Tarot of Haunted House Deck

The walls of ancient palaces and estates hide many secrets. Great balls were held here, as well as fights. People fell in love and betrayed, hoped and were disappointed. The querent is given a chance to go into the past and resurrect everything that happened in this mysterious place. The Haunted House Tarot deck shows a whole movie with many characters. All of them reflect real life with ups and downs. However, now the questioner has a chance to touch the secret that this mystical house hides. Together with the main character, he will go on a journey through the depths of his own subconscious in search of the truth. It is only important to be able to understand the difference between reality and fantasy.

History of creation of the Haunted House Tarot Deck

The Tarot of Haunted House is a relatively new deck that came out in 2018. The author of the cards is Sasha Graham. All her works are imbued with the spirit of mysticism and witchcraft. This deck is no exception. To create it, the author was inspired by stories and films about cursed places. This is a space with its secrets, where all its former inhabitants are forever enclosed in four walls. "The Others", "The Shining", "The Haunting of Hill House" – all these films are somehow guessed in the images of the cards. Sasha Graham managed to connect the present with the past, season everything with secrets, and get a talking deck at the end. The Arcana surprise with their accuracy and insight. The questioner with the help of cards can unravel any secrets.

Artist Mirco Pierfederici helped Sasha Graham work on the Haunted House Tarot deck. He did a great job on the cards, making them unique and attractive. There is no usual computer graphics here. The Italian artist painted each Arcana with his own hand, conveying a mystical atmosphere. As a result, the end result resembles a full-fledged comic book or a horror movie. There is love and hate, death and rebirth, lies and truth. On such antipodes, the concept of the Tarot deck is built. The fortuneteller is given a chance to find the truth in the ancient walls of this estate. In addition, cards lead to self-knowledge. After all, behind the frightening archetypes are a person’s own weaknesses and talents. The main thing is to turn on the imagination and finally start the journey.

Key features of the Tarot of Haunted House

The deck continues the traditions of the English school. There are 78 cards in it, the Fool is without a numerical designation, and Strength is the 8th. The Major Arcana of the Tarot Haunted House show the hero’s path from a slightly unusual angle. Here, the search for oneself and the encounter with difficulties are presented through a mysterious story. A young beautiful girl runs along the coast to a lonely house on the edge of a cliff. Her gaze expresses fear. It is not known what exactly the heroine is running away from. Perhaps she wants to escape from the captivity of the enchanted estate, but she simply moves in circles. Upon arriving at the house, she meets the butler. He is the archetype of the Magician. Next, the heroine will get to know all the inhabitants of the strange estate. Often they will be positive, like the Empress, or negative, like the Devil. Interestingly, the Strength card shows a mirror reflecting the character himself.

But the Minor Arcana of the Tarot of Haunted House take the viewer a little further. They show the querent gardens, moonlit hills, secret chambers, and many new characters. The main character continues her journey. At the same time, the suits of the Haunted House Tarot are standard – Cups, Swords, Pentacles and Wands. On the Water group, bright angels, helpers are shown; in the Air – cruel demons; on Fire – charming vampires; on Earth are ordinary people. That is, all the characters belong to different plans. The living side by side with the dead. And it is not entirely clear whether the querent sees a real person or only his ghost from the past. Such a detail gives the deck a mysterious flair.

The minor group in the Tarot of Haunted House is brighter and more diverse than the major group. Here, too, much attention is paid to the main character, whom the questioner meets on the Fool card. For example, on the Seven of Pentacles, a girl looks at a bush with roses. Engraved gold coins are hidden between the branches. Apparently the main character hurried and pricked her finger on sharp spikes. To get a harvest, she needs to wait for the fall, when the rose bush has faded. Such an allegory for Waite’s Seven of Pentacles is very graceful and non-trivial. The tarot card also indicates the need to wait for results. But the Two of Wands came out quite mystical. Shown here is an Ouija board designed to contact ghosts. An open window represents readiness for a new experience, the arrival of some energy. The Six of Cups again refers to the classics – a girl holds out a cup to a little girl. The Arcana symbolizes childhood, purity, and the past in general.

All Aces in the Haunted House Tarot deck have an elemental symbol. Thus, a red candle is shown on the Wands; on the Cups – water in closed palms; on the Swords – a sharp blade; on the Pentacles is a gold coin. The court Arcana are worked out in detail. On the Pages, all the heroes are female, which is a difference from Waite. The characters of the Knights are depicted without horses, but they have wings and patron creatures. Ghosts from the royal couple are similar in appearance, which makes it easy to see a couple in the heroes. Most of the Tarot Arcana are inspired by Arthur Waite. Five of Pentacles, Nine of Swords, Seven of Cups – all scenes are very reminiscent of the classics. A distinctive feature can be considered the very mystical context in which the characters are immersed.

