Manara Tarot Deck

Erotic Manara Tarot is a non-standard deck that can scare the viewer with its frankness. You can argue for a long time about its compliance with moral standards, but the facts speak for themselves – for more than 20 years, tarologists have been successfully working with the brainchild of Manara. This deck has gained fame not only in sunny Italy, but throughout the world. Because of its popularity, it has been reprinted four times. And until now, this non-standard tool helps practitioners in cases where the truth requires an extraordinary approach.

History of creation of the Manara Tarot Deck

Maurilio Manara, better known as Milo, is an Italian artist who has been creating comics since a young age. At home, he became famous thanks to a series about the famous director Federico Fellini. But the rumor about a talented artist quickly spread beyond the borders of the "beautiful country". This was the collaboration with Neil Gaiman, a popular English fantasy writer. Milo’s favorite stories are extraordinary stories that happen to beautiful girls. This creative approach went hand in hand with erotic fantasies. The frank deck of the Manara Tarot has practically become a collection of memorable pictures that lead the viewer from Gulliver to Indian summer – Milo’s early comics.

Nevertheless, the output turned out to be a real masterpiece. Due to its specificity, Manara Tarot has become an excellent tool for reading information related to relationships and sexuality. Vivid images formed a certain egregor, which is still worshiped. And although the author of the deck was not immersed in mysticism, nevertheless, his offspring marked the beginning of a new era – more liberated and open. Manara Erotic Taro appeared in 2000. This is a kind of turn of the millennium, when something new must necessarily replace the old.

Key features of the Erotic Manara Tarot

The Manara Tarot deck continues the traditions of the English school. The Fool is the zero Arcana, Strength is number 11, and Justice is 8. But even here, the author’s individual handwriting was not done. So, the Hanged Man turned into the Punishment, and the Wheel of Fortune into the Mirror. Also, all Manara Tarot cards have an astrological correspondence – planets and a certain sign are drawn in the lower right corner. In addition, the groups of the deck are named according to their element – Water, Fire, Air and Earth. Milo also changed the correspondences of the court Arcana. Now the Queens are at the forefront, and the countdown begins from them. They symbolize Fire (passion, Wands); Kings – Water (feelings, Cups); Knights – Air (thoughts, Swords); Knaves – Earth (materialism, Pentacles).

Special attention should be paid to the Major Arcana of the Erotic Manara Tarot. For example, the Devil card here is very twofold. On the one hand, an infernal girl can turn out to be the Evil One, and on the other, a manipulator standing behind. The Arcana of the Lovers is also not as simple as it seems at first glance. This is a classic story of self-sacrifice for the greater good. The hero paints a picture, a naked model with numerous scars on her back poses for him. Although love appears sacred, it also has a dark side. The Chariot, on the other hand, shows movement back to the past, and not standard movement, as in classic decks. Travel rather symbolizes the World – here the girl appears in the role of an erotic cowboy riding the globe.

Style and symbolism of the deck

The central figure, the image of this deck is a woman. The man is relegated to the background, it becomes not so important. In the Fire group, he is generally depicted as looking as a puppet, a marionette. But the ladies attach great importance to Manara Taro. The heroines are shown in various manifestations, symbolizing the various facets of female nature. A woman still remains a diamond, which in a priori no one can take possession of. No wonder the author put the Queens in the first place. Their inner fire shines much brighter and more unbridled than the usual "male" passion. We can consider such a step as a real ode to the nominally weaker sex.

All the heroines are very beautiful, although they have a different appearance. There are both blondes and brunettes, dark-skinned and fair-skinned. All ladies are beautiful in their own way. Even the Minor Arcana of Manara Tarot are admired, they tell their extraordinary stories. What can we say about major cards. The Major Arcana of the Manara Erotic Tarot are the archetypes of the female essence. At the same time, you should not focus on only frank images. Nudity or being covered with clothes is just a hint of a deeper meaning. This deck shows the ability to enjoy life or the desire to isolate oneself from the world of feelings. Everything will depend on the serial number and suit. So, Air hints at coldness, and Water hints at sensuality, readiness to open one’s heart.

Interpretation of the Manara Tarot cards

In general, divination by Tarot of Manara is no different from working with "regular" decks. However, the questioner should take into account one small nuance – sometimes the female figures on the card will personify men in real life. All plots of any suit of the Manara Tarot deck are built around the issue of the relationship between the two sexes. Sometimes, conflicts will arise here, at other times – stormy reconciliations, a merger of opposites. Sometimes the querent can be in the role of a “humiliated woman”, as on the Four of Earth card. And his passion will turn into an objectionable gentleman caught red-handed.

But the court cards of the Erotic Manara Tarot can be read directly – most often they show the true gender. But this only applies to Kings and Queens. Knights and Knaves are again able to lead a fortuneteller by the nose. In general, the erotic deck is simply replete with small details. Therefore, absolutely everything should be taken into account – both the appearance of the characters, and their facial expressions or clothes, objects and the background. Particular attention should be paid to the Major Arcana. They will show the main plot, around which subsequent events will develop.

What questions is the deck suitable for?

The Manara Erotic Tarot is best suited for viewing love and sexual relationships. In this regard, the deck reveals its own potential in the best possible way. With it, it is possible to get an accurate prediction of how to behave with the second half. This erotic deck will teach you how to correct your own behavior in order to get the heart of your lover. Also, the questioner can lift the veil of secrecy over the topic of sex. He finds out exactly what the sexual partner wants. Thus, it is possible to "read" hidden erotic desires and taboos. Indeed, for some people, the key to the heart is hidden in bed.

Oddly enough, the erotic Tarot is also suitable for viewing situations related to work and business. The material aspect is strongly associated with innate instincts, and therefore with sexuality. Freud would definitely approve of such an approach to doing business. The Manara Tarot presents such spreads in the light of repressed emotions, deep fears or unbridled passions. Such a mix will show the opportunity to succeed or remain in the shadow of someone else’s glory. The erotic message here symbolizes tightness or, conversely, emancipation.

Who are the Lenormand Tarot cards for?

The Manara Tarot deck is suitable for open people who are not afraid to look deep into themselves. Many are repelled by the style of the cards, their deliberate eroticism. Therefore, the vast majority, most likely, the deck will not work. But those practitioners who are used to reading between the lines will definitely appreciate the erotic deck. With a little practice in working with her, you can find that the cards show not only sexual plots. They begin to give advice about this or that choice, predict changes in terms of work and personal life. Everything depends only on practical experience, a trained eye.

Therefore, the Manara Erotic Tarot is suitable for working with any area of life – only the desire to use this tool is important. But also the deck can become a constant companion for a sexologist, a psychologist. After all, human nature is viewed through the prism of primary instincts. Many do not realize this erotic filter, although it is absolutely necessary. Thus, you can watch generic scenarios of relationships that are passed down from generation to generation. And also – internal conflicts between their male and female sides. Any personality is built on the attitudes adopted in childhood. It is the mother and father who lay the foundation for the future leader or loser. And the erotic deck will help you find a way to cope with feelings and come to success.

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