Arcanum Tarot Deck

Foggy landscapes, an abundance of flowers and the light of distant stars. All this makes up the Universe of Arcanum Tarot. Here, all problems seem like a dream, which will slowly turn into a beautiful reality. This deck gives hope, blessing the querent for a long journey. This is a path of self-discovery, which will surely end in a resounding triumph.

History of creation of the Arcanum Tarot Deck

Illustrator Renata Lechner has already become known to the public thanks to Thelema Tarot. The woman was able to convey mysterious messages through ordinary images. However, the audience liked this approach, and therefore the author created a new mantic instrument. The Arcanum Tarot deck is the quintessence of ancient wisdom and modern beauty. Renata managed to create a special world full of secrets and mysteries. The very name of the deck refers to Egyptian frescoes on the walls of sacred temples. According to legend, it was they who became the prototypes of magic cards.

The Arcanum Tarot was first published in 2018. Lo Scarabeo released a deluxe version of the cards in a beautiful glossy box. Two Arcana served as its decoration – Strength and Lovers. The choice of these cards has already set a certain tone. After all, the deck itself is very thin and unobtrusive. Included with it was a small book with brief meanings of all 78 Arcana. Written by renowned author Jaymi Elford. Thus, one beautiful woman created the mysterious world of predictions, and the other was able to convey Renata’s message to the public.

Key features of the Arcanum Tarot

The Arcanum Tarot deck continues the English tradition. Strength here is number 8. The main key images again refer to Waite. However, some cards have their own story. For example, consider the same Arcana of Strength. In this deck, it reflects acceptance and the ability to work with various kinds of energies. The main character simply hugs the lion, although in the "classics" she holds him by the mouth. Thus, the author shows resilience and female wisdom. After all, sometimes true strength is not a physical advantage.

In general, the Arcanum Tarot presents the Major Arcana in a traditional light. But most of the meanings here are more positive. Even the Tower is not so destructive and insidious. Rather, it simply shows unexpected events. The Lovers do not mean choice and hesitation. This Arcana is a fusion in its purest form. The Moon reflects some secrets, hidden desires, rather than an insidious deception. The author tried to smooth out sharp corners in order to win the heart of every questioner.

The Minor Arcana of the Arcanum Tarot deck are also very pleasant to read. Even on the “sad” Five of Cups, the fortuneteller sees the beautiful figure of a man, immersed in his own thoughts. His nakedness is also a certain symbolism – it refers to the openness of the soul. But on the Five of Wands, Renata departed from tradition. Here, instead of a struggle of several people, a tug-of-war scene is shown between two rivals. At the same time, the message of the card was preserved – competition, the opportunity to show oneself.

The court Arcana of the Arcanum Tarot show characteristic characters. On the Queen of Pentacles, a red rabbit is drawn, symbolizing fertility, and the girl herself holds a large gold coin. The hero of the King of Cups stands knee-deep in water where goldfish splash. On the Page of Swords, a handsome young man is depicted holding a sharp sword tightly. The blade hints at a suspended tongue, causticity and sarcasm, as well as an extraordinary mind. People in this deck are everywhere, except for Aces and Tens of Pentacles.

Style and symbolism of the deck

In the Arcanum Tarot deck, much attention is paid to the main characters. The author used real photos of people so that the end result was as close to reality as possible. She chose young and beautiful faces so that it would be pleasant to work with the deck. The characters themselves are immersed in a mysterious world – the background everywhere seems to be blurred, foggy. Roman gods, pharaohs, angels and mere mortals – they all inhabit some fantastic planet, very similar to Earth.

When working with Arcanum Tarot, you should pay attention to the postures and gestures of the characters. Their bodies convey various ideas, whether it is: a painful separation, an all-encompassing joy, or longing for the past. The questioner seems to be sitting in a metaphysical theater and watching the actors play. Even Death here resembles an ordinary person dressed in mourning clothes, and the luminary on the Sun card has a childish face. At the same time, the attire of the characters can be both modern and medieval. Here the author decided to play with the audience, as if deliberately confusing. But this approach made it possible to create a completely different dimension, devoid of the concept of time.

All suits of the Arcanum Tarot deck standardly differ from each other in color. The Swords here are very attractive. The suit of Air is made in muted shades, reminiscent of a dream. Even on the most negative Arcana there is no blood or cruelty. On the Three of Swords, a scarlet rose pierced by a blade is shown, and on the Ten, the blades themselves barely touch the lying girl. Such a delicate approach indicates the softness of the deck. Fortune-telling on the Arcanum Tarot turns into a kind of meditation.

Interpretation of the Arcanum Tarot cards

In general, the images here are replete with symbols. The Arcanum Tarot attaches special importance to astrological signs. Here and there, you can see floating symbols. However, there are no direct correspondences with the stars on the cards themselves, only the signature at the bottom. Therefore, the querent must decide for himself whether to work according to the Waite or Crowley system. You can simply read the message of the card from the image. Moreover, there are animals, birds, various objects here. What is only one Empress worth with a white lily, wheat and a waterfall. Reading these symbols is intuitive and unambiguous.

Beginners can work with the Arcanum Tarot deck according to the Waite principle. After all, Renata Lechner relied on the "classics" when creating these cards. The Four of Pentacles is the same greed, thoughtfulness, despite the fact that a beautiful girl is depicted here, and not the usual suspicious man. The pharaoh appears on the Wheel of Fortune, but in his hands he holds the zodiac circle, symbolizing the variability of fate. A young guy is shown on the Hierophant, but two keys are depicted on his cassock, and on top of the stage itself is the Star of David. All this again refers to a certain religiosity, righteousness.

What questions is the deck suitable for?

The Arcanum Tarot spreads answer a lot of questions. They can apply to absolutely any area of life. Still, the deck is considered universal, as it is in many ways similar to Waite. However, it is worth remembering that the prediction will be soft, delicate. And this approach will help in the analysis of the most difficult situations. It will give the key to understanding his destiny. The cards will help you accept the dark sides of your personality and melt them into something bright and positive. In a word, this Tarot is like an alchemical philosopher’s stone that allows you to turn tin into real gold.

In addition, the deck is useful in cases where magic is involved. The Arcanum Tarot is replete with small details, certain objects. All of them can show different attributes for rituals. The same applies to the metaphysical processes that take place inside a person. The Major Arcana are like ancient archetypes, the stages of the formation of the spirit. You can ask the cards those questions that arise on the path of finding yourself. In general, the deck reflects both external circumstances and internal experiences.

Separately, you can note the style of images. The realism of the Arcanum Tarot will help determine the appearance of a secret admirer, see specific facial features. The deck can also give advice on the querent’s own style. Perhaps he should change his hair color, hairstyle or make-up color palette. Here everything will depend only on the imagination of the questioner. The deck itself is well applicable in practice, its arsenal is not limited to narrow topics.

Who are the Arcanum Tarot cards for?

Of course, it is women who will appreciate the Arcanum Tarot. The language of the cards is very pleasant and unobtrusive. It will appeal to psychologists, as well as sensitive natures. But men can also work with these cards. It is important to listen to yourself in order to understand whether the mantic instrument responds or not. After all, the qualities of the deck should be in tune with the vibrations of the predictor.

The Arcanum Tarot is also suitable for beginners. The scenes here are simple and clear, there are characters and a certain plot. Separately, one can note fans of realism and Renata’s work, in particular. Those who liked Thelema will definitely like Arcanum. Moreover, the deck in question is more mundane, although it shows a certain fictional world.

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