Manga Tarot Deck

East is a delicate matter. Japan combines ancestral traditions with advanced technologies. This country has become a clear example of how to achieve harmony and balance in a rapidly changing world. The Manga Tarot deck reflects the mysterious culture with its inherent beauty and power. It plunges into a different reality, where the continuity of generations is developed, knowledge is transferred from the master to the neophyte. Moreover, everything can be considered art – from love, to work, and even battles with the enemy. The cards teach you to be yourself, to reach the inner point where there is no movement. Only such soft power can create and destroy.

History of creation of the Manga Tarot Deck

The Manga Tarot is a tribute to Eastern culture. The author of the deck was the already famous Riccardo Minetti. In this work, he tried to combine European culture with Japanese. The result was a kind of synthesis that absorbed all the best. Thus, the courage of warriors is in harmony with the fine mental organization, abundance and creativity. Each card in the deck depicts a story in vivid pictures. The word Manga itself is translated as grotesque. This is an attempt to convey reality with all the complexities and losses through fantasy images. Each Arcana contains a unique meaning that the questioner has yet to unravel.

The Manga Tarot deck was first published in 2006. In a short time, the system became very popular. Further cards were reprinted in 2008 and 2010. The Arcana can be considered a crowning achievement of the Kawaii era. This is the time before the beginning of the 2000s, when children’s style, naivety and kindness were in fashion. However, unlike the same Traditional Manga Tarot, the system does not go into childishness. The author took the old way of life of the Japanese as a basis and served it with a modern sauce. That is why the Manga Tarot deck can be considered quite traditional, although with the motives of American comics. This balance of cultures has made the cards very popular.

Key features of the Manga Tarot

The Manga Tarot belongs to the English school and the Waite tradition in particular. Strength comes at number 11, the minor group is plot. The Fool as usual without a numerical designation. Now, however, the hierarchy itself has changed. Some traditional heroes from the classics are shown as a character of a different gender. The female image dominates in the deck, as a symbol of beauty and intuition. The Major Arcana of the Manga Tarot have undergone some changes. For example, the High Priestess became a Priest, and the Emperor took the place of the Empress. However, such a rearrangement of the terms does not play a special role at the root. The cards also have a familiar meaning. Only the context has changed. For example, the same sage is shown on the Hermit, but in a traditional kimono. On Strength, instead of a girl, a warrior in armor appears. The lion has been replaced by a ferocious dragon.

The Hanged Man is now referred to as the Hanged Woman. A naked girl stands on her hands next to a waterfall. The stream symbolizes feelings. It turns out that the heroine becomes a slave to her experiences and emotions. Interestingly, on each Arcana of the Manga Tarot deck there is one of the four hieroglyphs – kanji. They represent the seasons. So each card takes on additional meaning. The Manga Tarot suits showcase the qualities of kanji. Everything is simple here: spring, yellow color, feelings – Cups; summer, red, individuality – Wands; autumn, green, practicality – Pentacles; winter, blue, sharp mind – Swords. Moreover, on each of the Aces of the deck there are all four kanji, and on the Ten – only three. Such a detail is associated with the flow of energy. The Ace contains the initial impulse. Roads open before the fortuneteller, and he has the right to choose. But Ten already symbolizes a certain peak point and necessarily a deficit of one of the elements.

The theme of harmony in the Manga Tarot deck is given great importance. After all, the very way of life of the Japanese is quite measured, somewhere philosophical. The Arcana of World in the system connects all four kanji, denoting the achieved balance, perfection. Androgyne is replaced by a pair of heroes – a man and a woman. Blooming sakura symbolizes the enjoyment of life, inspiration, an influx of strength. The Minor Arcana of the Manga Tarot deck show four different realms that cannot be complete on their own. Warriors are standard on Swords; on the Cups – lovers, family and friends; on the Wands – people of art, talents; on Pentacles – merchants and workers. The court Arcana have undergone changes. Now Pages have been replaced with Princes, and Knights with Princesses. The King and Queen have switched places, which again emphasized the deck’s emphasis on the female figure. However, such a move only indicates the dominance of Yin energy – soft intuitive power. It exists in both men and women.

On both groups of Arcana in Manga Tarot, the characters themselves are interesting. They are graceful and beautiful. The fabulous atmosphere of the scenes is supported by animals. For example, on the Moon, a girl dances with a polar bear, and on the Princess of Wands, the heroine rides a tiger. Such a move emphasizes the subtle oriental nature. These are eternal warriors who can master any art – from dancing with fans as in the Three of Cups, to bōjutsu wrestling as in the Seven of Wands. The characters have a different appearance, which allows you to draw parallels with real people. Sometimes the characters will symbolize the nature of the situation. Each Arcana has its own dominant colors, which will also complement the prediction.

