Goetia Tarot in Darkness Deck

The world of light is soft and transparent, it attracts with its simplicity and the promise of eternal life. But do not forget that every phenomenon has an opposite side. Darkness attracts no less. And the more you peer into the abyss, the more it peers into a person. The Goetia Tarot in Darkness introduces medieval demonology. The deck revives old images and breathes new life into them. Now the hierarchy of dark beings is getting closer to people. You can ask them for knowledge, beauty or money. The main thing is not to plunge into greed and be able to get out of the influence of evil spirits in time.

History of creation of the Goetia in Darkness Tarot Deck

The Goetia Tarot in Darkness is an ode to the Abyss, the Absolute. The author of the deck was the Italian artist Fabio Listrani. Previously, some mystics have already created Arcana dedicated to demons. However, Fabio made a breakthrough and showed the world a new reading of the Lesser Key of Solomon. After all, the very name of the deck refers to the works of the Jewish king. A medieval treatise tells about ways of interacting with dark deities and likening them. Moreover, even such energies can be used for good. It all depends on the level of knowledge of the person and the strength of the spirit. The author, on the other hand, focuses on finding one’s own "I" in this dangerous world.

The Goetia in Darkness Tarot deck was first released in 2019. The Lo Scarabeo publishing house made the cards quite large – 7 by 12 cm. This format initially implies the use of Arcana as altar bindings to a particular deity. Then smaller cards came out. They were already more intended directly for divination. In addition to the deck, the set comes with an accompanying book from the author. In it, he describes the universe of demons and the role of man in this system. And if the Notoria deck has become a divine spark, an attempt to merge with something higher, to become a part of this stream, then in the antipode the opposite is true. Personality is invited to separate, to nurture a new self, to become like God.

The Goetia Tarot is closely connected with Kabbalah. Listrani writes about the deck as the opposite of the tree of life. After all, the dark entities themselves are the other side of the world, but still part of it. At the beginning of the book, the author talks about what preceded the appearance of the universe. Initially, all energies were interconnected, and the demons were angels. But then there was a split, and the world was divided into two parts. Many angels became fallen, were rejected by God. However, the demons still have power over certain elements and energies. They acquired the qualities of both humans and animals at the same time.

Key features of the Goetia Tarot in Darkness

In general, the Goetia Tarot in Darkness cannot be attributed to any particular school. The deck has its own system, which will be difficult to understand for beginners. Cards randomly add up in a through numbering and at the same time can symbolize different energies. The group of Major Arcana of the Goetia Tarot in Darkness has 22 positions. But the “hero’s path” is not guessed in the images here. And the images themselves only partly resemble Waite’s approach. For example, consider the Hermit. Here the demon Furcas is drawn, wandering on a horse through a dense forest. In the hands of the deity, a torch is burning, illuminating the path. In general, the image can be correlated with the classic.

However, the Goetia Tarot in Darkness presents the Minor Arcana in a completely different way. The Three of Swords shows the demon Purson riding a brown bear. The fact that the card symbolizes pain and spiritual wounds can only be guessed by the blades stuck in a wild animal. But this is only a small detail, barely noticeable. Purson himself comes to the fore, in charge of finding treasures. This is an avid adventurer who is not afraid of difficulties. The Eight of Pentacles depicts Alloces sitting on a huge ball. The Duke of the Underworld is in charge of teaching the sciences. In this case, the deity can be associated with honing skills, if we turn to the traditional interpretation.

The suits of the Goetia Tarot in Darkness have not changed. They correspond to the classical approach, personify the elements. The symbols of the Wands are burning candles and poles. Bowls are visible on the cards of the suit of Cups. Engraved coins are drawn on the Pentacles. And on the Swords, sharp blades or swords are traditionally shown. In total, there are 72 demons in the deck, which corresponds to the treatise of Solomon. There are no main characters on Aces. Suit symbols and other items are shown here. Numbers 77 and 78 are Lilith and Lucifer, respectively. The court Arcana retained the standard Waite hierarchy.

