Casanova Tarot Deck

The Casanova Tarot is a very unusual deck. On the one hand, it is very frank, and on the other, it is very closed. The masks behind which the characters of the cards are hiding illustrate this idea well. You can compare the deck with a beautiful girl who whispers some courtesies in the ear of her gentleman. Backstage atmosphere relaxes, the heat from the bright flame of candles makes you unbutton the button on the collar of your shirt. A little more and you can find happiness. Well, or wake up alone with a hangover syndrome and an empty wallet in your jacket pocket.

History of creation of the Casanova Tarot Deck

Along with Manara, Sexual Magic and many other decks, Casanova Tarot is included in the group of erotic cards. The first edition was in 2000. At the beginning of the third millennium, Mario Pignatello decided to remind the world of the adventures of the great womanizer. The author took as a basis the legacy left by the most famous heartthrob – his work "The Story of My Life". Casanova’s Tarot cards show various moments from the book related to love affairs.

And the artist Luca Raimondo helped the author – he also worked on the Pagan deck and the Myths of Olympus. The illustrator’s style fits perfectly with Mario’s tool. As a result of the practice, we received Arcana, very similar to romantic postcards from sunny Italy. But all of them are quite frank. The very first edition of the Tarot Casanova featured the design of the backs of the cards. There were painted Venetian masks, which have become almost classics of the genre when it comes to love. In subsequent versions of the deck, numerical values disappeared, and a heartthrob figure appeared on the shirt. For many beginners, the numbering trick has turned into a fatal event. After all, now it has become difficult for them to navigate in a world created based on the adventures of a famous lover.

Key features of the Casanova Tarot

The Casanova Tarot deck was created in the tradition of the English school. Strength – 11, and Justice – 8. All Minor Arcana are divided into the same four groups – Wands, Cups, Pentacles and Swords. Court cards are standard – Page, Knight, Queen, King. Perhaps this is the end of the classics of the genre. Next, Mario Pignatello takes the viewer into a completely different world, far from Waite. The Major Arcana of the Casanova Tarot clearly demonstrates this difference. For example, the Magician here is not a sorcerer. The card shows a real life scene when Giacomo pretended to be an occultist in order to win the heart of Marquise de Jurfe.

The Hanged Man shows the fortuneteller the most brilliant gentleman who escapes from prison. For the sake of freedom, the prisoner sacrifices beautiful expensive clothes, which will later turn into rags. The Last Judgment also differs from the classics. Here it symbolizes the reward. And the scene with Elena Morfi became an illustration of the card. Giacomo at one time helped this girl become the mistress of the king himself. Therefore, the Arcana shows more an honest win, a jackpot, than a day of judgment. The World in the Casanova Tarot seems to draw the final line. Here, the hero himself is shown at work on his own book. He went through a lot, and now it’s time to show the public his many years of experience in terms of seducing the women.

The Minor Arcana of the Casanova Tarot deck are also very interesting. The backdrop for most of them is the streets and beautiful buildings of romantic Venice. The atmosphere itself blesses the characters for manifestations of love and the search for new sensual pleasures. The court Arcana show unique characters. At the first glance at them, it immediately becomes clear who is looking for love here (a group of Cups), and who is purely material gain (Pentacles).

Style and symbolism of the deck

Despite the deliberate eroticism of the Casanova Taro, the presence of love scenes, the deck is still intellectual. She has a purely masculine view on the issue of relationships. And this is not surprising, because the author and artist themselves are representatives of the stronger sex. Therefore, the illustrations here are made in muted "smart" shades. All the suits of Casanova Taro, although they show different types of gender relationships, are still not so emotional. The exception is not even a group of Cups. On the contrary, the questioner sees in the characters only a satisfied smirk, rather than true feelings.

Most of the Casanova Tarot cards have masks. They are all different types and colors, due to which they show a whole palette of feelings. But the mask is not the true face. In this deck, the emphasis is on ego, personal desires. Even Giacomo himself only wanted to take, and each time more and more. Lovelace did not differ in the breadth of his soul, although he could charm almost any woman. Magic cards named after him carry a similar meaning.

Interpretation of the Casanova Tarot cards

Due to the fact that the deck is quite dry, although sometimes too frank, the interpretation of the Casanova Tarot should be made without special expectations, romanticism. This mantic instrument is replete with unsightly scenes of love “for money”, begging, as well as betrayal and treachery. To work with this erotic deck, you first need to remove the rose-colored glasses. If the querent is ready for the truth, then the erotic Arcana will reveal all the secrets.

However, in order to correctly understand some cards, you should first familiarize yourself with the book from the pen of Giacomo. It describes in detail the adventures of the gentleman. They subsequently became the prototypes of images for almost all the Arcana of the deck. The rest were created as archetypes. Looking at them, you immediately understand who the venerable lady is and who is the ordinary maid. But still, knowledge of the base is welcome in order to obtain additional information through the spreads of the Casanova Tarot.

What questions is the deck suitable for?

Oddly enough, but in addition to questions about relationships, the deck also shows the scope of business, making money. The coldness and detachment of Casanova Taro will come in handy here. After all, feelings on cards with erotic scenes have a certain connotation. Often the Arcana simply symbolizes profit. It is unlikely that Giacomo himself sincerely loved all his young ladies. They were simply driven by an understandable interest. This same determination can be redirected into the mainstream of a career. And the deck will tell you exactly with whom the querent has the same landmarks, and who should be feared as his opponent.

But, of course, Casanova Taro is suitable for spread out intimate life. The Arcana will show hidden fantasies, give advice on how to seduce this or that person. For some practitioners interested in pickup prowess, this information will come in handy. Divination by Casanova Tarot shows the relationship between people, and not always of a love nature. This nuance is worth considering in order to try to see the true message behind a bright erotic image. After all, the same naked body can personify freedom, accessibility and openness. Masks, on the contrary, will show resourcefulness and cunning.

Who are the Casanova Tarot cards for?

Casanova Taro will appeal to male practitioners. The deck will strike with its honesty and originality. In fact, its romanticism is ostentatious, but the game of ego is at the heart of it. Predictions are worth getting for the sake of an intellectual assault. The spread will show a situation undisguised by speculation and morality, and what to do with it is up to the questioner to decide. For girls, this approach can unnecessarily hurt, bring only disappointment. However, there are exceptions to the rule. Therefore, some women will also like the deck. These are self-confident ladies who are not afraid to live by their own rules. Sensitivity for them fades into the background, giving way to a thirst for new adventures. Moreover, intimate overtones will not always be appropriate here.

Probably, even the Casanova Tarot deck will suit fans of Giacomo or his homeland – Italy. It will also appeal to collectors of erotic cards and rare editions. In any case, a spark should appear in the soul of the fortuneteller. Otherwise, the Arcana will remain a mystery with seven seals. After all, sometimes not everyone can work with a very frank deck according to the Arthur Waite system. The cards, of course, have a lot in common, but the differences are simply striking. If you do not pay attention to them, then the meaning of interaction with the erotic deck is lost.

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