€œfrom aboveโ€. Greed will turn against the fortuneteller. Sometimes, a gift of fate turns out to be a real curse.

Ace of Pentacles: Daily Card Meaning

Today, the querent will make an interesting offer. The Ace of Pentacles can represent work contracts, securities, or a material acquisition. The questioner will feel as if he grabbed luck by the tail. A new road opens before him, leading to prosperity and well-being. They can offer profitable work, mutually beneficial cooperation. A favorable period also begins in the relationship. The partner is ready to take responsibility for two. In this regard, the proposal may relate to cohabitation or the creation of a family. On this day, events will pleasantly surprise a fortuneteller.

But if the Ace of Pentacles fell out in the opposite form, then the meaning of the card of the day changes. Today, the querent will receive an offer of dishonest earnings or a request to take part in financial fraud. At first glance, the situation will seem simple and understandable. But it can lead to very unpleasant consequences. If the fortuneteller himself wants to make a gift for someone, then, with a high degree of probability, the person will reject him. Loss of money or valuables may occur. A person will not be in a resource, he will feel a breakdown. The reversed Ace of Pentacles promises a difficult day. It will seem to the questioner that he is being tested for strength, checking how generous he is.

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