Heaven and Earth Tarot Deck

The Heaven & Earth Tarot is a controversial deck that leaves no one indifferent. Some soothsayers admire the style of images, the talent of the artist. They use the deck as a guide to the world of higher matters or the mind. But the other side of the camp refutes this approach. These people see here an unsuccessful attempt to connect opposites. To understand who exactly is right, you need to carefully read these cards.

History of creation of the Heaven and Earth Tarot Deck

Jack Sephiroth worked on the creation of the Heaven and Earth Tarot deck. He himself developed the mantic system and drew illustrations. In his work, the author combined Waite’s approach and Crowley’s vision. As a result, something completely different, although reminiscent of the "ancestors", turned out. The very name of the deck already hints at symbiosis, an attempt to find a balance. This is by no means an opposition, but a search for a golden mean. And although only a few years have passed since the release of the Heaven and Earth Tarot (it was released in 2020), the practitioners did not remain indifferent.

The fact is that the very approach of Sephiroth served as a topic for heated debate. His last runic deck collected mostly positive reviews, so the author decided to conquer a new height. However, as a result of the Heaven & Earth Tarot became a specific tool that the questioner has yet to study well. Indeed, for some fortunetellers, it turned out to be too complicated, leading to a dead end. As usual, the devil is in the details.

Key features of the Heaven and Earth Tarot

To properly understand the Heaven and Earth Tarot deck, you need to immediately turn to Waite and Crowley. Even on the box of cards, it is written that this mantic instrument continues the traditions of the two luminaries of the world of predictions. So, Strength here goes at number 8, and Justice – 11. The World completes the alchemical path, and the Fool again remains out of work. However, all the Major Arcana of the Heaven and Earth Tarot have references to two Universes at once. For example, on the High Priestess card, the viewer sees a mysterious girl sitting between the columns. A book lies on her lap, and a halo is visible above her head. At the same time, behind the figure, the image of a camel is visible – an animal that refers to Egyptian culture. Crowley emphasized the land of the sands. After all, it was there, according to his stories, that a meeting with a certain spirit took place.

The Minor Arcana of the Tarot Heaven and Earth also repeat Waite, but with a reservation to the Aleister system. The score here goes from Ten to Ace, this is hinted at by the Heaviness card. It depicts a man carrying staffs or poles. However, the same plots are presented a little differently, as if with a reservation. The fact is that all the Arcana of the Heaven and Earth Tarot have signatures below, as well as astrological correspondences. And not always the name will fit the depicted scene. This is the main problem that a fortuneteller may encounter. For example, the Seven of Swords, which in the "classics" is read as theft, deceit, is called "Unstable Intention" here. Yes, this meaning also takes place, only if you focus on the inner world of a person, spirituality.

The court Arcana, again, repeat two systems at once. The Page is replaced by the Princess, as in Crowley, but the Kings remain the dominant figures. Their interpretation of the Tarot Heaven and Earth is proposed to be carried out according to the method of correspondence with the elements. However, the author foremost puts the symbol of one or another element by suit, and then by rank. It is important not to get confused in this approach. In addition, the author changed the correspondence of court cards: Knights now belong to the Fire element, and Kings to Air. Astrological correspondences also do not repeat the traditional ones on all cards. An example is the Six of Cups with its Sun in Scorpio. In Crowley, this is true physical pleasure, vivid feelings, and in Arthur Waite, memories of the past. Such a mixture makes one think about what exactly the author wanted to say.

Style and symbolism of the deck

All suits of the Heaven and Earth Tarot deck, as well as the group of Major Arcana, are designed in the same style. The artist worked in mixed media, which is why the images turned out so memorable. He preferred muted colors, gray shades. All cards seem to be shrouded in mist. Even the Water group is not so rosy, although it reflects love and happiness. But the Air here is not fatal, it is ghostly. Working with this deck, the fortuneteller seems to fall into a dream and tear out images from his unconscious.

However, the author of the Heaven and Earth Tarot has placed considerable emphasis on symbols. Familiar plots are diluted with images of animals, birds, flowers. This atmosphere is like a dream. Jack also showed the Sephiroth tree on some cards. It refers the practice to the study of Kabbalah. A reversed pentacle is seen on the Five of Cups, and a scorpion on a Knight of the same suit. Certainly these signs point to the trends of Thelema.

Interpretation of the Heaven and Earth Tarot cards

So that divination on the Heaven and Earth Tarot does not confuse, you need to decide which system is more familiar and comfortable to work with. Not everyone can understand Sephiroth’s language. It is better to stick to the accumulated knowledge and experience. Trying to understand everything at once can lead to misinterpretation. Therefore, some see traditional motives in this deck, while others are guided by spiritual knowledge, the highest meaning. As usual, the predictor is offered only a mirror that reflects the inner fullness of a person. It is important to focus only on your own feelings, even if they are far from classical interpretations.

However, those who work with astrological and kabbalistic correspondences can also apply developments. It is only important to pay attention to the card, because the suit and number will not always resemble the Universe of Thelema. It is better to adhere to the meaning that the author himself put into the Heaven and Earth Tarot deck. Otherwise, what’s the point of working with her, if you can give preference to the classics of the genre. In any case, you should listen to your intuition and gain experience with this particular deck. Only practice will help not to err in the interpretation.

What questions is the deck suitable for?

The spreads of the Heaven and Earth Tarot deck are more suitable for questions related to the spiritual sphere, searching for oneself. The plots here, although classic, are still shrouded in a gray haze. It seems that all the cards here, regardless of the true suit, belong to the group of Swords. And this means that the author clearly hinted at the connection of intelligence, mentality with the real state of affairs. Therefore, the deck is perfect for sorting out your own thoughts, ideas and aspirations. She will point out the right path in which a beginner or an experienced practitioner should move. And all the obstacles on this road are just shadows that appear in the back of the mind. A person is able to cope with fears and insecurities and move on.

But at the same time, the Heaven and Earth Tarot can be used as a universal tool for everyday situations. In this case, it is important not to focus on a higher plan. It is worth simply taking into account the traditional values. After all, if you “disperse the clouds” of correspondences and symbols, then at the output the practitioner will receive the same Rider-Waite. Then you can ask absolutely any questions concerning both the material and the spiritual.

Who are the Heaven and Earth Tarot cards for?

Still, in order to understand the spread of the Heaven & Earth Tarot, you need to be interested in self-development, self-knowledge. That is why the deck is suitable for people studying witchcraft, Thelema or Kabbalah. Moreover, this alchemy of the spirit will be foremost directed at oneself, and only then at others. Probably, the author of this Tarot wanted to combine two realities, which is why he called the deck that way. One must be able to see distant lands in the sky and stars in puddles. And only dreamers and seekers have such an approach.

However, the Heaven and Earth Tarot is also suitable for those people who want to get acquainted with the Crowley deck, but are not yet confident in their abilities. The tool in question here is a bridge, crossing which will be the most comfortable option. He slowly brings to the point, creates an associative chain between reality and higher matters. In this way, you can easily remember what the Earth of Water or Venus in Taurus means. Astrologers will also evaluate the deck, receive additional information from the spreads.

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