Tarot of the Gnomes Deck

The Tarot of the Gnomes is a fabulous deck named after a magical little people. All the cards here illustrate the story of Sichen’s adventures. This gnome has a long journey ahead of him, on which he will meet friends and enemies, gain and lose his beloved. But the whole story is presented quite to itself under a positive sauce. This is the case when even the Tower and Death are not terrible. Everything has a way out – only with such an attitude you need to work with the Arcana. They will give a motivational kick or even pull you out of a depressive state. Bright colors and stories with humor will leave no other choice.

History of creation of the Gnomes Tarot Deck

Initially, the deck was released under the name "The smallest Tarot in the world" in 2000. The author Antonio Lupatelli decided to create something new in the world of mantic and therefore limited the instrument to only the Major Arcana. However, after a couple of years, the deck had to be finalized in collaboration with Pietro Alliego. In an expanded version, it was reprinted four more times, which indicates success in the "occult" market. Now the deck is called the Tarot of the Gnomes.

As an idea, Lupatelli took Giordano Berti’s book about the little man Sichen. The story revolves around the main character, who constantly finds himself in various interesting situations. On this path, Sichen is waiting for both love and meanness. But all this is presented in a fabulous interpretation, and therefore not so tragic. The author of the Gnomes Tarot deck borrowed the characters, but supplemented their world with new event branches. At the same time, he tried to preserve the traditions of Waite, so as not to stray far from the classics of the genre.

Key features of the Tarot of the Gnomes

However, the Gnomes Tarot deck turned out to be very peculiar. It looks more like an oracle than a standard mantic system. If we talk about the structure, then everything is familiar here: 78 Arcana, four suits and the Fool without a number. All this supports the traditions of the English school. But this is not the difference between the deck and others. The key feature can be considered the world itself, into which the author plunges. Completely different laws operate in it, different from human ones, although in a certain sense they are similar.

In this reality, everything is quite simple and primitive. Only personal comfort is important, and some heart troubles can be easily overcome. The Major Arcana of the Gnomes Tarot are also archetypes. However, each card here has a double name. In addition to the standard, there is also the name of the character. Thus, the entire group of Major Arcana is an album with images of the main characters of the book by the writer Bertie. Their character most fully reflects the main message of a particular card.

The Minor Arcana of the Tarot of the Gnomes show everyday scenes where the characters are lower-ranking men. They are engaged in ordinary affairs, not particularly thinking about something high. In general, this deck never claimed philosophical overtones. On the contrary, the plots of minor cards only confirm its practicality and superficiality. But this approach can be a huge plus, because the deck simply gives a positive charge to the questioner. Her humor can smooth out sharp corners and inspire new achievements.

The suits of the Gnomes Tarot deck also reflect a purely “everyday” message. The symbols of the various groups are represented as specific items used by the characters. For example, on the Seven of Wands, a woman holds a huge mace. She is going to hit her on the head with her husband sneaking into the house. Wands here will reflect the character of a person, show swift events. And on the cards of the Cups there is often a grape or an alcoholic drink. All this hints at feelings, relaxation and lightness.

Style and symbolism of the deck

The Gnomes Tarot cards are very easy to understand. The style itself, in which the images are made, facilitates the task. The minor group has no background at all. Therefore, it is easy for a practitioner to consider the main idea even with a cursory glance at the picture. In addition, on each Minor Arcana there is a word that most fully reflects the meaning. The Five of Coins is called the Collapse, and the Two of Swords – Anger is simply and concisely. However, this approach allows you not to spray on the details, but to get a capacious answer. If the fortuneteller wants to analyze the card more fully, then you should pay attention to symbols and objects. The blacksmith on the Seven of Swords can indicate the approach of danger. Life is preparing some kind of trouble for the querent, you need to be prepared.

The Major Arcana are more developed. In general, all Gnome Tarot cards are very bright and memorable. The artist used rich colors to convey the mood of the world of little people. But the major group also contains the background. The questioner seems to be flipping through a book when he works with these cards. The court Arcana are also very interesting. They show the place of action, as well as the name. A short word sets the tone. For example, the Knight of Wands is simply and clearly referred to as a Career.

Interpretation of the Gnomes Tarot cards

To correctly understand the meaning of the Tarot of the Gnomes, it is not at all necessary to read Giordano’s book. The cards are so simple and concise that they do not require immersion in some kind of analysis. They create an associative series, and the pointer word directs in the right direction. With this approach, it is difficult to make a mistake in the prediction. At the same time, the spread does not require many cards to receive an answer. Fortune-telling should be carried out according to the spirit of intuition, as the moment requires. Sometimes one position will decide everything.

The minor group will often show the true essence of events, and not specific individuals. But court cards, on the contrary, most often indicate people with a certain character. In order not to get confused, you can pull out an additional Arcana. The major group, although created based on the characters of the book, nevertheless, in fact, it denotes key events in the fate of the questioner. But it is best to study the Tarot of the Gnomes in practice than from books and pamphlets attached to the deck. Personal experience will give much more than someone else’s vision.

What questions is the deck suitable for?

Gnomes Tarot spreads are best suited for the field of work. The deck perfectly reflects the world of finance and business. We can say that it is simply imprisoned for materialism. The main characters here are constantly busy with household chores – they have no time, and there is no need to think about the high. But this approach is ideal for working out issues related to money. The deck will help determine the choice of profession, give advice on who to cooperate with and who not. It will also show the most profitable areas for a particular person in which to invest. The Tarot of the Gnomes is just a godsend for those who live in realities, and not in the world of dreams. And let the fortuneteller not be embarrassed by the fact that the universe of the deck is quite fabulous and carefree.

Fortune-telling on the Tarot of the Gnomes does not imply an in-depth study of the issue. It can tell about actors and physical events, true motives tied to primitive desires. But the deck does not show the inner world of a person at all. Its language is sharpened for a certain materialistic approach, so you should not demand the impossible from this tool.

Who are the Gnomes Tarot cards for?

The Tarot of the Gnomes will be perfectly understood by people who are focused on comfort, stability. The deck will help them achieve the necessary material level, status. Practicality is her motto. Little people are not at all interested in dreaming high, because they already live in a fairy-tale world. Ideas about where to invest your funds in order to increase capital in the future look much more attractive. That is why the deck will become an impeccable weapon in the hands of a skilled practitioner. She will become a talisman for wealth and prosperity.

The Gnomes Tarot may also appeal to fans of creativity about fairy-tale creatures. In addition, the deck will appeal to people with simple characters. They are not devoid of a sense of humor and look at the world quite simply. But this approach removes most of the experiences, makes it easier to endure difficult moments. In any case, the Tarot of the Gnomes should become intuitive, not cause controversy. Otherwise, you will not be able to understand his language. As usual, everything is decided by the response of the soul, the spark that arises in the heart and consciousness of a person.

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