Style and symbolism of the deck

Fabio Listrani made the Goetia in Darkness Tarot deck in monochrome. And the images are dominated by black and gray. This approach already sets the tone for the cards. They look dark and repulsive. The main characters are the demons themselves. Often they look like people, but have distinctive features – claws and horns. Some of the characters appear as animals. Toads, crocodiles, lions – all these are chthonic creatures that strike terror into a person. At the same time, individual demons, on the contrary, look quite attractive – for example, a mermaid on the Seven of Pentacles or Lilith on the Lovers.

The Goetia Tarot cards have no frames. On the left, symbols are vertically located that allow you to read the message of the Arcana. Here are indicated: a unique sigil, the number of the demon, the name of the card, the planet, the sign of the zodiac, the correspondence to the Crowley system. The background is often Gothic buildings, devastation or dark forests are shown. Constellations can be seen here and there, which emphasizes astrological correspondence. A black circle is drawn on the shirt, to which the tentacles stretch. The image is fractal.

Interpretation of the Goetia in Darkness Tarot cards

To get the correct meaning of the Goetia Tarot in Darkness, you need to have a sufficient amount of knowledge. The questioner will have to learn the basics of Kabbalah, astrology and demonology. Without this information, the pictures will give only part of the information. The author in the accompanying literature touches briefly on the ancient doctrines. Therefore, it will not be superfluous to read the book. Also, a prediction on the Goetia Tarot can be built intuitively. To do this, you need to pay attention to the general atmosphere of the image, the facial expressions of the characters, related attributes and secondary characters. Compliance with the Waite and Crowley Tarot decks at the same time makes it possible to choose a school at your discretion. In any case, it’s all about experience.

Divination on the Goetia in Darkness Tarot deck involves the use of reversed positions. In this case, the opposite position will mean the leveling of certain energies, a decrease in the influence of one or another demon. The fortuneteller can also read it as the suppression of certain desires. It is important to understand that the reversed positions of the Goetia cards are not the opposite of the upright meaning. They only emphasize certain nuances of what the Arcana originally meant. It also requires a certain level of skill.

What questions is the deck suitable for?

The spreads of the Goetia Tarot in Darkness are perfect for questions related to magic, negative influences. This is the very area for which the demons are responsible. You can use the deck after magical work. It will show whether the performed ritual will be successful, what negative consequences it can bring and how to avoid it. If you ask a question regarding ordinary life, then the Goetia cards will present the answer from the gloomy side. So the deck can show the true desires of the second half, his dark side of personality. However, this approach should be taken as an opportunity to find out all the pitfalls in the future or the secrets of a loved one. When properly perceived, information puts a powerful weapon in the hands of the querent.

In general, the Goetia in Darkness Tarot deck implies working with any questions. It all depends on the skill of the questioner. It perfectly shows everything related to astrology, the characteristics of a particular person. The study of weaknesses can really make a fortuneteller a strong personality who shows his talents to the fullest. That is why sometimes it is worth looking into the black mirror in order to cleanse yourself and become a “superman” who has cast aside all fears and doubts. But this, of course, is beyond the power of the majority. Therefore, in advance you need to be aware of your own abilities.

Who are the Goetia in Darkness Tarot cards for?

The Goetia Tarot in Darkness is perfect for all masters working under the egregor of Darkness. These are sorcerers, magicians, warlocks, cabalists. The deck will strengthen the connection with demons and chthonic creatures, help develop intuition and get rid of the fear of death or before necrotic entities. This is a very powerful tool in comprehending oneself and the surrounding material world. After all, unlike angels, the demons of Goetia are responsible for wealth, fame and recognition precisely in physical incarnation. With proper work with sigils, you can fulfill your own desires of any order, as well as punish enemies and make friends.

Separately, it is worth noting the fans of the work of Fabio Listrani. The Goetia in Darkness Tarot deck will appeal to those who have already dealt with the Night Sun or the Notoria in Light. Gothic images from the cards of Listrani fascinate and attract with their mystical flair. However, beginners can get confused or even frustrated with the Arcana. For them, the deck of the world of Goetia will seem like an ancient scroll with inscriptions in a dead language. And not every experienced master will be able to cope with the energy of the Dark Tarot. It is worth trying to establish a connection with the deck, study the theory and work more often.

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