Tarot of the 78 Doors Deck

The Tarot of the 78 Doors is a fantastic deck with a variety of plots. Its collective images refer either to fairy tales of the Middle Ages or to modern realities. But this is what distinguishes it from similar mantic instruments. The querent has a unique chance to work with the time machine. After all, it is not known for certain whether centaurs and genies were just fiction. It may turn out that a completely different world is hidden behind the millennia lived by mankind, in which everything was possible.

History of creation of the 78 Doors Tarot Deck

The creator of the deck was the Italian Pietro Alliego, whom the world of esotericism already knew from the Tarot of the Gnomes. The author’s love for fantasy stories is reflected in this work. The illustrator is Antonella Platano, who has a fabulous style. Such a tandem initially guaranteed the success of the 78 Doors Tarot deck. It was first published in 2005 in Italy. The next issue came in 2010 in the USA. A little later, the deck reached other countries. During this time, it has found its loyal fans and has become quite popular.

One interesting metaphor served as the main idea of this tool. Pietro presented each Arcana as a specific situation. But the point is that life is endless. All events smoothly flow from one to another. In nature, a priori, there is no emptiness. Therefore, the Tarot deck of 78 Doors is a whole collection of "portals". As soon as a creak is heard behind the back, new horizons open up in front of the querent’s face.

Such a meaning, however, is not an invention of the author. At all times, gates and thresholds have been given tremendous importance. No wonder the arches were decorated with gargoyles, angels or arabesque decorations. Mythical creatures personified protection from negativity, they were simply guardians. You can consider the Arcana of the 78 Doors Tarot deck as an entrance to something new. Sometimes, the fortuneteller will be on the verge of a protracted streak of failures, and in another case, on the runway of stunning luck.

Key features of the Tarot of the 78 Doors

As the name of the deck suggests, each card here represents a different door. Sometimes they will be shown more metaphorically than directly. Also, on all the Arcana, the presence of a “key” is assumed – that is, a factor that will help to correctly assess the situation. In this case, the answer will not always lie on the surface. In some cases, a new opportunity should be avoided rather than looked at, and the old factors should be “closed”. Another symbolic transition can be shown as an arch or a window, or not at all. In this case, the emphasis is on the character himself and the open space. The Tarot of the 78 Doors contains many mysteries, although very simple at first glance.

The deck belongs to the traditional English school. Strength – 11, and Justice – 8. Suits: Cups, Wands, Swords and Pentacles. The court cards are classic – Pages, Knights, Queens and Kings. The Minor Arcana of the Tarot 78 Doors are numbered. The cards in this group show life situations. In general, their meaning is very similar to Waite. It’s just that the same motives appear before the questioner from a different angle. A person seems to look through a keyhole in order to find out his future. Moreover, the “door” will not always be opened of his good will. Sometimes life itself will push you to certain events.

The Major Arcana of the 78 Doors Tarot deck presents in the form of important factors, circumstances that cannot be bypassed. They already dominate the querent or are just emerging. The message of Temperance is interesting. The card depicts a girl who put two jugs to the fountains. She waits until the water is completely drained, and then it will be possible to open the gate. Such an interpretation perfectly conveys the message of the Arcana – the ability to endure and at the same time keep the ultimate goal in mind. The Devil is also shown with nuances here. A man and a woman themselves called the Evil One, committed a sin. Now it is not clear whether they are defending themselves from him or going further to the deal. One thing is important here – everything is in the hands of a person, and even more so his own destiny.

Style and symbolism of the deck

All suits of the Tarot of the 78 Doors are represented by scenes from different eras. There are also girls in dresses from the heyday of the rococo style, as well as shaven-headed ladies with tattoos from the 2000s. It may seem to the viewer that he is using a time machine, and not an ordinary deck. But the more interesting it is to interpret the plots. The cards here focus on the picture, do not distract with astrological and other correspondences, because they simply do not exist. But such a minimalist approach opens the field for imagination.

In the Tarot of 78 Doors, mythical characters and heroes of fairy tales could not do without. And this is not surprising, if we take into account the author and illustrator. There is a wish-granting genie (King of Cups), a wealthy mistress with gnome servants (Queen of Pentacles). In general, the deck assumes to take into account not only the characters themselves, but also the objects depicted on the card. They can become the very key to the situation, which will help to correctly interpret the prediction.

Interpretation of the 78 Doors Tarot cards

The interpretation of the Tarot 78 Doors should be done only with the help of intuition. There are no links to any historical events, important dates. The author has created a metaphorical world that everyone will see in their own way. After all, the same heroine of the Queen of Swords boasts a sharp mind, and in a negative combination – an evil tongue. In the world of cards, everything is very streamlined and ambiguous. If we take reversed meanings, then the brochure attached to the 78 Doors Tarot deck advises simply to translate the meaning into the exact opposite. Beginners will definitely like this approach, it will make fortune-telling simple and understandable.

However, if the practitioner is used to drawing an analogy with the Waite deck, then you can not look back at the features of this tool. Everything is decided by the fortuneteller’s approach. So, in the Knight of Wands you can see Sagittarius, although this is not directly stated. The Sun will also point to the daylight, and the Moon to the night. The Tarot of the 78 Doors is universal in this context. The practitioner just needs to listen to their intuition and act in accordance with it.

What questions is the deck suitable for?

Spreads on the Tarot of the 78 Doors will reveal the secrets of any format. Therefore, questions can relate to various areas of life – from problems in relationships, to finding oneself, self-realization. It is only important to remember that the answer will be "issued" in a slightly mild form, so as not to offend the person. The spread initially sets up a wave of lightness, fantasy. But this can be considered a plus, because not everyone likes the bitter truth in its unsightly form. Sometimes it takes a delicate touch to really hear the message.

Divination by Tarot of the 78 Doors will pleasantly surprise you with details. The Arcana itself depicts many small objects, which also provide a whole layer of additional information. With the help of this deck, you can “see” entire plots built around the main factor. Cards will show at first glance insignificant details, which, as a result, will form a single whole. The 78 Doors Tarot deck can even be used as an assistant in terms of choosing a gift for a person. It will also reveal the secrets of character and give the key to the heart of the chosen one.

Who are the 78 Doors Tarot cards for?

Tarot of the 78 Doors is perfect for beginners. The cards here are distinguished by a simple, intuitive plot. It is easy to "count" it for any fortuneteller. However, at the same time, everyone will interpret the pictures in their own way. For example, regarding the Two of Wands, the opinions of practitioners differ. Someone believes that the heroine leaves the room, while others believe that she is just entering the threshold of a new place. And the same goes for all images. But the deck will teach you to listen to yourself, build logical chains on your own.

At the same time, Tarot of the 78 Doors can also be appreciated by experienced fortune-tellers. Another deck will appeal to fans of fantasy stories, fairy tales. Its reality is different from life, although it has analogies. The style of images allows you to relax and plunge into a parallel world in which everything is possible. Of course, dreamy girls will appreciate this approach. But psychologists will like it too. After all, a person builds his life by himself, and predictions change, depending on the choice of a person at the moment. This deck does not make diagnoses. She just makes recommendations.

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