Dark Wood Tarot Deck

The Dark Wood Tarot is a colorful deck with fantasy plots. It immerses the viewer in a mystical world in which everything is possible. Here you can meet beautiful witches, beautiful princes, as well as mythical animals. Whether a fairy tale will be beautiful or scary depends on the person himself. And the most interesting thing is that this whole world is just a reflection of the soul, with its talents and shortcomings. Magic is within everyone, you just have to believe.

History of creation of the Heaven and Dark Wood Tarot Deck

The concept of the Dark Wood Tarot was developed by the fortuneteller Sasha Graham. The modern witch took the beloved Waite as a basis, but shifted the “base” to the inner world of a person. The forest in this case is the unknown depths of the subconscious, the soul. The traveler will have to go on a frightening, but fascinating journey deep into himself. The visualization of the Arcana was done by the artist Abigail Larson. The female tandem revealed this creation to the world in 2022. Times go by, but it seems that the creative flow regarding the world of predictions will never be exhausted.

Sasha Graham herself is already known from past works. The Dark Wood Tarot is not her first deck, so the tool came out very successful. He combined the "classics" with fantasies, the author’s own vision. It is also worth considering that Sasha writes stories, so the deck came out very fabulous, bewitching. But at the same time, the author teaches all over the world, lectures on the topic of Tarot. The character of the girl left an imprint on her deck. That is why the tool turned out to be beautiful and informative at the same time.

Key features of the Dark Wood Tarot

The Dark Wood Tarot deck continues the tradition of Waite, the English school. Strength here comes at number 8. However, the usual plots are transferred to a mysterious forest full of secrets and dangers. And girls often dominate here. The Major Arcana of the Dark Wood Tarot are proof of this. For example, the hero of the Magician here is an elderly lady, and not a classic young man. There are no people on the High Priest at all. Instead of the Pope, a mandrake tree is drawn. By the way, plants and animals have a special place in this deck. On the Arcana of the Emperor, a goat is depicted, symbolizing obstinacy, strength and self-confidence. A very interesting comparison came out, no offense to men.

The Minor Arcana of the Dark Wood Tarot immerse you even more in a magical atmosphere. There are many scenes and characters that refer to medieval and more modern fairy tales. For example, Little Red Riding Hood on the Seven of Swords, Sleeping Beauty on the Four of the same suit, or Kai and Gerda on the Five of Pentacles. And the mandrake on the cards of the Earth group generally refers to the stories of Harry Potter. At the same time, most of the plots of the Minor Arcana draw completely new tales that everyone can think of for themselves.

The court cards in the Dark Wood Tarot deck are pretty standard. However, here the heroes are the masters of their own lands, only the plots allotted to them. The questioner seems to be walking around the gloomy world, in which their own laws and rules apply. It is also worth taking into account the suits of the Dark Wood Tarot. Each group will be responsible for their own. So, Cups will show feelings, emotions, the true background of behavior. Wands will indicate passion, strong desire. Swords will demonstrate soreness, wounds, or a sharp mind. And Pentacles will show material wealth or their absence.

Style and symbolism of the deck

At the first glance at the Dark Wood Tarot deck, an association immediately arises with an illustrated collection of fairy tales. Abigail Larson used bright colors on a subdued background. The background here is often gray colors, unremarkable details. The emphasis is on the heroes, as well as on important symbols next to them. Sometimes wild animals appear instead of humans. Frequent images of cats. All this carries a sacred meaning, personifies the manifestations of witchcraft. The artist also paid special attention to mythical characters. The fortuneteller sees demons, demons and forest deities on some cards.

The style of the Dark Wood Tarot deck is built around wildlife. That is why hollows and nests can serve as a home here, and sheer cliffs can serve as a throne. Another interesting detail is the image of two letters in unremarkable places. D and W stand for Dark Wood, that is, the very name of the deck in English. Arthur Waite used his own signature as such a detail. But the Dark Wood Tarot displays a magical world, so there is no place for everything ordinary in it. The robes of the main characters also hint at magic here. The girls are dressed in robes and black caps, which resemble real witches. Some ladies are generally naked, as befits forest nymphs.

Interpretation of the Dark Wood Tarot cards

The interpretation of the Dark Wood Tarot can be made based on traditional interpretations according to Waite. However, there are some nuances here that you should definitely take into account. Due to the fact that the deck reflects the inner darkness, everything is suppressed and therefore scary – the meanings of the cards change slightly. Against the Devil from the 15th Arcana, it is now possible to resist with the help of a weapon – awareness. But blind faith in someone else’s virtue will play a cruel joke. The same Devil on the Six of Pentacles offers the heroines a contract in return for the coveted money. All these details will complement the prediction, make it the most accurate, and the analysis of the situation itself – deep.

Be sure to pay attention to the totems. The animals in the Dark Wood Tarot deck may turn out to be real people. A pair of horses in the Two of Cups is a prime example. Or a wolf from the Five of Swords, which can be an evil person with insidious thoughts. So that fortune-telling does not confuse, you should focus on internal sensations, learn to hear your own intuition. After all, even the positive Three of Cups with its celebration can turn out to be a feast on other people’s bones.

What questions is the deck suitable for?

The spreads of the Dark Wood Tarot will reveal secrets regarding something internal, hidden. With the help of this deck, you can find out what the soul of a person lies in, what abilities he has. Talent to draw, sing, play the piano. Or to induce and remove damage, love spells, heal people. It all depends on who is guessing and what area he is interested in at the moment. Although, of course, it is better to use the deck for questions related to magic, something unknown, supernatural. Waite seemed to have fallen into the looking glass and carried the questioner along with him. The spread will immerse you in just such a state, sharpen your intuition.

Fortune-telling on the Dark Wood Tarot also reads well the true motives of people, their shadow sides. It will help you choose the right behavior strategy so as not to fall into a trap. After all, evil demons are not always just a fantasy. Sometimes they take the form of an envious relative or an evil neighbor. The language of the deck is metaphorical, it is worth considering this. However, an experienced practitioner will receive a truthful answer to the most common questions. In pumpkins, he will see concrete results of labor, money, and in bats – a swarm of unnecessary thoughts or interference from the outside.

Who are the Dark Wood Tarot cards for?

The Dark Wood Tarot deck is perfect for those who are fond of witchcraft, just studying this area. Especially for young witches. Fabulous stories will captivate, lift the veil over secrets. After working with such a deck, the world of magic will seem like a very pleasant place in which to realize your talents. Romance, and more. This Tarot, although tied to mysticism, is still quite bright. In addition, the Major Arcana correspond to certain archetypes. Psychologists will like this move. This is useful in working with clients in order to help a person find himself and outline needs.

Among other things, the Dark Wood Tarot deck will appeal to fans of the author himself or the work of the partner artist. The tool will decorate the shelf of an experienced fortuneteller who is already familiar with various schools. Also, the deck is definitely suitable for beginners. After all, it comes with a book written by Sasha Graham herself. In it, the author shares the secrets of reading cards, shows simple spreads, and also gives detailed meanings of the Arcana.

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