Illuminati Tarot Deck

The Illuminati Tarot is a chic deck with a luxurious visual. Even the most experienced practitioner will spend hours looking at each card. Reality is intertwined with fiction here, and magic seems to come out of the pages of a book of fairy tales. It seems that a little more, and the practitioner will fall out of the familiar world. However, it’s not all that scary. It is only important to go back with the answers to the cherished questions already found.

History of creation of the Illuminati Tarot Deck

Erik C. Dunne developed the idea for the Illuminati Tarot deck. Visualization was also made by the author using computer graphics. The first edition of the deck happened in 2013. This version of the cards had frames, as well as a small accompanying book with a brief description of the meanings. However, the resounding success forced the author to release gift sets. There was already no frame on the cards, so that the questioner could carefully examine the plots without being distracted by trifles. And instead of a small “guidebook”, a full-fledged book by Kim Huggens appeared.

Oddly enough, the Illuminati Tarot deck has nothing to do with the famous mystical order. Author Erik C. Dunne chose this name to emphasize the style of the instrument, as well as to emphasize spiritual knowledge, insight. After all, the Latin word illuminattus itself means "to shine." Of course, the name of the deck hooked the audience. It served as a marketing hook that caught so many fans. But the point is not only in the name, but in the essence. To understand this, you should get to know the cards better.

Key features of the Illuminati Tarot

The Illuminati Tarot deck belongs to the English school. The plots here are traditional, "Waite’s". Strength is number 8. However, Pages and Knights are replaced with Princesses and Princes, respectively. But the hierarchy has remained standard. The Major Arcana of the Tarot Illuminati fascinate, immerse in a different reality. This effect was achieved thanks to the method of obtaining images. Working with this deck, the fortuneteller moves smoothly into the fairy-tale world, through the looking glass. Classical motifs and ideas are presented pompously and elegantly. Even the formidable Devil from the card of the same name is shown as handsome.

All Minor Arcana of the Illuminati Tarot are no less attractive. The same heroes and familiar scenes are complemented by bright colors. New details at the same time give a chance to look at everything with a fresh look. It is noteworthy that all the suits of the Illuminati Tarot correlates with different cultures. Thus, the Wands are shown by ancient Persia – sandy landscapes, girls in bright dresses and muscular men in turbans. Cups are demonstrated by a fantasy world, a kind of mythical Atlantis. Pentacles show the East – China or Japan. And Swords correspond to cold England. Moreover, the clothes of all the characters are designed in the style of the Enlightenment, which is quite symbolic.

If we talk about astrological or kabbalistic correspondences, then this information is not directly indicated here. But one has only to pay attention to animals, plants, planets, and everything will become clear. A key feature of the Illuminati Tarot is a heap of signs, images. A striking example of this is the Chariot. Here you can see a certain fractality, the repetition of key symbols. This technique perfectly conveys movement, rhythm.

Style and symbolism of the deck

We can say that the Illuminati Tarot is eclecticism in its purest form. The author took photos of real people and placed them in a fairy-tale reality. This method allowed to achieve a sense of fabulousness. But the most important detail here is the light. So, those heroes and symbols that you should pay special attention to are highlighted with bright colors. And the least important details are dark, unremarkable. Hence, the very name of the deck. The play of light and shadow is a clue to the predictor. On the High Priest, the keys of Peter, the blessing gesture, as well as the triple cross in the hands of the pope are thus highlighted. On the Magician card – all four symbols of the elements, the sign of infinity. In more muted shades, the objects under the sorcerer’s table are sustained. This may be an indication of the well-known principle – "as below, so above". Undoubtedly, the author made a significant emphasis on this technique.

The Illuminati Tarot allows you to get acquainted with different cultures. And it is not necessary to know the history of each country thoroughly. You can just look at the characters. So, a bright kimono tells about prosperity, and a blacksmith’s suit tells about the process of work. In general, the deck can be considered for a very long time. And each time, more and more new details will catch your eye. A sheaf of wheat, bunches of grapes or a dolphin in the blue sea – each symbol carries its own semantic load. And the more practices will work with the deck, the more extensive will be his view of many things. Symbolism plays an important role here.

Interpretation of the Illuminati Tarot cards

The interpretation of the Illuminati Tarot deck can be done in any way. Beginners are advised to take Waite’s ideas, that is, the plot of the card, as a basis. This is quite enough for a true spread. However, if the questioner wants to improve his level of skill, you should look at the small details. The author himself has already given hints, directing the querent’s intuition in the right direction with an invisible hand. In order not to go astray, you should focus on the play of light and shadow. In addition, constant practice will allow you to notice new signs. The attributes of the characters, the background, and even the direction of movement of the characters should be taken into account.

Here the choice is already up to the predictor himself – to remain true to the traditional approach, or to try to find his own key to understanding the Illuminati Tarot. It’s just that someone sees anger, aggression in scarlet, and another – passion, love of life. It all depends on the person himself and his experience behind him. In any case, the deck speaks to the fortuneteller in his own language, adapts to each individually. Here it is worth focusing only on your heart.

What questions is the deck suitable for?

Divination by the Illuminati Tarot is suitable for viewing absolutely any situation. They can concern both the inner world of a person, the sphere of feelings, and the outer world – issues of earnings. The heroes of the cards reflect a variety of emotions, so it will be easy to calculate the mood and character of the person of interest from them. And the place of action, gestures, clothes will point to real events with all the factors. The prediction here will amaze with its accuracy. Like Waite, this deck is a universal tool for finding the truth. This is a vine that will always find a spring.

Therefore, Illuminati Tarot spreads are suitable for viewing personal life, career and work, business. The four suits here represent well most of the situations that can happen to a person. But everything that concerns the inner world, the author also did not bypass. Cards can show the true purpose of a person, give advice on a fateful choice. They hint at the presence or absence of talents, energy for self-realization. Therefore, the spiritual sphere is no exception for this predictive system.

Who are the Illuminati Tarot cards for?

Firstly, the Tarot Illuminati will appeal to tarologists who consult with clients “live”. This deck has a beautiful golden cut that attracts attention. Definitely, such a chic instrument should "see the light". The camera does not fully convey the beauty of this Tarot. Only face-to-face work will allow customers to appreciate the luxury of the deck. In general, the Illuminati Tarot is suitable for experienced practitioners. The scenes here are replete with symbols that are not easy for beginners to interpret. If you do not pay attention to the signs, then all the meaning of working with such a deck is lost.

Also, the Illuminati Tarot will appeal to lovers of bright mantic instruments. Out of habit, the eyes can get tired of the extravaganza of colors and golden reflections. Definitely, the emphasis here is on an already sophisticated audience that is not easy to surprise. However, Erik Dunne was able to do it. No wonder the deck became a bestseller. In addition, the Illuminati Tarot will appeal to those people who are interested in at least one of the cultures represented in suits. This audience will find here new images and hidden meanings.

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