Dark Grimoire Tarot Deck

The Dark Grimoire Tarot of the Necronomicon – a deck from the "dark" group. Its name already sets in a gloomy mood. But the paradox is that darkness can not only destroy, but also teach. The viewer is invited to go on a journey into their own subconscious in order to find strength there. He will have to face hidden fears and negative emotions. But all this will only sharpen the character, temper the spirit. After all, if there were no evil, a person could not see his own light. The ability to overcome difficulties and fight the darkness inside – this is strength.

History of creation of the Dark Grimoire Tarot Deck

The authors of the Dark Grimoire of the Necronomicon Tarot deck were three people at once. The founder of the publishing house Lo Scarabeo, Pietro Alligo, came up with the basic idea. Writer Ricardo Minetti created original plots that Michele Penko was able to visualize. As a result, this strange, but very talented trio created something new in the world of mantic. And although the Necronomicon Tarot cards repeat scenes from the works of Lovecraft, the deck still has its own characteristics. No wonder, each of the authors brought into it their own vision of the dark mantic system.

The very name of the Dark Grimoire Tarot deck of the Necronomicon received in honor of the book, which was mentioned more than once in the stories of the American writer. Howard Lovecraft paid special attention to a certain collection of spells and rites of black magic. He called it the Necronomicon, directly linking it to the dark world of demons and the walking dead. And although most readers consider the book fiction, there are still those who believe in it. Based on this mystical grimoire, the Necronomicon Tarot deck was created. Here, even love is shown in a negative aspect, and death, on the contrary, as deliverance from torment.

For the first time, the deck was published relatively recently – only in 2008. But she immediately attracted the eyes of magicians from all over the world. Now, the Necronomicon Dark Grimoire Tarot can be called a kind of classic of the genre, if we take a group of dark decks. And it doesn’t matter at all whether the real “bible” of black magic served as a prototype or ordinary fiction. The deck itself has become a powerful tool for providing knowledge and clear answers. Over time, she turned into an egregor and created her own Necronomicon.

Key features of the Dark Grimoire Tarot of the Necronomicon

The Dark Grimoire Tarot is inspired by Waite. But all the scenes on the Arcana are shown as if inside out. And this is a very ugly side of life, it should be noted. The same ordinary life situations are shown in an unsightly light. The fortuneteller seems to fall into a dark world full of cruelty and treachery. But it is also a reality that teaches you to be strong in spirit. It is permeated with vibrations of the struggle between evil and good, darkness and light. The suits of the Necronomicon Dark Grimoire Tarot deck reflect well the postulates of this alternate reality.

Wands here correlate with light, creation, the creative component. Cups traditionally show inner experiences, purely human emotions, as well as the world of dreams. Swords indicate the power of the mind, intellectual abilities. Pentacles also denote the material manifestation of energy, physical qualities. However, the Dark Grimoire Tarot of the Necronomicon represents all the Minor Arcana in its own way. For example, the Six of Wands, which in the classical version is interpreted as a victory, here reads as a surprise. On the hero’s path, a certain creature in a black robe appears, holding out a letter with a bony hand.

The Major Arcana of the Dark Grimoire Necronomicon Tarot also differ from Waite. The same archetypes are shown through the prism of the negative. A striking example of this is the Hanged Man card. The main character here was a man who decided to commit suicide. The bottle of alcohol and the strange book in the foreground may hold a clue. The Arcana of the Moon also shows a frightening picture. A man runs along the road, and monsters are chasing him. And it is not known whether everything happens for real or only in the head of the character. The hero of the Fool Arcana is also quite interesting. He sits in a straitjacket, and a burning light bulb is located above his head. Demons surrounded the man, but he does not seem to notice them.

Style and symbolism of the deck

Michele Penko, when creating the Necronomicon Dark Grimoire Tarot deck, was guided by the works of Lovecraft. Therefore, most of the characters and scenes convey the atmosphere of the wonderful world of the writer in the genre of mysticism, horror. There are ancient creatures here – Cthulhu, and strange people, more like demons. This is an infernal world with its own characteristics. But at the same time, the main character, an ordinary person, is still put at the forefront. The questioner can see his adventures in a dangerous reality – an escape from himself, internal fears, as well as an attempt to negotiate with representatives of a different race and civilization.

