Erotic Fantasy Tarot Deck

The topic of sexuality is often tabooed and hushed up. Although in fact there is nothing vulgar or base in it. Human relationships are built on this foundation, but external constraints create tension. Therefore, there is no trace left of the former naturalness. But the Erotic Fantasy Tarot deck invites you to the pristine world, to the bosom of nature. Here you can trust your instincts and be surprised to find that there is nothing wrong with freedom. Love, in fact, can only be born under such conditions.

History of creation of the Erotic Fantasy Tarot Deck

The Erotic Fantasy Tarot is a relatively new deck. It was first released in 2020. The authors of this mantic system were Joseph Viglioglia (aka Eon) and Simona Rossi. It was the creative union of a man and a woman that made it possible to create such an accurate and beautiful in detail magical instrument. The key idea behind the creation of the deck was the desire to reflect the sensory world. Moreover, the presentation itself is significantly different from other cards of the erotic group. No wonder, all the heroes of this Tarot are immersed in a fantasy world.

The authors touched on the topic of gender relations, but did it very elegantly. In the Erotic Fantasy deck, great importance is given to nature. Literally everything here is saturated with freedom. And this applies not only to the physical side of the issue, but also to the spiritual. After all, an attentive fortuneteller will draw the correct analogies. Sexuality is not limited to sexual intercourse. Rather, it is the perpetual movement of energies that make up life itself.

Key features of the Erotic Fantasy Tarot

The Erotic Fantasy Tarot cards belong to the English school. In many ways, they duplicate the ideas of Arthur Waite. This can be traced in the archetypes of the major and minor groups. Also, classical motifs are easy to catch in all scenes and characters. But the peculiarity of this deck is precisely hidden in the details. The fact is that the heroes here are often shown naked, there are scenes of copulation. Tarot itself is very frank in this regard. In addition, there are cards showing lesbian unions. Indeed, women are in the lead here.

For example, consider the Major Arcana of the Erotic Fantasy deck. Even on the Lovers card, two girls are drawn. In the middle stands an old woman, as if she is blessing the couple. If you do not think directly, then the same trinity can be correlated with different life cycles. After all, one of the ladies here is pregnant. In general, the theme of the birth of a new life runs like a red thread in the motives of the deck. Here you can see heroines with a rounded belly on the most unexpected cards.

For a complete picture, it is worth considering the Minor Arcana of the Erotic Fantasy Tarot. The cards of the minor group are similar to the "classic". Here is the traditional “departure” on the Six of Swords and “joy” on the Three of Cups. It’s just that the presentation itself is very frank. In addition, some of the male characters are replaced by girls. This happened, for example, with the Six of Wands and all the Knights. The main idea of this Tarot seems to revolve around the figure of a woman. After all, it is she who gives life and because of her wars are unleashed.

The suits of the Erotic Fantasy deck remained traditional. The questioner will see here golden bowls, sharp blades, coveted pentacles and wands. The court Arcana also remained unchanged: Pages, Knights, Queens and Kings. The symbols of the elements are shown on the Aces, and all other cards reflect certain scenes, have characters. If we talk about the design, then there are no frames on all the Arcana. At the bottom, there is a white ornament, which indicates the name (for the major cards) or the number and symbol of the suit (for the Minor Arcana). There is a rank symbol on the court group.

Style and symbolism of the deck

The most important feature of the Erotic Fantasy Tarot deck is the nudity of the characters, explicit poses or actions. The union of authors acted as artists, so the images turned out to be beautiful and symbolic at the same time. The presence or absence of clothing correlates with inner openness to the world. This approach is typical for many decks in this group. For example, the heroines are often dressed on the suit of Swords, most of the body is closed. The queen is half-naked here and sits on a stone throne. The first associations that come to mind are coldness and detachment, self-absorption.

Each group of cards in the Erotic Fantasy deck also has its own specific symbols: butterflies on SwordsSwords, dolphins on Cups, salamanders on Wands, and golden leaves on Pentacles. At the same time, the heroes of each suit resemble a certain tribe and are dressed accordingly. Skulls are painted on many Arcana – a symbol of death. Wiccan signs are also present: the goddess of fertility, phases of the moon, pentagrams. And in general, the deck focuses on natural magic and spirituality, despite its frankness.

Interpretation of the Erotic Fantasy Tarot cards

The interpretation of the Erotic Fantasy Tarot should be done intuitively. The same scenes from Waite seem to be transferred to several hundred or millennia ago. However, the interests and customs of people are still the same. Of course, the theme of sex will play a huge role here. But behind the external eroticism, the questioner needs to be able to see a deeper message. An analysis of the surrounding landscape, the persons involved will help to get a detailed answer. The facial expressions of the characters will also provide information. Tattoos and jewelry, ornaments on fabrics – all this is not accidental.

A better understanding of the spreads on the Erotic Fantasy Tarot will help the study of Wicca. This is a spiritual current that puts natural cycles at the basis of everything. A person here "fits" into the environment and lives according to certain laws and cycles. When interpreting cards, special attention should be paid to animals. Dragons, rabbits or snakes – they all represent certain ideas. Well, of course, do not forget about studying the Waite deck. This is the same traditional system that will help you understand the Erotic Fantasy Tarot. The authors do not provide any astrological correspondences here.

What questions is the deck suitable for?

Divination on the Erotic Fantasy Tarot deck will answer questions regarding personal life, finding a suitable partner, and so on. Still, the main focus of these cards is the theme of relationships. And not only for hetero couples. Arcana teaches to work with one’s own sexuality, not to be afraid of oneself, but to work on the quality of energy, fullness. They also perfectly reflect specific people, their appearance. Therefore, on the deck it will be possible to see the desired type both in terms of body and soul.

Also, the Erotic Fantasy Tarot can be used for the theme of work, business, career. The same Arcana can easily be transferred to real life, if you do not pay attention to the nudity of the characters. In principle, this Tarot is suitable for many questions, you just need to draw analogies with Waite. The mantic system itself is multifaceted and universal. But best of all, she still shows the world of women. On it you can view girlfriends, colleagues and bosses. If they are guessing at men, then you need to draw parallels between the depicted heroine and the real representative of the stronger sex.

Who are the Erotic Fantasy Tarot cards for?

Firstly, the Erotic Fantasy Tarot deck will appeal to girls. A beautiful picture, fictional landscapes, a lot of details – all this will help the ladies to understand themselves. In the guise of an Amazon or a cold queen, a woman can easily see her own strengths and weaknesses. In this case, the resulting prediction can be used to your advantage. After all, even the most negative result with efforts contributes to internal growth. Therefore, this Tarot is also suitable for women psychologists and sexologists.

But the deck will also appeal to men who want to understand the world of the weaker sex. The Tarot of Erotic Fantasy will help you find an approach to your partner, teach you to speak her language. Therefore, men will also be able to improve their personal lives if they listen to the advice of the cards. Beginners will also find answers to their questions. You can work with the Erotic Fantasy Tarot, even if there was no experience of interacting with the cards of the erotic group. Still, this system is similar to Waite, so it will be intuitive, which cannot be said, for example, about the Manara deck.

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