Style and symbolism of the deck

The Haunted House Tarot deck is very mysterious. This effect was achieved thanks to the color scheme. The artist used dark shades, and the full moon appears on many cards. If the action takes place in one of the rooms, then the mystical atmosphere is supported by the fire of candles or the living flame of the fireplace. For many ghosts, Mirco Pierfederici created a gothic image. What is worth one make-up and a scarlet dress with the Death Arcana. The interior of the house itself is quite old. There are rare things here: candelabra, paintings in gold frames, chairs that look more like thrones. The richness of this estate is evidenced by the presence of stained-glass windows, wood carvings, as well as stuffed wild animals. On the Arcana of the Hanged Man in the wall, a walled-up skeleton is visible, which once again emphasizes the frightening mood of the cards.

In terms of design, the Haunted House Tarot deck is quite concise. There are no signatures and additional correspondences on the Arcana. Only the number is present here, and on the court group there is also a symbol of rank. The shirt is decorated with a mirror image of the same house on the rock. At the same time, much attention is paid to metaphorical objects and animals in the deck. Flowers, birds, animals – all this can give a lot of additional information. In addition, completely unambiguous symbols often appear on the Tarot Arcana – for example, a Voodoo doll or an aspen stake. Such details point to the mystical side of the deck.

Interpretation of the Haunted House Tarot cards

The interpretation of the Tarot of Haunted House involves the use of intuition. There is no complete correspondence with the classics, but there is an opportunity to independently explore the mysterious world of cards. As a base from which to build, it is worth taking the facial expressions and gestures of the characters, their clothes, as well as the surrounding space. And it does not matter at all whether it is a ghost or a living person. If the action takes place in a room, then the situation is very closed, has a limited number of moves. But an open place – a garden, a seashore, a sun-drenched lawn, on the contrary, speaks of the possibility of maneuver. The season can also tell about the energy of what is happening. For example, winter will talk about the need to fight and protect, while a warm spring relaxes, allowing the querent to forget about problems.

The spreads on the Haunted House Tarot deck can often give out mystical answers. This is due to the symbolism of the cards. For example, on the Eight of Pentacles a magical protective circle is drawn, and on the Four of Wands there is a collection of a certain secret society. All these details are easily read in terms of esotericism. The prediction may relate to some kind of magical intervention, setting up protection, punishing enemies, or contact with a ghost. It is important to take into account any information from the cards, even if it seems strange. Often such trifles can suggest a way out of the most difficult and confusing situation. Of course, it is worth paying attention to the numerical designation of the Arcana. It gives hidden meanings that help in the search for truth.

What questions is the deck suitable for?

Fortune-telling on the Tarot deck of Haunted House is suitable for the most confusing situations. Cards help to find the perpetrators of the crime, even if everything happened a very long time ago. For these Arcana there is no concept of time. Everything exists at once, the past intersects with the future. The Tarot deck can call on the dialogue of deceased friends, relatives. It is perfect for contact with haunting ghosts. The cards will help you find out the answers to all important questions, get the support of angels or demons. Everything will depend on the abilities of the questioner. Of course, the deck will cope with the task of identifying destructive programs and the operator of this action.

In general, the Tarot of Haunted House is great for dealing with negativity of any kind. The deck has dark energy, which is good for viewing such situations. The cards easily show various negative character traits, weaknesses of the querent and at the same time provide a way to overcome all this. They will also help you find your own path to wealth and fame, overcome all obstacles on the way. Often the problem may be a certain person or even the environment as a whole. In any case, the Arcana highlights the negative points that should be removed.

Who are the Haunted House Tarot cards for?

The Haunted House Tarot deck will appeal to lovers of gothic dark cards. Magicians, sorcerers, seers will use the Arcana as an excellent tool in their work. Also, the deck will appeal to fans of comics and, in particular, the work of Mirco Pierfederici. Beautiful characters, dramatic scenes, mesmerizing landscapes – all this is definitely able to captivate even the most sophisticated viewer. Working with a Tarot deck, it may seem that the querent is watching a film about the main character’s journey through a strange house. Step by step, she discovers its secrets, meets ghosts and tests herself for strength. As a result, this path ends with the World card. Shown here is the key that was finally found. It is possible that the heroine is the mistress of the estate.

The Tarot of Haunted House is suitable for creative people who are in search of themselves. They are not afraid of difficulties. On the contrary, each problem only tempers an already strong character. But beginners in the world of predictions may get confused with this deck. Still, it has some differences from Waite. However, experienced masters will see a faithful assistant in the Tarot of Haunted House. Cards are able to lift the veil of secrecy over many phenomena. For the owner of this deck, there are no more locked rooms, because in his hands is the real key to all doors. It is important to learn how to use this mantic tool so as not to inadvertently open Pandora’s box.

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