The Dark Grimoire Tarot deck of the Necronomicon is made in dark earthy tones. Such a move by the artist perfectly reflects the mood of the other world. At the same time, the cards do not have correspondences with the stars. It seems that in this reality there is no sky at all – only flames and blackness. If light is shown on the Arcana, then it denotes the inner resource of a person, his ability to resist evil. By the way, the suit of Pentacles is best viewed from the position of existing knowledge, rather than material background.

Aces are interesting. Each of them is shown in the form of a grimoire – a book with secret knowledge. All of them contain magical potential. A grimoire of the Cups suit stands next to the fountain; suit of Pentacles – hidden in a safe place; Swords – shrouded in clouds, and Wands – glows from within. These details indicate the nature of the element, give hints to the practitioner. Each grimoire here is like a revelation from the underworld. This once again proves that the Necronomicon Tarot is different from other decks. It has its own structure, unlike other instruments.

Interpretation of the Dark Grimoire Tarot cards

To get the correct interpretation of the Dark Grimoire Tarot, you should focus only on images. After all, not all cards were created solely based on the famous science fiction writer. Yes, knowledge of his books, ideas about the Necronomicon, will provide some basis, but you can do without this information. Prediction on this deck is easy to get with the help of intuition. At the same time, you should initially be prepared for clear and tough answers. This is the language inherent in the Necronomicon Tarot of the Dark Grimoire, and the querent should understand it.

All characters and deities on the cards have their own characteristics. Do not confuse classical archetypes with creatures from this universe. For example, the heroine of the Queen of Swords here resembles Kali, the Indian goddess. But still, the character is strikingly different from the prototype – only the tentacles are already leading away from the association with the East. All these small details give the Dark Grimoire Tarot an aura of mystery. Fortune-telling on a dark deck plunges you into a frightening reality, which, nevertheless, is able to answer the question posed.

What questions is the deck suitable for?

Necronomicon Tarot spreads are more suitable for viewing situations related to mysteries. The deck will show the dark side of a person, his demons or black thoughts. It is also good to look at it for the presence of magical effects – damage, love spells. Not without reason, many small but important details are depicted on many Arcanas. They are able to tell about exactly how the black spell was cast. Also, cards can indicate how to remove this or that effect.

If you get used to the language of the deck, then the Dark Grimoire Tarot will also show the usual "earthly" phenomena. Experienced practitioners look at it in any situation. So, demons from the Two of Swords can turn out to be colleagues who constantly distract, and frightening creatures from the Nine of Wands can be ordinary competitors and ill-wishers. The tool seems to take off the masks and show who is who. It is only important not to make a mistake, and not to mistake your friends for enemies. After all, in the dark everything seems a little different.

Who are the Dark Grimoire Tarot cards for?

Foremost, the deck is suitable for practicing magicians. Fortune-telling on the Dark Grimoire Tarot of the Necronomicon is able to give instructions regarding the methods of influence. It will also show: whether the damage lay down, whether the love spell was lifted and how exactly the birth curse manifests itself. And not always such an approach will be too rigid. Sometimes people need punishment to understand their mistakes. Therefore, constantly practicing will appreciate this deck. After all, it is as if created in order to transmit dark knowledge with the help of secret symbols and instructions.

The Necronomicon Tarot will also appeal to fans of Howard Lovecraft’s work. Readers who have already familiarized themselves with his works will easily understand the logic of the authors of the deck. Any spread can be perceived as immersion in another scary story. At the same time, the Necronomicon Dark Grimoire Tarot will also appeal to those people who want to develop themselves. They want to accept their dark side in order to take from there a resource for life. For example, consider the King of Pentacles. After all, the archetype of the hero will not always personify greed, philistinism. Sometimes some people really need the pressure of the character, his calculation, in order to learn to appreciate their work.

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