Black Cats Tarot Deck

Cats are unpredictable creatures. At one point, they look like fluffy angels descended to earth. They are sweet and kind to their owner, especially when they want food or affection. But at another moment, these creatures turn into a hurricane, sweeping away everything in its path. And most importantly, do not fall under the hot clawed paw. The Black Cats Tarot is an ode to wayward animals that are not so easy to tame. It is to these facets of wild nature that the author Maria Kurara decided to dedicate the deck. Secrets, magic and at the same time a pinch of humor – this mix will not leave anyone indifferent.

History of creation of the Black Cats Tarot Deck

The Black Cats Tarot deck was created in 2011, and the first mass circulation took place in 2013 in collaboration with the Italian publishing house Lo Scarabeo. The author of the cards was Maria Kurara, an occultist from St. Petersburg. You can call the deck a hymn to the Egyptian goddess Bastet. Arcana are dedicated to the most mystical animal – a cat. Moreover, unlike other decks, the Black Cats Tarot focuses on magic and the unknown. Since ancient times, the color of animals has been associated with secrets. Black cats were considered conductors between reality and something invisible. According to legend, pets can see the dead and even communicate with the spirits of the elements. Maria Kurara focused on the riddle and did not lose.

In general, the Tarot of Black Cats was reprinted several times, and with revisions. All this suggests that the Arcana has gained popularity among buyers, the publishing house has gone towards practitioners. The first version of the cards was not very clear images. Subsequently, this nuance was corrected. The modern version has signatures for all the Arcana, which makes it easier for tarologists. However, the deck has not become less mysterious. It is still full of surprises, which is noted by many predictors. To understand its language, you need to completely plunge into the mysterious world of cats. They are beautiful, wise and wayward. But for those people who are in the spirit, the heroes will give answers to all questions.

Key features of the Tarot of Black Cats by Maria Kurara

The Black Cats Tarot deck belongs to the traditional English school. However, Strength comes at number 8, which is also characteristic of Waite. The Fool as usual zero. The minor group consists of four elements. The suits of the Black Cats Tarot remained standard: Cups, Swords, Wands and Pentacles. The hierarchy of court Arcana is preserved – Kings, Queens, Knights and Pages. However, this is where the similarity with the classics ends. Most of the cards are strikingly different in drawing and meaning from Waite. We can say that Maria Kurara took the usual motifs as a basis, but presented them in her own way. Even the smallest details give new meaning to the card.

The Major Arcana of the Black Cats Tarot show the path of the hero. In most cases, dark-colored animals are chosen as characters here. The exception is two cards of the deck – the Fool and the World. On the zero Arcana, a white cat symbolizes a new beginning, a lack of experience. His soul is pure, his plans are lofty. The same hero is shown on 21 Arcana. But here he is already taking off his black fur coat, as if the snake is getting rid of the old skin. All this gives a loop to events. This approach is, in principle, typical for the deck. Often, events and characters overlap, as if the questioner is watching a filmstrip. It is important to notice these details in order to get a complete picture of what is happening, the prediction was complete.

The Black Cats Tarot deck represents the Minor Arcana in the form of four kingdoms, each of which has its own rules. And often the meaning of these cards will differ from the standard approach. So the Ten of Wands is here referred to as "Realization". In part, this meaning echoes Waite’s heaviness. However, the protagonist, after all the hardships, managed to find the most optimal solution to the problem, he was illuminated by a certain idea that could change life for the better. This is evidenced by cave crystals that grew for a very long time. They can symbolize a clear understanding of the situation, as well as wealth.

The group of court Arcana in the Black Cats Tarot is also very interesting. The key feature can be considered that the heroes of Queens and Kings will not always sit on the throne as usual. For example, a crowned lady from the suit of Swords sharpens a blade. Under the left foot of the ruler lies a cat’s skull. Such a symbol can denote the ability to deny oneself for the sake of a noble goal, a sharp mind, as well as fearlessness. But the queen from the group of Cups left the throne altogether. She lies on a tree and looks at the stars through a telescope. At the bottom there is a signature – "Dreamy", which clearly reflects the character of the heroine. Several characters often appear on Aces, which is, in principle, unusual for Units.

