Decameron Tarot Deck

The Decameron Tarot is a bright deck with erotic plots. Even an experienced practitioner may be surprised when looking at the works of an Italian artist. But if you think about it, the deck just reflects the real world. There is just no embellishment and an embarrassed smile. Human life is built around sex, and this cannot be denied. But you can take this information into service and try to understand the motives of people. And this instrument will be an excellent companion on the road to the temple of sensual pleasures.

History of creation of the Decameron Tarot Deck

Four people had a hand in creating the Decameron Tarot deck. Pietro Alligo, Ricardo Minetti and Valentina Bolatto developed the basic idea. The artist was Hyacinto Godenzi. And due to the fact that the authors were both men and one woman, the instrument turned out to be harmonious and eloquent. Strength and pressure are complemented by beauty and grace. That is why the deck has become so popular. The first edition happened in 2002, and in 2006 and 2012 Tarot was released again. It definitely caused a stir in the circle of soothsayers.

The idea for the Decameron Tarot deck was the work of the same name by Giovanni Boccaccio. This is a collection of short stories, the plots of which are built around the theme of sex, gender relationships. Moreover, human sins will often appear in stories – greed, debauchery, vanity. That is why the Decameron Tarot deck turned out to be too frank and therefore unsightly for some people. After all, not everyone takes this side of life for granted.

Key features of the Decameron Tarot

The above authors created other decks. Therefore, they were able to fit the Decameron Tarot into Waite’s classical system. However, the plots here are far from traditional. Each card shows an erotic scene, full of fire and passion. Characters change, circumstances change, but the idea remains the same. Depending on the mood of the characters, you can understand what exactly this or that Arcana means. But, in general, the plots here are shown from the male side. If we consider the Milo Manara deck as a reflection of female sexuality, then the Tarot Decameron claims the first place among the representatives of the stronger sex. And there are good reasons for that.

However, this system should not be confused with the Casanova deck. This is where the sexual connection comes into play. Eroticism, which is physically inherent in every person, is fully revealed. This slightly even animal energy is shown in the Decameron Tarot. Looking at the deck, you can forget about the source and plunge into the world of male fantasies. But all this is classically presented in the old tradition. So, the Decameron Tarot suits are divided into four groups: Cups, Wands, Swords and Pentacles. They show what motives and emotions prevail in the plot.

The Minor Arcana of the Decameron Tarot are visualized in a very original way. Life scenes are inscribed in a small square on a gray background. Group symbols are drawn at the top and bottom. But even goblets and maces are decorated with erotic details. If we talk about plots, then the minor cards show Waite’s standard motives. It’s just that here the characters are often naked, they have sexual contact.

The Major Arcana of the Decameron Tarot deck show the archetypes. The image itself becomes larger, and the frame becomes smaller. Thus, the importance of the major group is shown. But if we take into account the main message, then it remains the same. For example, the heroine of the Popess is still inaccessible, despite her nakedness. She sits on a key and a book – symbols of mystery. A man is visible behind him, but he has no right to touch the lady.

Style and symbolism of the deck

The artist Godenzi worked in a technique that involves the use of watercolor and pencil to outline the outline. Thus, bright pictures that attract attention were obtained. Hyacinth managed to convey the skin tone of various characters, as well as the shadows in the background. Therefore, Decameron Tarot cards can be considered endlessly, looking for more and more new details. And the point here is not at all in “dirty” fantasies. The plots and presentation of the artist are interesting. After all, the time of action is approximately the 14th century. The authors conveyed a bygone era with the help of costumes, appearance, as well as interiors and various paraphernalia.

Although, if you look closely, you can see the red lacquer on the nails of the same heroine of the High Priestess. Otherwise, knightly armor or filigree boxes adorned with precious stones will be shown. The true historical heritage is not so important here, but the implied meaning. So, if there are clothes on the card, then it will tell about internal closeness, inaccessibility. Coins, necklaces and bright fabrics will hint at wealth. Subdued light will reflect some mystery. Decameron Tarot spreads must be carefully studied in order to get the right answer. Sometimes the information will pleasantly surprise the fortuneteller with its volume.

Interpretation of the Decameron Tarot cards

And although there are many characters of different sexes in the deck, nevertheless, in order to correctly calculate the meaning of the Tarot Decameron, one should wait a little with the answers. The fact is that the same magician from the Magician Arcana can turn out to be a woman, and a girl from the Five of Cups can be a man. The main message of the card is important, and the characters fade into the background. It is necessary to build a fortune-telling around the word that first comes to mind when the questioner looks at the Arcana. So the spread will turn out to be the most correct.

For example, you can parse the plot of the Ace of Swords. A naked girl lies on a bed, and a sharp sword is stuck between her legs. The motives of the card reflect the face of the heroine – fear, surprise, bewilderment. She needs to pull herself together and pull herself together, otherwise some danger may await. If we translate the language of the Decameron Tarot deck into a modern one, then we get a very simple prediction – an unexpected event awaits the querent, a brilliant thought may also come that will overshadow and push to action. Nudity should be viewed from the position of internal openness to the world.

What questions is the deck suitable for?

Fortune-telling on the Decameron Tarot is great for questions related to sex. The cards will show the hidden fantasies of a person, give advice on how to seduce him. Sometimes such revelations can even scare. The Arcana will tell about love for masochism, sadism. They will talk about the presence of homosexual inclinations. Not without reason in the deck there are plots whose characters are representatives of the same sex. In general, this mantic instrument perfectly covers intimate topics. It would be strange to use it only for everyday matters.

If we move away from the topic of sex, then you can find another plus in the Decameron Tarot. The fact is that it simply shows the interaction of energies in people. So, the Two of Swords speaks of closeness and distrust, even if at first glance the partners get along well. Their union may not always be love. The Arcana often shows "friendship" or the relationship between warring colleagues. Every scene has a second bottom. Sometimes there will be no hint of intimacy here.

Who are the Decameron Tarot cards for?

Of course, the Decameron Tarot is suitable for liberated individuals. These are the people who are not afraid of their own fantasies, but want to realize them. They study themselves, their dark and light sides. And the gender here is absolutely not important. Women will also perfectly understand the message of the cards, as well as men. After all, this is a delusion – to believe that sex is more important for the representatives of the stronger sex. On the contrary, sometimes a fragile girl will turn out to be internally more powerful and energetically charged than a guy who looks strong.

Decameron Tarot will also be appreciated by fans of decks of the erotic group. After all, the card data can be used not for its “intended purpose”. Experienced predictors look at anything on this deck. It is not difficult for them to translate a frank answer into the category of ordinary and understandable for most clients. It’s kind of an art not to shock people. Only experience teaches us to see habit in the Seven of Cups, and stability in the Four of Wands. Over time, the eye “blurs”, and frank scenes no longer seem to be something shameful or vulgar. On the contrary, they give the prediction their own subtleties, point to important details.

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