Angel Tarot by Travis McHenry Deck

Angels are not always sweet and carefree cupids. Light energies reflect love, kindness and harmony. But they can also demand and punish. These are fair creatures in whose world their own laws work. Travis McHenry’s Angels Tarot deck lifts the veil of secrecy over this reality. After all, a lot of things have already been said about demons, but there is too little information about the Higher Hierarchy.

History of creation of the Travis McHenry Angels Tarot Deck

This predictive system was released in 2020. Travis McHenry, the author of the cards, decided to combine the traditional approaches of the Tarot with the world of Higher energies. All the characters in this deck are archangels, cherubs, seraphim, and so on. They form a certain hierarchy. As an antipode to the Angel Tarot, Travis McHenry created a dark deck. It reflects hell or Darkness, infernal beings. Occult Tarot is like a ray of light refracted from the sins of earthly life. But with the deck in question, everything is different.

As for the Angel Tarot, on the contrary, it is saturated with light vibrations. The original edition from Rockpool Publishing offers practitioners the accompanying literature from the author himself. In it, Travis McHenry gives certain spreads, shows the differences between divine beings and teaches how to interact with them. However, this Tarot deck became so popular in a short time that many sellers began to make replicas. The non-original edition does not contain the author’s book, which greatly complicates the interpretation of the dropped cards.

The author of the Angels Tarot deck, Travis McHenry himself, is a strong British practitioner. Like most occultists, he sees the world in all colors. The division into black and white is just a convention. Therefore, the author created a tandem of inextricably linked decks. Everything is relative. We can say that each light character corresponds to an anti-hero in the form of a demon. This approach will provide a lot of additional information for the questioner.

Key features of the Angels Tarot by Travis McHenry

If we disassemble the structure of the Travis McHenry Angels Tarot deck, then everything is also twofold. On the one hand, the Arcana continues the traditions of the English school: there are 78 cards in total in this system, the Fool has no number, and Justice goes before the Force. Travis McHenry’s Angel Tarot suits have remained classic: Cups, Pentacles, Wands, Swords. With this, everything is more or less clear. However, this is where Kabbalah comes into play. Each Arcana has its own additional number. The number reflects a certain place in the hierarchy of the Light forces.

The Major Arcana of Travis McHenry’s Angels Tarot deck have standard names. But here the archetypes are significantly different from the usual ones. For example, you can make out the Chariot card, where Michael defeats the dragon. At the bottom there is a signature that the deity helps in conflicts. The Arcana does not directly show movement, although active energy is present here. Another example is the Fool. Here is a cute winged baby wearing a mask with a long nose. Remotely, the hero still resembles a traditional fool walking along rocky paths. Therefore, some cards will refer to the standard skins, while others will not. From the fortuneteller, a developed intuition is required in order to make the correct interpretation.

The Minor Arcana of the Angels Tarot in Travis McHenry’s deck is also very difficult. However, upon closer examination, the characters and symbols begin to take shape in a single picture. For example, on several cards of the suit of Cups, bowls or jugs are drawn. Ten here shows a large society, family ties. But the court Arcana will not always logically correspond to their rank. So, on the Queen of Swords, a girl with a sharp blade is shown, and on the King of the same suit, a child. However, the main message still remains.

Most of the cards in Travis McHenry’s Angels Tarot deck show some kind of human being. In this case, the number of wings will indicate the position in the hierarchy. But on some Arcana there are abstract images. So, somewhere there are rings, eyes, some domes. Such a move is connected with the fact that the higher entities themselves choose in what form to appear to a person. It’s just a strong light energy. Its perception depends on who exactly this power came to. So, several people can describe the same angel in different ways.

Style and symbolism of the deck

The style of this deck is very concise. The background of Travis McHenry’s Angels Tarot cards is a white canvas. The characters are drawn in the style of medieval engravings. At the same time, some images are really taken from old books, while others were created by the author. Drawing will often be different, and an attentive practitioner will notice this: some characters are very beautiful and elegant, while others seem to lack details. It is possible that such a style was chosen on purpose in order to show the difference in energies.

At the top of the Arcana in Travis McHenry’s Angels Tarot deck, the name of the character is written, as well as the name of the card according to the classical system. At the bottom, there is brief information about the abilities of the hero. Even lower is a magical seal with which you can summon an angel. At the same time, the names of the archangels are written not in classic black, but in gold. The back of the cards shows a gray sky, over which everything is again covered by a sigil. The cut of the cards is lemon yellow.

Interpretation of the Travis McHenry Angels Tarot cards

In the interpretation of the Travis McHenry Angels Tarot deck, the study of Kabbalah plays a huge role. In order to correctly read information from these cards, it is best to familiarize yourself with magical systems and hierarchies in advance. The accompanying literature from the author will also help in divination. Here are the correspondences of the Higher Forces with the days and hours of birth, it is told about the secret abilities and ways of interacting with these creatures. However, it is best to try to get practical experience. After all, no book can replace a "talk" tête-à-tête with its patron.

Also, Travis McHenry’s Angels Tarot deck can be perceived through the prism of Waite. No wonder, there are correspondences with the classic Arcana. It’s just that the energy of people, places and events will be presented from a higher pure point of view. In any case, it is worth paying attention not only to the number and suit, but also to the image itself. The keywords below will also help you navigate and avoid mistakes.

What questions is the deck suitable for?

Travis McHenry’s Angel Tarot spreads will allow you to see any situation from a different angle. So, even negative moments can be perceived as a spiritual lesson. The prediction should help you find the strength in yourself to move on without negativity. Retribution is worth giving into the hands of the Highest. Following this logic, with the help of this tool, you can watch almost any situation, but in the context of spirituality. The characters will reflect the vibrations of the people involved, as well as the nature of the circumstances.

Divination by Travis McHenry’s Angel Tarot can lead to a dead end if you take the answers you receive literally. Here you need to enlist your own intuition, to be able to feel the moment. Therefore, it is better not to look at too mundane situations, like squabbles with neighbors, failures in personal life. If such topics are covered, then in the context of constant spiritual growth. The patrons of the deck do not honor pettiness and attachment to the material and transient.

Who are the Travis McHenry Gothic Tarot cards for?

Travis McHenry’s Angels Tarot will seem too complicated for beginners. Still, to work with this deck, you should first study the “base”. And information about angels is also included here. Experienced masters will be able to use this system as the key to their own transformation. The seals on the cards are real, so the querent is able to tap into the divine current. If we consider the deck from this angle, then it turns into a real tool for working on oneself.

The very language of Travis McHenry’s Tarot Angels will be understandable to religious people. These are the practices that are accustomed to interacting with light energies. They can engage in healing, heal with prayers. But in order to get this right, you also need to sacrifice something, do good deeds, help people. Still, the deck is inextricably linked with magic, which may contradict the same Christianity. To summarize, this mantic system will appeal to those who strive for spiritual benefits and are not tied to any specific religions. After all, everything in the world is one, divided only by a limited human mind.

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