Style and symbolism of the deck

The Manga Tarot deck is a symbiosis of Japanese and American art. A similar style can be seen in oriental animated films. The artist Anna Lazzarini tried to integrate traditional images into the modern world. That is why in the Six of Cups childhood is guessed, and in the Eight of Pentacles – skill. The characters themselves are worked out, the facial expressions are quite speaking. The artist paid special attention to the poses. One hand gesture can say a lot. Open or closed clothing hints at extraversion and introversion, respectively. The direction in which the characters are walking or looking is also important. The left side is for the past, the right side for the future.

The Manga Tarot cards themselves are framed in black. At the top and bottom there are signatures in different languages, and at the top in the middle there is a numerical designation. The shirt depicts a warrior in the lotus position. His eyes are closed, which indicates awareness and self-absorption. The palms form a mudra – a sacred gesture. The hero concentrates on the root chakra, accumulating energy. Its image is duplicated by a mirror reflection, which makes it easy to work with reversed positions. The shirt hero generally describes the vibes of the Manga Tarot deck. It came out mysterious and attractive, not cartoonish at all. Behind the fairy tale lies the truth. It is only important to be able to correctly count the images.

Interpretation of the Manga Tarot cards

The interpretation of the Manga Tarot can be carried out based on the developments of Waite. In general, the Arcana do not have any significant differences from the classics. For example, the Seven of Swords still shows the theft scene. Only now the girl has become a criminal. The Princess of Cups portends a romantic period, love and openness to the world. The heroine carries in her hands a bowl full of feelings. The place of the faithful horse was taken by the sea dragon. The meaning of the Arcana remained the same. It is important to take into account the color palette of the cards. White snow-capped peaks, a blue kimono from the Eight of Swords will speak of coldness, lack of feelings. But the red dress and pink flowers from the Two of Wands will indicate new perspectives, motivation to move forward.

The spreads on the Manga Tarot deck are based on seasonality. Moreover, the seasons should be compared with emotions, stages of life. The predominance of one kanji will speak of disharmony. The balance will be indicated by an approximately equal ratio of different suits. After all, even romance can become suffocating if there is no time to be alone, to gather your thoughts. Even within the same group, kanji change, which also complements the main meaning of the message. In parallel with Waite, one can study the approach of Riccardo Minetti himself. The accompanying book gives brief explanations of the Arcana. And each card has an alternative name. The book also contains several spreads. The author proposes to sum up the results at the end of the year. To do this, you can draw two cards. The first will symbolize the existing flaw, and the second – a way to get rid of it.

What questions is the deck suitable for?

Fortune-telling on the Manga Tarot deck answers a number of diverse questions. The cards are suitable for viewing business, career, relationships with colleagues and partners. The Arcana will help you choose the right business, point out the necessary skills, and emphasize weaknesses. In general, the Tarot deck provides an in-depth analysis of the analysis of the personality. This information should be used to your advantage. Each has its own shortcomings. A warrior differs from a loser only in that he has learned to accept himself and transform weaknesses into strengths. The Manga Tarot deck also perfectly shows the love sphere. Cards teach non-traumatic interaction with friends, relatives, other halves. This approach will help to avoid conflicts, receive and give love.

The Manga Tarot deck is also good for viewing the spiritual realm. Cards have the power to indicate the path of development. As a result, the querent will be able to cope with internal demons, discover uniqueness. At the same time, Arcana are suitable for viewing negativity, magical programs. They are far from fatal, they teach you to work with the given. After all, even negativity can be transformed into neutral energy and then used for its intended purpose. Samurai can turn poison into medicine. The thing is that he has sufficient concentration and awareness to work with subtle matters. The deck encourages development and self-knowledge.

Who are the Manga Tarot cards for?

The Manga Tarot will appeal to all fans of Eastern culture. Each image here seems to be shrouded in a mystical veil. Even negative Arcana carry a certain amount of calmness and peace, acceptance of the situation. Of course, the deck will appeal to fans of anime and comics. The cards are suitable for both men and women of any age. After all, in addition to fairy tales, they still carry a sacred meaning, preserve the traditions of Waite. A separate category is people practicing yoga, martial arts. They will like the deck for its grace and sophistication.

Both beginners and experienced masters with experience can work with Manga Tarot. Plot cards easily convey information, add up to a single puzzle when reading. The deck has no astrological or cabalistic correspondences, which greatly simplifies the work. Collectors will also like the cards. They introduce oriental culture, characteristic landscapes, traditional clothes. It is not necessary to interact with the Tarot deck in terms of esotericism in order to enjoy a beautiful picture. Some masters buy one copy for daily practice, and leave the second as a work of art. You can also laminate a congenial card and carry it with you as a talisman.

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