Style and symbolism of the deck

To visualize the Tarot of Black Cats, Maria Kurara used bright juicy colors. They contrast very strongly with the characters themselves. The background here is often lakes, green meadows or caves. The emphasis is on nature untouched by man. At the same time, the main characters themselves are very reminiscent of people. They walk on two legs, have facial expressions and easily hold small objects in their clawed paws. All this allows you to transfer the images of cats to real people with characteristic features. A special place is given to symbolism. For example, in the sun and moon you can see all the same cat faces. Often, skulls appear on the cards, which indicates a close connection of the characters with the world of the dead, the other world. However, the author managed to maintain a balance in order not to make the deck gloomy.

If we talk about the design of the Black Cats Tarot, then the latest edition came out concise and understandable. The image is in a dark frame. There is a numbering at the top, and the name of the card at the bottom. Maria left the symbols of the suits as standard. However, knobs in the form of a cat’s head appeared on the blades and poles. Particular attention is paid to the weather and seasons. Winter on the Five of Cups clearly indicates disappointment, as does the name of the card "Sorrow". Autumn on the Four of Swords shows a forced break, a stagnant situation. The shirt has trees on which cats sit. Everything is filled with bright moonlight. The picture is fractal.

Interpretation of the Black Cats Tarot cards

The interpretation of the Black Cats Tarot can be built around the images themselves. The keyword will not allow you to get confused. If the fortuneteller purchased the old edition, then it would not be superfluous to familiarize yourself with all the meanings of the Arcana in the accompanying booklet. It is worth paying attention to the poses of the characters, nearby objects, secondary characters. The deck is replete with images of various details that complement the prediction. What is worth only one cake on the Eight of Pentacles. It will be useful to take into account the color scheme. The palette can tell more than the characters alone.

At the same time, divination by the Tarot of Black Cats can also be compared with the interpretation according to Waite. Some positions have something in common with the classics, although they have their own character. Separately, it is worth noting the work with numerical designations. For example, all Fours will show stable situations, whether positive or negative. Fives, on the contrary, speak of precariousness and instability. To better understand the deck, you can learn the basics of numerology. Also, the usual intuitive approach will not be superfluous. In this case, you should just trust yourself and catch the emerging images.

What questions is the deck suitable for?

The spreads of the Black Cats Tarot are most willing to answer questions related to the motives of behavior, the human psyche. The cards show true desires, aspirations and interests. The full deck cannot be called dark. Rather, it is "lunar", showing the reverse side of the coin. This is all that is pushed to the back of consciousness. In skillful hands, the Tarot deck will become a tool for understanding oneself. That is why it is good to look at psychological moments, fears or strange behavior on it. The cards will point the way to happiness, help you transform in the simplest and most acceptable way.

Also, the Black Cats Tarot deck will deal with issues related to magic, spiritual growth. No wonder the characters here are chosen mystical creatures. The Black Cats Tarot deck will show the development of abilities, existing talents. At the same time, the cards do not patronize evil people, but they do not oppose either. Cats are cunning creatures. They know how to balance and disappear at the right moment. The Tarot deck will simply give the right advice to the person. But whether he will use it or not is another question. That is why the cards are good for viewing energy impacts.

Who are the Black Cats Tarot cards for?

Foremost, the Tarot of Black Cats will appeal to lovers of these pets. Their grace and beauty should evoke a response in the soul of the practitioner. If such chemistry does not happen, then all work with cards will go down the drain. You need to have similar features to understand the language of the deck. At the same time, fantasy graphics will also not be to everyone’s liking. The images are reminiscent of illustrations from children’s books. They are bright and juicy, dynamic. Definitely, the Black Cats Tarot deck will appeal to people with an excellent sense of humor. Otherwise, how can one take seriously a cat drawing its other half or a tailed angel sitting on clouds with a scroll in its paws.

The Tarot deck is suitable for both experienced practitioners and beginners. It’s simple, but at the same time wayward. Many predictors note that it needs a special approach. The Black Cats Tarot does not show information to those who are conniving with magic. Yes, the deck is very humorous, but at the same time deep. It is like a puzzle, which only at first glance looks like something simple and superficial. It is worth working with the deck more often in order to solve all the riddles that Maria Kurara so generously left.

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